How to Insulate Apartment Windows

Winter season is always difficult to endure in the USA. For this reason, there is evident insulation used in the houses. This hinders the cold winds from entering the house. But the insulation in the attics is not enough for keeping your home warm. The apartment windows also require proper insulation. For this reason, today, we will discuss a straightforward process on how to insulate apartment windows. This will be advantageous for DIY enthusiasts. The steps incorporated in this process are simplified blow.


The apartment windows may vary in dimensions. For insulating apartment windows, some essential elements will be necessary. At first, you will need some PVC pipes. You do not need to buy the pipes basing on specific dimensions. During the process, you can easily cut the tubes into the desired sizes. You will need some plastic shrinks, there is a stipulation about the thickness of the plastic, but the thickness of the plastic will reduce the amount of cold wind insertion. Then you will need some bubble wraps for adding an extra layer of insulation for the windows.

Pvc Pipes

Then you will need a regular saw, or you can use a PVC pipe cutting tool. Then you will also need some elbow joints for connecting the pipes perpendicularly. You will also need some double-sided tape, and you will need some pipe foams and a scissor to cut the foam. You will also need a measuring tape and a pencil. This is much needed for exacting the dimensions of the panel. Once you have managed all these, you should start working for the insulation. In this process, we will attach individual panels on every window, so we have to start by taking the dimension of each window.

For this, you have to take a pencil and the measuring tape. It is better to take a piece of paper and then start measuring the panels. You have to measure repeatedly for more accurate results, and then you have to write it down in a paper as a draft. Then you have to start cutting the PVC pipes. For this, you have to mark the dimension of the panel on the PVC pipes, and then you have to start cutting the pipes. You can use a regular saw for cutting the tube, or it is better to sue the specialized pipe cutting tool. This will give a smoother cutting surface for the pipe, and the edges will be blunt.

Cutting Surface for the Pipe

Now you will have to start making the panels for insulation. After you have cut the PVC pipes, you have to start attaching them using the elbow joints. You will need four elbows for making an exact panel. You have to set up the pipes with the elbows, and then you can strengthen the joints by applying masking tape or bulky weight-bearing tapes. This will make the joints firm, and in this manner, you will prepare the panels for the windows. Once the panels are ready, you have to start attaching the insulation materials in between the panels.

For this, you have to take the plastic shrinks, and then you have to start applying them on the panel. You have to use the PVC pipes as the holding for the plastic. You have to wrap the plastic on the panel and then bring it down to the opposite ends and then again wrap it and then use masking tape to connect the plastic. In this manner, you have to cover the entire panel with plastic. Now you have to add another layer of insulation on the panel. It is better to use bubble wraps for this layer because this will strengthen the insulation, and this layer should be applied on either side.

Now you have to connect the panel to the window. For this, you will need to use the pipe foams. You have to cut the foam form the middle and then insert the pipes in the foam. This will be done for the entire panel. It will reduce the gap between the wall and the panel. Once the panel is covered with foam, you have to insert the panel on the window frame. Thus you will have proper insulation on your apartment window. This will restrict the cold air, and there will be much circulation for light inside the house.


In conclusion, we would like to state that the process we have mentioned here will surely help insulate the apartment windows. This process will be much efficient for beginners, and it is relatively easy to perform. The steps are quite straightforward. This process will be beneficial for enhancing personal skills. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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