How to Install Newel Post on Stairs

If you have bought the ready-made posts, they will come separately, and you have to attach all of those parts together. Even attaching all of the parts together, it is kinda useless if the post wobbles. Honestly, that’s what encounters most of the homeowners, and maybe you are also a victim of it. Well, the experts can easily solve this annoying problem, but for that, you have to spend some additional money. But do you know there are some simple techniques for solving this wobbly situation, and you can accomplish that easily without any second hands? You can save the woodworker’s expenditure too. So, how to install newel post on stairs? Let’s show you the exact ways.

There are several ways of installing a newel post. But each process has its own way to accomplish. No matter which one you choose, you have to accomplish it properly. Don’t worry; I am here to show you the exact ways; you just have to pay proper attention to the steps. So, leave all your tasks for a while and concentrate on the article.

How to Install Newel Post on Stairs

If you haven’t brought a post for the stairs, then I will recommend you to bring the Rock Richard remodeled posts. They use a ready rod that makes the attachment easier to handle. The good thing is, they are available at a very reasonable price too.

When you are going to install them, you have to insert the extending part of the post right in the floor framing or a bottom step. Then you have to screw it into the place underneath. These are really suitable for any remodeling project, so it will be better if you bring one of those posts or something that comes with rod ready.

It can be a real challenge when there is no room for an extended post and no access for attaching the newel post. But if you are using this type of posts, you will be able to accomplish the task easier. In this case, you have to make a little adjustment, and that’s why I prefer to cut an additional piece of wood when you are using the rod. You have to insert the rod inside of that additional wooden piece so that it can hold the rod and the entire post securely without making it wobble.

On the other hand, you can also make the job done with some newel post fastener. This time, you have to use a threaded metal plate to the floor with screws. Make additional holes to secure the post with the floor, and that’s it your newel post will not wobble again. You can use several other techniques, but hopefully, these two techniques will give you the perfect solution. If you need more assistance, inform me through the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

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