How to Keep House Clean With Shedding Dogs

A lot of people have dogs that shed. You may be one of them, or you may know someone who is. Shedding is natural when the dog’s old coat sheds off and new fur begins to grow in after about two weeks. However, it can make your home very dirty if not taken care of properly! If you are looking for some tips on how to keep house clean with shedding dogs, then this blog post is perfect for you! 

The first thing to do before anything else is to vacuum your floors every day. This will reduce the amount of hair left around from daily activities like walking around or playing fetch! You should also use a lint roller after vacuuming because some stray hairs will still be leftover. If you have a long-haired dog, you will also want to brush them once or twice a day, as it will make your life easier! This is especially important if they shed a lot on a specific part of their body, like behind the ears.

How to Keep House Clean With Shedding Dogs

10 Ways on How to Keep House Clean With Shedding Dogs:

1. Brush Dogs Often.

Brushing your dogs frequently is one of the most effective ways to clean the house with shedding dogs. Brushing removes loose hair and distributes skin oils over the coat. It also stimulates blood circulation, keeping the skin healthy and shiny. In addition, frequent brushing for several minutes will make a drastic difference in maintaining the beauty of your rugs, furniture, and clothing.

2. Give the Dog a Haircut.

Clipping with electric clippers will help keep shedding under some control since this reduces the amount of loose hair falling around your house, but it isn’t enough to solve the problem completely. Frequent trimming throughout the year will keep any extra hair out of your life.

3. Vacuum Often.

Vacuuming your rugs, furniture, and floors will remove the hair that has already fallen to the ground before it completes its journey onto upholstery or into corners of your room. In addition, maintaining a clean floor is important in keeping your house clean with shedding dogs because getting rid of all the hair they shed is necessary for maintaining a healthy environment.

4. Get Rid of Pet Hair on Furniture.

Getting rid of pet hair on furniture can be done by wetting a clean cloth with water, rubbing it over the upholstery in circular motions, and finally wiping it dry. Removing the hair as soon as it falls off your dog will prevent it from being ground into your furniture.

Getting Rid of Pet Hair on Furniture

5. Use a Lint Roller Weekly.

Using a lint roller weekly to remove loose hair from clothing, furniture, and rugs is an excellent way to keep a clean house with a shedding pup. Pet experts recommend using the sticky side of the lint roller to pick up hair and then using the rolling surface to smooth out the coat.

6. Bring a Mat.

Bringing a mat that your dog can sit or lie on the outside will help keep the house clean with shedding dogs because you will already have a way of catching any hair before it makes its way inside. Then, when you bring your dog back in from outside, use a vacuum immediately after to suck up all the loose hair quickly.

7. Use a Furminator or Dematting Tool.

Using a furminator or dematting tool to remove any matted hair will help tremendously get rid of the hair shed. In addition, removing tangled hair from your dog will help you clear your dead undercoat and stimulate new growth, which means less shedding!

8. Brush or Comb Dogs Daily.

Brushing and combing your dogs daily will remove and prevent tangles and mats from forming in the fur, which means less shedding. It also helps redistribute skin oils throughout their coat, leaving it healthier and shinier.

9. Feed the Dog Properly.

Feeding your dog a high-quality, well-balanced diet will help to keep shedding under control because any deficiencies in their diets will show up in the hair. Giving them the right amount of nutrients and protein through proper foods can greatly impact controlling shedding and keeping your house clean with shedding dogs.

10. Talk to a Vet.

Talking to a vet to get help for your dogs will ensure that the shedding is not due to a health problem, which may be indicated by other symptoms such as patchy bald spots, dull coat, frequent scratching, or biting at skin, and dandruff-like flakiness. If these problems are occurring in conjunction with excessive shedding, your dog may need a vitamin or mineral supplement to help reduce the amount of hair falling out.

Talking to a Vet to Get Help

Some Tips and Suggestions to Maintain Shedding Dogs:

1. Brush your dog at least twice a week. This will help keep the hair from building up and making too big of a mess in your home. Daily is best, of course, but also try to brush him before you bathe him.

2. Keep your dog brushed all the time if possible (daily, of course). If he gets matted, it will cause more shedding because the skin will clog up with the mats and become irritated. This may also lead to all kinds of health issues.

3. Keep your dog’s food in an airtight container to avoid getting dusty or smelling like kibble.

4. If you leave your dog in the yard, keep their kennel covered. This way it will be easier to keep the hair under control because there is less room to fly around the house.

5. Keep the area around your yard clean of debris so that when your dog goes potty, he can clear your entire property of hair.

6. If you have a large dog, provide him with a toy box to keep the toys in one place instead of all over your house.

7. Vacuum regularly, and don’t forget to do it under things like couches and beds where hair can get caught up under there for days on end or worse, weeks.

8. Don’t let your dog on the furniture or the bed if he is shedding a lot; this will make your house look like a tumbleweed blew through it. This is just more work for yourself, so it doesn’t even help that much if you don’t do this.

Don't Let Your Dog on the Furniture


The shedding dogs are an unfortunate reality for many pet owners. But, with a little extra time and work, you can make the task of keeping your house clean manageable. We recommend that you brush or comb them regularly to reduce loose hair-they will be less likely to track it around the house! If they have difficulty walking because their feet are full of mats, give them a bath using a product designed specifically for this purpose.

And finally, vacuum at least once per week more if possible since vacuuming removes dirt and debris from carpets as well as dog fur before it has time to settle down onto surfaces where it’s easily tracked through the home again. We hope this blog post on how to keep house clean with shedding dogs has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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