How to Identify Blenko Glass

Blenko glass has been occupying the glass industry since 1921. They are the best in the market, and for this reason, there many deceitful companies who replicate their designs and then sell them in the market under the same name tag. This creates a dilemma in the mind of the buyers, and they get easily deceived. For this reason, today, we will discuss some easy tricks on how to identify Blenko glass. This will surely help you to buy the best Blenko glass product


The first thing you need to know for identifying the Blenko glass is the company’s signature mark. You can quickly obtain this from the official website of the Blenko glass company. Before buying the product, you must compare both the signature marks and the hologram. There is a huge possibility that you can be deceived while comparing, so we suggest that you take an expert’s opinion while assessing the quality of the product. But there is the fact that you should keep in mind, only ten percent of the total Blenko glass carries the mark.

So you can also identify the glass via other processes. You should always seek the tooling marks in the glass. This is much necessary because the Blenko glass is a hundred percent handmade, so there will surely be tooling patterns. You can also check for bubbles and striations. This will also indicate that the product is hand made.

Another thing that you should judge is the absence of mold lines. Though Blenko glass is blown in a wooden mold, it is correctly spun after it is taken out of the mold. This process makes the mold lines smooth.

Next, you have to verify the bottom marking of the glass. There will surely be a pontil mark on the bottom of the glass. This is essential because after blowing the glass, an iron rod is attached to the glass’s base, and the object is given a proper shape. After the iron rod is detached, there remains a rough outline, and it is not polished intentionally by the company. This mark makes the product aesthetic, and it proves the authenticity of Blenko glass. So you will still feel a rough or sharp edge at the bottom of a real Blenko glass product.

Another essential aspect that you can observe is the glass’s transparency as these products are entirely handcrafted, so there will not be nay translucent surface. And there is not even a modicum of opaqueness on the surface. For checking this quality, you have to hold the glass against the light, and it will be evident from both ends. In this manner, you can quickly identify a good quality Blenko glass.


In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the readers. We hope that the tips we have shared here will surely help you identify the best Blenko glass apparatus. This process will make the beginners quickly get hold of good quality glassware, and there is much less possibility of getting deceived while buying such products. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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