How to Make a Crucible for Melting Aluminum

Crucibles are always essential for melting metals. We know that the melting point of Aluminum is significantly six hundred and sixty degrees, so you will need a fire crucible that can withstand temperature more than this range. Today we are going to discuss a straightforward technique of making a crucible for melting aluminum. 

 This will allow our readers to obtain a general conception about making crucibles. For this process, you will need some items. At first, you will need clay and silica sand. These are the essential element for this process. You will need silica and clay sand at a ratio of 3:2. You can quickly obtain these clays from the local market. They do not cost much.

You will be able to buy them within twenty-five dollars. Now you have to start mixing them. This process is quite lengthy. You have to take the bowl and start adding them. You have to add silica first and then clay sand. Then you have to keep mixing them using your hand. After both of the grains are properly mixed, you have to start adding water.

You have to keep a bottle with a push pipe for adding water because the amount of water should always be checked. Once you have started adding water to the mixture, you have to mix them properly. You have to keep adding water to the mix until they hold shape and quickly get squished in your hand. Now the clay mixture is ready for molding.

So you have to take a mold according to the size of the crucible and start adding them. You need to make the mold airtight and then add the clay to them. You must check the clay for air pressure and water content. After the mold is filled with clay, you have to let it dry for about a day or two. Then you can take off the mold, and your crucible is ready for melting Aluminum.

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