How to Install Windshield Sun Shade

Installing a windshield sunshade is a great way to keep your car’s interior cool during the summer. It is a cost-effective way to stay comfortable while driving, but it can also help protect your car’s interior from damage caused by the sun.

How to Install Windshield Sun Shade

In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install windshield sun shade. We will also recommend some of our favorite models for you to consider. Let’s get started!

What Is a Sunshade for SUV?

Sunshades for SUVs and cars are a very popular item, just like the universal windshield sunshade. It is made of lightweight and durable materials that can be mounted on the interior of your car’s windscreen to prevent sun damage or limit glare through the front glass while driving.

These sunshades are long enough to protect the top of your windshield down to about an inch above the dashboard. They’re also designed with a hole at the top to still use your car’s rearview mirror without having any issues.

6 Benefits of Using Windshield Sun Shade

1. Provide Shade:

One of the main benefits of using windshield sunshade is providing shade to the car’s driver and occupants. In addition, it can keep away heat, direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays, shine, hot weather conditions, etc.

2. UV Protection:

Windshield sunshade offers excellent UV protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, it reduces the damage caused by such rays as it does not allow direct sunlight to enter inside.

3. Cools Down The Interior:

Affordable windshield sunshades help keep the interior of a vehicle cool and comfortable irrespective of hot weather conditions outside. It can also reduce the temperature inside a car by as much as 30°F.

Use a Uv Protection  Against Harmful

4. Improves Driving:

Most of these windshield sunshades help reduce glare and reflection, making driving difficult, especially during nighttime and hot weather conditions. Therefore, these sun shades improve the driving experience and ensure safety on the road.

5. Reduce Off-Gassing:

A really good quality windshield sunshade can help in reducing off-gassing. In addition, it helps in keeping the car’s interior fresh and protects it from harmful toxins that are emitted by the dashboard, upholstery, and carpeting of a vehicle.

6. Durable:

A good quality windshield sunshade is made of lightweight, durable and long-lasting materials that can be used for a considerable time without wearing out or tearing off. These models also come with an excellent warranty period to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Step by Step Procedure: How to Install Windshield Sun Shade

Now you know the benefits of using windshield sunshade. But how can you make sure that they effectively protect your car’s driver, interior, and occupants throughout the year? Here’s the step-by-step procedure of installing a windshield sunshade.

1. Locate Your Car’s Sun Visor Arms

Before mounting an adjustable one, the first thing you need to do is to determine whether your car has sun visors arms. These are typically located above each side of your car’s windshield and can be found by simply pulling them down.

2. Unfold The Shade

Unfold your shade and slip it into the visor arms until you hear them snap into place. This should be enough to hold the sunshade in place for most types of car models, but if necessary, additional clips can also be added where needed.

Use a Sun Protector Shade

3. Adjust For Maximum Protection

Adjust the sunshade according to your preferred height, length, and mounting options. You can also position it in a way that will provide maximum protection against the elements.

4. Use The Rearview Mirror

Your sunshade should have a hole located at its upper part so you can still use your car’s rearview mirror without any issues. This is what makes windshield sunshade great for using even during nighttime or when there’s heavy rain outside.

5. Attach The Carabiner To Your Shade

Make sure that the carabiner is locked securely onto your shade before fastening it around your door handle or seat belt clip for added security. By doing this, you are making sure that the excess material of your windshield sunshade won’t fly around or flip-up inside your car.

These are the steps on how to install windshield sun shade. It should be easy enough to do it yourself even without having to look for expert assistance. Make sure that your car has visor arms, and then stick the sunshade into them until they snap in place.

Few Tips and Advice:

1. If the sunshade is not flat in one corner, do your best. If it sticks to that corner when you roll it up, then try to stretch it out and lay that side down flat.

2. You can’t expect a sunshade that you buy to be perfect. Everyone has some flaw, like a smaller corner, or it didn’t roll out smoothly. But, it’ll still do its job. A little experience with hand-held models will help you make the best of this product.

3. It’s not about how you install it but where you put it. If you need extra room for a car seat or an additional passenger, all you have to do is lift the shade and roll it somewhere else.

4. The sun shade can be put anywhere you want it to. For example, if your baby is always in the backseat and you don’t have a place for sunglasses or cell phone, just roll up your sunshade and stick it behind the driver’s seat.

5. The best time to install these products is during or right after parking. You can also use your car’s visor or windshield for additional shade.


The windshield sunshade can protect your car from harmful solar radiation resulting in hot weather conditions inside the vehicle. In addition, it will also keep your car’s interior cool and fresh during the warm summer months. If you’re looking for a great car accessory that will provide excellent coverage to the front side of your vehicle, then this is the perfect one!

Thank you for reading our blog post on how to install windshield sun shade. We hope that you found this information helpful and informative. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Have a great day!

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