How to Hang a Plaque on a Wall

Is your home in need of a little extra pizzazz? Hang a plaque on the wall, and you’ll immediately transform a dull room into something unique, stylish, and stunning. Decorating your walls with the perfect plaques can add a touch of elegance and charm to any space, and hanging them properly is an easy but important part of the job. Whether it’s an antique for the living area or personalized mementos in the bedroom, plaques make great covers or are used to decorate other items around your house.

How to Hang a Plaque on a Wall

Plaques come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials; whether you’re looking for one as a keepsake gift or simply need something to cover up patched holes in your walls, there are plenty of decor pieces for every type of home out there. But before we can get started creating that perfect look for your walls – let’s talk about all things hanging plaques! In this blog post, we’ll be talking about how to hang a plaque on a wall – let’s get started!

Things to Consider While Hanging a Plaque on a Wall

1. Choose the Wall Carefully

Before you begin, find the perfect spot for your plaque. To make sure it stands out, pick a place where it will be seen from multiple angles and won’t get lost amongst the other decorations in the room. If you’re going to hang a large plaque or one that has unique features like an intricate design, make sure to pick a spot where it will be highlighted. You don’t want the plaque to get lost in the background noise of the room.

2. Prepare the Wall and Gather Tools

Before you start hanging your plaque, make sure that you have all of the necessary tools and supplies for the job at hand. Have a power drill, screws, a level, and other items ready to go. Clean the wall with a damp cloth before you start hanging your plaque so that it will stick properly and won’t be ruined by dust or dirt.

3. Measure Carefully

Before you put any holes in the wall, make sure you measure the placement of your plaque and mark it with a pencil. This will ensure that the plaque is hung properly and securely. If you’re hanging more than one plaque, make sure to leave plenty of space between each piece so they won’t feel too cramped or crowded.

4. Hang According to the Weight of Plaque

Depending on the type of plaque you are hanging, the way that you hang it may be different. Lightweight plaques should be attached using a removable adhesive like double-sided tape or mounting strips. For heavier items, use screws and anchors to make sure your plaque is secure.

5. Level It Up

Make sure to place your level on the plaque before you attach it to the wall. This will help ensure that the design of the plaque is not skewed or crooked in any way. If it’s off, make adjustments and mark where you want to place it again with a pencil before drilling into the wall.

Required items

  • Power drill
  • Screws
  • Level
  • Removable adhesive (double-sided tape or mounting strips)
  • Anchors (for heavier items)

That’s all there is to it! With these simple steps, you’ll be able to hang a plaque on the wall with ease. Now you can start creating your own unique and beautiful wall displays! Whether you’re decorating with antique plaques or modern statement pieces, there’s something for every style of home.

10 Ways How to Hang a Plaque on a Wall

Choose the Right Location for Your Plaque

1. Choose Location

Choose the right location for your plaque. Consider the amount of space around it, as well as the surrounding wall’s texture and color. The right location can add to the overall look of your plaque. While choosing the location, make sure that there are no wires or pipes in the wall.

2. Mark Place

Mark the place with a pencil to make it easier for you to hang your plaque accurately. Marking the right place will guarantee that your plaque will be positioned correctly and in the desired place. Also, make sure the marked place is level in order to avoid any inaccuracies.

3. Measure Plaque and Determine Markers

Before starting the mounting process, measure your plaque and determine which parts of the wall will hold it up. Choose two equal points on the wall for drilling holes; one point should be at each side of the plaque.

4. Choose the Right Anchors

Choose the right anchors for your wall type. Heavy-duty anchors are best suited for hard walls like concrete or brick, while light-duty anchors will do for plasterboard. Follow the instructions given on the anchor packet carefully.

5. Drill Holes and Insert Anchor

Using a drill machine, make two holes in the marked place. Insert the anchors in the holes and tap them into the wall using a hammer. Make sure that they are tightened properly. While drilling, make sure that you are wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes.

6. Create Hanging Space on the Wall

Create hanging space on the wall by connecting both anchors with a wire or rope. Make sure that the distance between them is equal to the width of your plaque so that it can be hung without any problem.

7. Attach the Plaque to the Hanging Space

Use a Spirit Level

Attach the plaque directly to the hanging space with a few screws or nails. Make sure that you use appropriate screws and nails according to your wall type. Attaching both sides will ensure that the plaque is stable and secure.

8. Level Plaque

Use a spirit level to make sure your plaque is leveled properly. The bubble should be perfectly centered in the spirit level’s container for it to be balanced correctly. Leveling your plaque will guarantee that it hangs in the correct place.

9. Keep Adequate Space Between the Wall and the Plaque

Make sure to keep an adequate distance between the wall and the plaque. You can use spacers for this purpose. The space should be enough so that the plaque does not touch the wall or hang too low or high.

10. Secure Plaque

Once the plaque is attached correctly, secure it with screws or nails. This step will make sure that your plaque stays in place and does not come off the wall. Make sure to use appropriate screws and nails according to your wall type and anchor type.

Hanging a plaque on the wall may seem like a difficult task, but it can be done effortlessly with the right knowledge and tools. Follow the steps mentioned above to successfully hang a plaque on wall without any problem.

8 Safety Measures to Follow 

Use Appropriate Screws and Nails

No matter how careful you are when attempting to hang a plaque on your wall, there is still a chance of injury or property damage. Before beginning the project, it is important to take extra safety measures to ensure that everything goes smoothly and no one gets hurt.

1. Read instructions carefully. Before starting the project, read all instructions on the product label or manual and make sure you understand each step. The instruction will guide you on the best methods to hang your plaque.

2. Put on safety glasses. Wearing protective eye gear will help protect your eyes from dust and debris that may be created during the hanging process. Safety glasses should be worn during any project involving drilling or hammering.

3. Wear work gloves. When handling a plaque, it is important to wear work gloves in order to protect your hands from potential cuts and scrapes that may occur from the sharp edges of the plaque.

4. Measure twice and cut once. Take measurements of the wall and the plaque before making any cuts or holes. Make sure to measure twice in order to avoid mistakes.

5. Use proper tools. When hanging a plaque, make sure you are using the correct tools for the job. This includes drills and screwdrivers that have been designed specifically for hanging artwork on walls.

6. Place furniture away from walls. Move any furniture or items away from the wall before beginning the project in order to avoid accidentally drilling into tables or chairs.

7. Make sure the wall can support the weight of the plaque. Check that the wall is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your plaque before attaching it to the wall.

8. Invest in wall anchors or toggle bolts. If your plaque is heavy, it may be necessary to use wall anchors or toggle bolts when hanging the plaque on a wall. This will help ensure that the weight of the plaque doesn’t pull away from the wall and cause any damage.

Wall Can Support the Weight of the Plaque


It’s important to ensure a level and straight hang when affixing items like plaques to a wall. Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to get creative and have some fun decorating your space with beautiful pieces of artwork or meaningful memories. You can make custom plaques as works of art directly from home or purchase handmade items from local small shops. Have this post on how to hang a plaque on a wall as a guide.

It’s up to you to express yourself, showcase what inspires you, and get creative! A simple plaque not only adds personality but also helps turn any living area into an inviting space perfect for socializing with family and friends. So grab your materials, design the perfect plaque, find the perfect spot, and start hanging!

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