How to Keep Whipped Shea Butter from Hardening

If you have search about healthy ingredients to maintain skin and hair health, then you probably have come across one particular component called Shea Butter. To a lot of people’s surprise, shea butter is considered the most necessary ingredient if one wants their hair or skin to be smooth after using it.

Recently the popularity of shea butter has risen more than ever. A few years back, most people did not know what shea butter is and where it came from, and that took some unbelievable turns to become one of the most popular ingredients needed for beauty products.

The uses of shea butter are found in various forms. Not only can it be used for different beauty products, but the way it is used can be varied as well. While someone may like to use it as a liquid form, there are some people who may like it is a little bit solidified. Another way that has garnered a lot of attention is the whipped version. You read it right! Just like your regular whipped cream out of milk, shea butter has its own form of the same and we will also tell you how to keep whipped shea butter from hardening.

Shea Butter

What is Shea Butter?

Before you dive into understanding what whipped shea butter is all about, we think it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of shea butter itself. Shea butter is originally from Africa, specifically East and West Africa. The “shea” in shea butter comes from a plant that is in the nut family. Therefore, the shea is like a nut seed.

It has grown with an ivory color and has a hardened shell to it. When it is processed, the color will turn white. The butter is what you get after the fat from the nut has been extracted, which means the butter is the fat. The use of shea butter has no bound. The most popular applications have to be related to beauty. But except for this, people around Africa also use this butter for cooking.

Benefits of Shea Butter

If you are trying to know what the craving for shea butter is and all, you may have already guessed that it must have some fantastic benefits to offer for people to go ham on it. Indeed, shea butter has some of the most critical health benefits despite being a natural source.

To understand its full benefits, you need to look through the nutrition it offers. Shea butter contains balanced fat, calories, and vitamins like A, E, and F. Combining these ingredients creates a mixture to provide the best benefits one can get.

Shea butter has its benefits, lays mostly in skincare. Not only that, but people also use it to moisturize their hair and skin; it can be used for treating skin rashes, marks, stretch marks, sunburns, frostbite, and even eczema.

Benefits of Shea Butter

Usage of Shea Butter

Shea butter has different kinds of uses. As mentioned, it can be used for cooking and beauty products. But the most popular way of using it is for a beauty product. So, now the question can be, why do they use it and how do they use it.

As you can see from the nutrient-rich ingredients in shea butter, you’ll know that once you start using it, the product will provide all sorts of benefits for your body. Shea butter has been used for beauty purposes in Africa for a long time because it moisturizes skin, smoothens hair, and gives food a good flavor.

There are different forms of shea butter. You can use it as melted or harden. Usually, for skincare products, people like the melted runny texture as it makes it easier to apply. For cooking, we believe the solid one is more practical. Here our main focus in on the whipped version, another most popular form.

Now that you have your shea butter at your hand, you can use it for your skin and hair. You can use it as a cream or moisturizer for the skin. It is totally safe to use on children as well. The shea butter is a great product to condition your hair as well, and it will provide the hair with necessary vitamins on top of everything.

Whipped Shea Butter: Make Your Own

Whipped Shea Butter Make Your Own

Whipped shea butter is a great way to make a skincare product. The texture it serves will glide on your skin perfectly, and it is way lot easier in this way to use it. While we believe you can easily find it on the local store, some of us might live in an area where the whipped shea butter has never been seen.

Another thing is that many of us prefer to make something on our own, especially beauty products, as it may seem more reliable. Indeed, some products will have a few extra ingredients that you will find unnecessary. It is better to have something organic than having those artificial things.

So, if you are up to make your own whipped shea butter, you can follow us. It is effortless and will require the minimum ingredient with your minimum effort. What we like most about this recipe is that if you have the shea butter at hand, you find all the other components available at your home.

Making the Whipped  Shea Butter

The needed ingredients are:

These three are the main ingredients to make your whipped shea butter. To start the process, you must mix the ingredients together correctly. You should add the measurement according to your preference and what you think will create the right consistency. We suggest adding two tablespoons of oil and 6-10 tablespoons of vitamin E oil with four oz. of shea butter.

After mixing them properly, get a hand mixer, and start beating it until it becomes like your regular whipped cream. If things are unfortunate and you do not have an electric hand mixture around you, you can still make it with a little bit more hard work by using a hand beater. After beating it for the required time, you will get your entirely made whipped shea buttercream, and now you might have to worry about is how to keep whipped shea butter from hardening.

How to Keep Whipped Shea Butter from Hardening

Now we move on to the most important thing: how to keep whipped shea butter from hardening. Yes, it is indeed true that for due to various reasons, the whipped shea butter may get tighten. The process is highly dependent on the climate of your country.

If you want to keep your shea butter soft and melty, you cannot store them in the refrigerator. The best place to save is somewhere not so cold but dry place.

When making the whipped shea butter, you need to know why the oil is used. The oil is what keeps the whipped butter from hardening. In our recipe, we have suggested using coconut oil or olive oil first because we thing these two oils are the ones that are always available around us. But another high oil you can use is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil itself has many incredible benefits for skins. So, adding it to the shea butter will boost everything up and keep the butter in a soft texture.

As for those of you who live in a cold country or if it’s the time of winter, you may find it challenging to get the whipped shea butter from getting hard to even at room temperature. In this case, you can keep it around your stove or heater. But you have to ensure you do not follow the jar too closely as it can mess with consistency. You can also keep it wrapped around a blanket; it sometimes works as well!

Soft and Melty Shea Butter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Whip Raw Shea Butter?

Raw shea butter is a very difficult thing to whip because it has an extremely high melting point.

If you want to make your own whipped raw shea butter, then you can use some sugar as a substitute for the water that is usually used in whipping products.

Why Is My Shea Butter Not Whipping?

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer that can be used in various ways. However, if you are using it to make whipped cream, then there are some things that you should know about the product before attempting to whip it.

First, shea butter has a high melting point and doesn’t melt easily, so the cream won’t form peaks or “whisk” as it thickens. You can try adding a few drops of milk or even sugar to help thin out the shea butter and make it easier for air bubbles to move through.

Another thing is that shea butter has a high oil content which makes whipping difficult because as soon as you start mixing, the moisture from the oils will cause your mixture to break down into small globules, which won’t give any resistance when they hit the surface of your bowl.

Melting the Shea Butter

Does Whipped Shea Butter Stay Soft?

Yes, it does. Shea butter is a type of natural fat found in African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. It has been used for centuries by people in Africa for skin and hair care.

When shea butter is whipped, the oils within the butter are emulsified which helps to keep it soft and spreadable even after refrigeration.


Shea butter is now so popular that every brand of cosmetics and beauty products will use it as one of their ingredients. It is highly due to the fact that most customers will also look for shea butter in the elements. You cannot blame them as it has all that artificial nutrition stored in it that can only benefit those who use shea butter.

What started as a regular African ingredient is now worldwide famous for its benefits! We must be grateful to the original users for letting us know all the fantastic options we have with shea butter.

As for the shea butter itself, it is better to use it independently. The whipped version is indeed gaining popularity for the texture and easy-to-store option. Although you can probably find a package in-store, making your own is just something very satisfying.

It is fine to have some difficulties at first, especially if you are unsure how to keep whipped shea butter from hardening. But once you know everything correctly, we believe our guide will greatly help you!

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