How to Make a Wood Bowl by Hand


A wooden bowl is always kept in our house to increase the aesthetic beauty and enriching the ambiance. These bowls are generally made using automated tools. Making a wooden bowl without using any automated instrument is quite challenging. You will require a lot of strength for this. We are going to exhibit some steps which will help you to make such a bowl by hand. The measures included in the technique is explained below. This will be much helpful for beginners.

How to Make a Wood Bowl by Hand


• Step One

In order to make a bowl, you will need a piece of log, an axe, an adze, and a chisel. First, use the axe to take off the bark from the log. Then, use the adze and chisel to shape the log into a bowl.

• Step Two

Use the axe to clear the outer surface of the log, then start digging in the middle of the log to create a bowl shape. The bowl will have a concave end and a convex back. To create the open end of the bowl, use the axe to dig a hole in the log. Once the hole is appropriately enlarged, use a chisel to clear the edges of the log, making the perimeter of the bowl smooth.

How to Make a Wood Bowl by Hand

• Step Three

Now you have to use the chisel to scrape the log towards the center, in order to obtain a smooth finish and make the wood smaller. The wood in the middle of the bowl will be disposed of due to chiseling. Now you have to use the axe and detach the extra portion at the back of the bowl. Remember that the chiseling should be done correctly, and it will take some time to get the exact shape.

Now you have to use the axe and detach the extra portion at the back of the bowl. It would be best if you remembered that the chiseling should be done correctly, and it will require much time to get the exact shape.

• Step Four

Now you have to apply the finishing touch to your bowl. You have to take the chisel and scrape off the outer portion of the bowl. The uneven surface created due to continuous use of axe should be made smooth by using the chisel. You can eliminate any outgrowth of wood using the adze. After this, you have to keep the bowl at a safe place and then use a fresh cloth to clean it. Now you can apply to burnish on the bowl and make it shiny. In this manner, you can make a wooden bowl with hand.


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