How to Make a Ring Blank From Wire

Understand how to produce rings from the wiring. Creating rings in the jewelry workshop is a perfect exposure to metalworking and silver smith methods.  This guide site will link you to instructional posts to have you began together with all the necessary materials and equipment.

We offer all you have to make perfect, eye-catching pieces if you weld from steel production polished silver ring packages or use ready-made polished silver ring finds to save resources.


You’ll initially take the wire, cut down the amount you like (or just don’t split a section when you choose to tie string right out of your filament). You’ll keep the circular mandrel in the left thumb (when you’re secure in the right hand or vice versa). Keep the string end of the pipe with your thumbnail when keeping the mandrel on the circle.

You’ll then continue twisting the cord around your ring workpiece with your other side. Tie the mandrel to the point you want to empty many more copper rings as you would prefer. When binding is completed, bring your cord-cutters and remove the string edge.

You ought to hang firmly onto the string as when you let the metal go; it can break a little to have it go that makes it easier to force the edges hard. All sides of the wrapping won’t be identical to the circle, so bring the rawhide claw hammer and pound off every end of the string until it’s flat with the remainder.

Slide away the rim mandrel from the chain. Please remember that the spiral (the metal loopholes) can get many times more significant if you set it to go. So if you’re attempting to create measurements, 5-7 circle holes launch your drop at about six and go off from there. Often, various wire measurements can fasten more tightly, so always check it.

Then, bring your giant wire scissors and begin cutting the pattern forming separate blank rounds of metal rings sideways. This is what there ever is to it. Based on the wiring scissors you have, you will typically cut between 5-6 circles simultaneously, that’s why I do not even suggest using your tiny string scissors for this because you choose to remove one at the moment!

Whatever you may think about right now is how to make your ring rounds clear, without bumps and warps. Get an anvil or metal blocker (I can use anvil which arrived with my benches lock — I advise this bench lock, I think I used mine every day) and do this for every circle void with your braided rope mallet hammer off any irregularities you find.

Switch the ring around blankly and do the same for the opposite leg. Smooth because it should. When you had two metal frames and place the circle empty between each one, it will take just a few hammers hits to bring all of the bounces out, but I’d need to spend in them.

When doing this for welding, I don’t weld my ring holes as its electroforming method is just like the welding process. When you can shape stone to a ring void through welding, you will surely go without closing the ring blanks. This requires less time and much less power.

How to Make a Ring Blank From Wire

Attach Gem to The beautiful jewelry Rings

Prong crystal functions keep it short of using the ring hocks and adjustments to build polished silver rings with customized rocks. To make unique pieces or buy polished silver ring holes with hollow sets added to all of them for a fast cabochon or faceted gem-set, you may weld prong setting points onto jewel creating rings.

Our jewelry range also contains polished silver ring making materials in flat bezel configurations for fast positioning of gems. A ring casing and rounded edges roll are the only instruments you use for this stone set type. The bezel ring configurations are appropriate in a variety of shapes and sizes for specific stones.

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