How to Make a Dinosaur Egg With Paper Mache

Paper mache dinosaur eggs are a great item to make. It can be made easily with some household items with your students and encourage them with your imaginary play. Once you show them the exact techniques, they will love creating these DIY items. Wanna learn how to make a dinosaur egg with a paper mache? I am here to show you the simplest techniques with which to make the dinosaur eggs with a breeze. But before I start, I will suggest you leave all your tasks and concentrate on the article till the end.

Materials You Will Need

1. Acrylic or poster paint

2. Balloons

3. Flour

4. Newspaper

5. Water

How to Make a Dinosaur Egg With Paper Mache

First of all, you have to tear the newspaper into strips; then, you will need a balloon in which you are going to blow up and will form the basis of the egg. Then you will have to use the glue to make a paper mache egg. For my project, I have used a flower made glue, which is equal parts flour and equal parts water and you mix it together, and it becomes a glue that dries really nicely and super safe for kids to get involved. Once you complete that, you will also need some paint and some clear gloss spray to set it at the end.

Step 1

So, you are going to want to blow up your balloon based on the preferred size of your dinosaur egg. Then coat your balloon in some P glue, and then you are just going to start putting on the torn newspaper onto the actual balloon, and then you just have to keep repeating this process until you have probably about three to four layers of newspaper all way around the dinosaur egg and covering all the way around the balloon. Make sure it is fairly even; otherwise, you will get really soft spots and some really hard spots that will just impact the longevity of the egg.

Step 2

Once you complete adding the glue, pop it in the sun and let it dry completely. It may take three days to be dried completely.

Step 3

Next, pop the balloon, pull the balloon out, and then it is time to paint your dinosaur eggs. For my project, I have painted each of the dinosaur eggs into purple and then let it dry overnight.

Step 4

After that, I have used my Stanley knife to cut in the middle of the egg and followed a little bit of a crack. You can draw the crack with a pencil to make the task easier. Your DIY dinosaur egg is ready now. If you want, you can decorate the egg in different fun ways. That’s up to you. Hopefully, these steps will help you to make your own dinosaur eggs easily.

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