How to Hide TV Wires Over Fireplace

Is the sight of cords and wires at your fireplace distracting from its beauty? Are you looking for an effective yet stylish way to hide them while still keeping your living room accessible and comfortable for everyone in the family?

If so, this blog post is perfect for you! Whether you’re dealing with electrical cords from a flat-screen television or speaker cables for an entertainment center, there are many ways to hide these pesky wires out of sight and keep your living room looking neat.

How to Hide TV Wires Over Fireplace

We will explain how to hide TV wires over fireplace without compromising on function or style. From creative wire management ideas to useful gadgets, we’ll provide helpful guidance on tackling this common issue with ease. So, if you’re ready to take control of messy cables once and for all, keep reading to find out more!

Why Do You Need to Hide TV Wires Over Fireplaces?

1. Aesthetics

TV wires over a fireplace can be an eyesore, especially if you’re trying to create a cozy and comfortable living room atmosphere. Not only do they take away from the aesthetic of your space, but they can also be a health hazard too. It’s important to keep cords away from any open flame as they are fire hazards.

2. Safety

Electrical cords and wires can be dangerous, especially if they are exposed. They can become tangled or frayed, putting people at risk for shock or electrocution. Additionally, having a lot of exposed wiring increases the chances that someone will trip and fall.

Required Items

The first step to hiding TV wires over the fireplace is knowing what items you’ll need. Here are some of the most common materials and tools that can help make this task easier:

  • Cord covers or trunking (to hide cables along walls)
  • Cable ties and adhesive cable clips (for securely fastening cords to surfaces like tables, chairs, and walls)
  • Cable sleeves (to keep cords contained and orderly)
  • Electrical tape or heat shrink tubing (for covering exposed wires)
  • Grommets (for routing cords through walls or ceilings safely)
  • Surge protectors (to provide power to multiple devices at once)

10 Steps on How to Hide Tv Wires Over Fireplace

Step 1: Unplug

Unplug all the cables and wires from the TV and devices for your safety. Unplugging the cables also makes it easier to organize them and determine what cords you’ll need for hiding.

Unplug All the Cables and Wires From the Tv

Step 2: Get Measuring

Measure the length of the cords that are connecting your devices to the TV. This will help you figure out how much cord cover or cable management materials you need to hide them.

Step 3: Gather Materials

Gather all the materials you need for hiding the wires. This includes the cable management tools, as well as any other items like grommets or surge protectors.

Step 4: Organize and Secure Cords

Organize and secure your cords using adhesive cable clips, zip ties, and cord covers. Make sure to use enough cord covers to cover the entire length of cords, and use zip ties or adhesive cable clips to secure them in place.

Step 5: Route Cords Through Grommets

Route the cords through grommets if possible. This will help keep them protected from any sharp edges and make it easier to hide them behind walls or ceilings.

Step 6: Place Surge Protectors

Place surge protectors in locations where you have multiple devices connected at once. This will help save space and keep your cords neat and organized. Placing surge protectors in strategic locations will also help keep your cords out of the way of foot traffic and other furniture.

Step 7: Attach Cords to Wall or Ceiling

Attach the cords to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces using adhesive cable clips. This is an easy way to hide TV wires over the fireplace without worrying about tripping hazards.

Step 8: Connect Cords to TV and Devices

Connect the cords to your TV and other devices. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions for setting up any surge protectors or other equipment you purchased.

Step 9: Hide Remaining Unused Cables

Hide any remaining unused cables in an aesthetically pleasing way. For instance, you can use cable sleeves or cord covers to conceal them from view. Additionally, if there are any exposed wires that may pose a health hazard, cover them with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

You Can Use Cable Sleeves or Cord Covers

Step 10: Enjoy the Results!

Sit back and enjoy the results! With these simple steps, you’ve now created a safe and stylish living room that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Now that you know how to hide tv wires over fireplace, you can create a beautiful and organized living space without compromising on safety or style. From adhesive cable clips to surge protectors and cord covers, there are many tools and materials available to make this task easier than ever. So go ahead – give your living room a makeover today!

8 Tips to Safely Hide TV Wires Over Fireplace

Hiding TV wires over your fireplace can be tricky and dangerous. But, with the right steps and a bit of patience, you can get the job done safely. Here are 8 tips to effectively hide tv wires over a fireplace:

  1. Check for any fire-related risks first. Before getting started, make sure that hiding your TV wires won’t cause any fire hazards. Check with your local building codes and insurance provider to ensure you are following all safety guidelines.
  2. Invest in the right materials. Before beginning, make sure to have the necessary supplies on hand, including a stud finder, drywall saw, drill, wall screws, electrical tape, and plastic raceways or covers.
  3. Route the wires. Use the stud finder to locate any studs and route your TV wires in between them. Make sure to leave enough slack so you don’t struggle when connecting the wires.
  4. Cut a hole in the wall if necessary. If you cannot fit your TV wire through an existing hole, use a drywall saw to create one that is slightly larger than your wires.
  5. Secure the wires in place. Use wall screws and/or electrical tape to hold the tv wires in place and keep them secure. Securing the wires will also help to ensure they won’t be easily visible.
  6. Hide any remaining wires behind furniture or wall art. If there are still some visible wires, hide them behind a piece of furniture or artwork. This should work for most smaller TV setups and can help make your space look more aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Install a plastic raceway or cover. If you still have visible wires and are unwilling to hide them behind pieces of furniture, consider purchasing a plastic raceway or cover. This will help hide your TV wires without taking away from the overall décor of your room.
  8. Get an electrician if needed. If you have limited knowledge of how to safely hide tv wires, hire an electrician to assist you. This will help ensure that your setup is done correctly and can provide peace of mind, knowing the job was completed by a professional.
Hire an Electrician to Assist You

By following these 8 tips, hiding your TV wires over a fireplace will become much easier and safer for all involved. With some patience and the right supplies, you can easily get the job done without any risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Remember When Hiding TV Wires Over Fireplace?

When hiding tv wires over fireplace, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your installation goes smoothly. First and foremost, be sure to measure the distance between the wall-mounted TV and the fireplace.

This will give you an idea of how much wire length is needed for your project. You should also make sure that any wiring you use is heat-resistant and UL-rated. This will ensure that your wiring won’t get too hot near the fireplace, leading to a potential fire hazard.

How Long Will It Take?

The length of time it takes to hide TV wires over the fireplace will depend on the size and complexity of your project. Generally speaking, you should expect a simple installation to take around an hour or two. If your project is more complex, such as if you need to install additional components, then it may take longer.

Need to Install Additional Components


Since the invention of television, wires and cables have been a significant part in home entertainment production. Thankfully, with today’s simple experimentation and willingness to think outside the box, you can quickly turn an eyesore into a masterpiece with just a few steps. Now that you have read this blog post, you know how to hide those tv wires over your fireplace.

Experimenting with different material combinations is essential for finding the perfect cord-hiding solution for your space. The ultimate goal is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functional set-up that ensures easy access to the back of your TV at any time.

By following these few steps on how to hide tv wires over fireplace, no one will ever be able to tell that there are cords coming out from behind! So don’t wait any longer — take the plunge today and get rid of those unsightly cords!

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