How to Make a Mummy With a Barbie Doll

Are you looking for a fun, creative project to do with your kids? This post will show you how to make a mummy with a Barbie doll. The article also includes instructions on how to make the bandages from scratch. So grab your sewing kit, some scissors, and start wrapping! It is straightforward to make a mummy with a Barbie doll. It would be best if you had some white tissue paper, glue, and scissors.

How to Make a Mummy With a Barbie Doll

Cut the tissue paper in strips about one inch wide and wrap the strap around the Barbie’s arms, head, and body. Next, you need to glue it on every place where there is a fold in the tissue paper so that you can’t see any skin through it. Continue reading this blog post to make a mummy with a barbie doll.

How to Make a Mummy With a Barbie Doll

Step 1: Get a Barbie Doll.

With white cloth, wrap the doll in strips of fabric until it is entirely covered head to toe. Make sure that each strip overlaps all the previous strips so that no skin color can be seen at all. Use rubber bands or string to keep the cloth from falling off, and make sure there are no gaps in coverage on the head, neck, hands, or feet.

Step 2:  Wrap the Doll With a Sheet.

Carefully roll up the sheet, and tie it off with string or rubber bands. Make sure that no skin color can be seen in any part of the body once again, and make sure each role is as tight as possible so that no side gaps show. Do this for both legs, upper arms, and body. Next, drape the sheet over the Barbie doll so that all of its features are still covered, but one “arm” is sticking out.

Roll Up the Sheet

Step 3: Get a White Fabric Garment to Wrap Around the Leg

Put on gloves or get a hand from your local butcher’s shop and carefully, VERY carefully wrap the leg in white fabric as you would any other mummy. Make sure there are no gaps around the hand or foot, that the fingers are all covered, and make sure the toes don’t show once everything is wrapped.

Step 4: Wrap the Upper Arm in White Fabric

Take a large strip of sheet and wrap it around the upper arm like you would wrap a bandage around any other mummy. Make sure no skin color is visible once everything is covered, and make sure that there are no gaps in coverage anywhere else on the body.

Step 5: Wrap the Neck.

Take a long strip of tissue paper, and roll it around the doll’s neck. Ensure there are no gaps in any part of the head, arms, torso, or legs. Also, make sure that every fold is as tight as possible so that no gaps show once it has been dressed with regular clothing.

Step 6: Dress the Mummy in Regular Clothes

Dress the Mummy in Regular Clothes

Put on whatever clothes you want to for your mummy, as long as they are white. You may also decorate it with makeup if you’d like. Once everything is dressed, write a letter to whomever this mummy is supposed to represent, and place it in the doll’s pocket so that one hand is outstretched to take it.

Step 7: Place Your Mummy Into a Coffin

Line the bottom of a small box with white cotton or tissue paper and carefully set your mummy inside. You can also sew fabric around the sides of the box to make sure no light reaches your mummy if you want it to preserve as long as possible.

Step 8: Put Your Coffin Into the Fridge.

I would recommend placing it inside of a plastic bag with holes in it so that air can pass through. You will want to keep the mummy as cold as possible. Leave the mummy in the refrigerator for one month, and then take it out and let it thaw over seven days. Then leave it back in the fridge for another one month. This will greatly increase its preservation and sturdiness.

Step 9:  Take Your Mummy Out of The Fridge

Take it out of the fridge and let it thaw in front of a cold air blower. It is very important to ensure that no light reaches the mummy, so cover it with something white. Once the mummy is completely thawed, take off all of its clothes and wrap it in white fabric once more if you would like.

Step 10: Display Your Mummy for All to See

Take your mummy out of the box, and place it on a couch or somewhere that people will be able to view its wonderful preservation. It is now ready to be used as a toy or decoration so that everyone can marvel at its incredibly tight wrapping.

Used as a Toy or Decoration

Tips and Tricks:

Tip 1:

A tube sock will be very useful. When the time comes to stuff your Barbie, I recommend you use a clean one that hasn’t been worn and a fresh pair of nylons. The sock is needed because Barbie has no hair! You’ll need to put some stuffing in her head so it can maintain the shape of a human head.

Tip 2:

The best way to stuff Barbie is using a long, metal knitting needle. You’ll also need 3-4 five-inch white candles (if they’re not white, melt them until they are) and the lace from your sock (you should have already taken this off before you stuffed your sock).

Tip 3:

You should try and put your candle on the longest side of Barbie’s head, then cut it lengthwise. When you’re done, take the wax from your candle and begin to stuff it! It’s not as hard as you think. The candle is malleable and will conform to the contour of Barbie’s head.

How Do You Wrap a Doll Like a Mummy?

How Do You Wrap a Doll Like a Mummy

Well, you can buy a book that shows how to do it.  You can wait until Halloween and see if your neighbors are wrapping their children’s dolls like this. You can look in the book of an older relative who loves crafts (there is probably one around).

If you really want to make a mummy doll, use a heavy-duty clear plastic bag.  After cleaning and dusting the doll, wrap it with two layers of plastic: one for the head, arms, and neck (fold it over before wrapping) and another around the rest of her body.  Then take white tissue paper and wrap the doll, like you would wrap a present.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mummies still made today?

Mummies are still made today, but they are not as popular as they used to be. In the past, mummies were very valuable because they were believed to have magical powers.

Nowadays, mummies are only made if there is a specific request from a customer. They are usually made for people who want to have a replica of their deceased loved one or for tourists who want to see an unusual specimen.

Specific Request From a Customer


After reading this article, you should better understand how to make a mummy with a barbie doll. You can also use an old t-shirt or towel and fabric glue for the eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. These steps will help keep your child entertained during Halloween with their very own mummy!

We hope that this information will be helpful for parents and kids! If you’re feeling crafty, please share your work’s feedback so we can see what fun projects other people have made too.

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