Mulching is a critical process for keeping the grass of your lawn lively. For this reason, today, we will discuss some easy techniques on how to lay mulch over grass. This will be much beneficial for people who are passionate about gardening. The processes will be very quickly discussed here so that th4 beginners can get a full overview.


Grasses often get devoid of moisture, and the best way to make it lively and green is mulching over the grass. This will help grow plants, and the health of the soil will be much improved. Many ways can be implemented for mulching over grass. Some techniques are time-consuming, and some are relatively easy. For our readers’ betterment, we have sorted out some processes that will be easy to perform. These processes are simplified below.

Method One: Sheet Mulching

• Step One

This is a unique method where you will be using cardboard and papers as the sheet for mulching. These will be used as the core mulching equipment. There is no need for any soil or nark for this process. This will save you some money, and the process will also be much progressive. The things that you need for this process is much simple. You should have a standard shovel and a rake. These are the core tools for this project. You will also need a soil carrying cart.

• Step Two

Now you have to select the cardboard for the process. You use either cardboard or paper, which will be more convenient for you. But for the paper, you must choose the newspapers because they are already treated with chemicals, and the composition of paper is much suitable for mulching. You should sticker or plastic papers, and they get much time to decompose and causes harm to the roots. For the cardboard, you can use the regular brown cardboards widely available in the market and used for healthy and transportation.

• Step Three

After you have selected all the necessary tools for the process, you have to start the fieldwork. It would be best if you had some snips for the procedure. This will be used to cut the cardboard. You have to take a piece of measuring tape and then measure the length of the grass that you want to mulch. After you have measured the space, you should use the snips to cut the cardboards according to the measurement. You can also arrange the paper in the same manner.

• Step Four

Now you have to mow the grass. For this, you have to take an automated grass cutter, and if the machine is not available, you can go for manual work. But manual labor will be much tedious. So we prefer that you use a grass cutter for mowing the grass. You have to adjust the machine settings and trim the grass into a tiny size. This will help to integrate the mulch into the grass evenly. Dense grasses will thwart the process and take much time.

• Step Five

After mowing the grass in short, you have to start laying the cardboard and the papers over the grass. It would be best if you remembered that the laying of these should cover the total grass area. The papers and cardboards shall surround the stems of the plants. Another essential thing to keep in mind in this situation is that you must lay either cardboard or paper. You cannot use both at the same time. You can use scissors to cut the cardboard and then lay them on the grass.

• Step Six

After the cardboard has been laid, there is an optional step that you can perform, but it is not at all mandatory. You can wash the whole paper and cardboard with water. This will provide some moisture to the ground, and the decomposing will be accelerated after you have applied a wash to the paper and the cardboard. It would be best if you went to the second layer. This layer will have consisted of soil. You can easily use the necessary earth of your lawn in this case.

• Step Seven

Now you have to take a shovel and mark a safe place in your lawn where the soil is much rigid and will have ample moisture. Then you have to take a cart and fill it with the earth. Once the carriage is served, you have to unload the soil and place it over the cardboard and paper layer. You can use a rake for this process. The total layer of cardboard and paper should be covered with soil. Then you have to water the layers.

• Step Eight

Using a hosepipe, you can pour wart all over the surface of the soil. The water will penetrate through the pores of the earth and make the paper layer wet. In this manner, the grass will remain moist due to having clear contact with the paper and cardboard. The result will have good quality grass, and the surrounding plants will also develop. You can quickly check the progress by removing some soil and then cutting through the cardboard. This will not affect the process.

Method Two: Pine bark Method

In this method, we will be using the traditional pine bark for mulching over the grass. The pine bark is prepared by grinding the pine tree and soil’s bark together in a definite ratio. You can make it at home, or you can easily buy them from the market. This process requires some essential gardening tools, including a traditional shovel, fork shovel, rake, and a cart for carrying the soil. After you have gathered all these, you can start the process.

You have to mark the grass on which you want to mulch over, and then you have to lay the pine bark all over the grass. You will not need any intermediate layer of paper or other material. You must apply the pine bark densely. After this, you can quickly smooth the surface using the rake and shovel. Next, you have to take a blower and clear the pine bark form the edges and then sprinkle some water on the mulch layer. In this manner, natural mulching over the grass can be accomplished.

How to Lay Mulch over Grass

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to state that the techniques we have mentioned here will surely help mulch your grass. And the DIY enthusiasts will be highly benefitted by this. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!!

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