How to Make A Working Gumball Machine

Have your kids ever demanded that they do not want to eat their gumballs from the packet but gumball machine because it is fun? Or, perhaps you want to surprise your kid with a gumball machine, which is enough way you can stop them from eating all the gumball in one go. Whatever is the reason, if you are up for a DIY gumball machine with available materials at home, follow us on how to make a working gumball machine tutorial.

What is a Gumball Machine?

Before you can learn how to make the thing, you need to have a good idea of a gumball machine. Maybe the one you are going to make for has heard about it, but you never have. So, without knowing what it is and how it works, it will be quite difficult for you to undertake the mission.

A gumball machine is a like vending machine made for gumballs. Usually, they will work with coins, which means you need to put some coin in it to get your gumballs. They are a fun thing for kids. But a lot of people will not be able to get one of the gumball machines on their hand, but the good thing is that there are ways you can make it.

How Does Gumball Machine Works?

To learn how to make a working gumball machine, you need to understand how the machine works. We will show you the way, but if you know how things go, then you can add your twist to it. 

As we said earlier, some gumball machine will require coins to get a gumball out. So, when you put the coin inside the machine through the hole for coins, there will be a switch that will allow one gumball to drop.

DIY: How to Make a Working Gumball Machine

Before we can move on to detailing the steps, we will like to give you a brief idea of how we are going to set the plan.

As you know, the gumball machine will require a container for the gumball to keep and a passageway for the gumballs to drop from. We are not going to include the coin option, so basically, there is going to be a switch-like thing that will allow the gumball to fall when pressed.

We mentioned earlier that the project is going to be made with materials that are easily found. So, let’s see what we require for the project to be completed.

Materials You Need

  • Plastic or glass container with a round opening
  • Cardboard cup
  • Cardboard
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Foam
  • paint
  • Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissor or craft knife
How to Make A Working Gumball Machine2

Steps to follow

Now that you have all the necessary things you are going to use for your project, you can begin with how to make a working gumball machine. Let’s get started!

Step 1

The first thing you are going to do is measure the jar and the cup together. You need to make sure the jar’s opening will be able to fit on the cup properly.

Step 2

Take a popsicle stick and measure it to the length that will be able to fit inside the cup. After measuring, cut the stick accordingly.

Step 3

Now, take some foam and cut it to the width of the popsicle sticks. Start attaching them to both of the ends of the sticks using glue.

Step 4

With glue on the foam, attach the popsicle stick inside the cup close to the border.

Step 5

Now, right beside the popsicle stick, draw a circle inside the cup. With a scissor or craft night, slowly make a clean hole of the circle.

Step 6

From the opposite side of the circle hole, mark a line close to the border. Cut the portion of the line to make an entrance.

Step 7

Take the other half of the popsicle stick or a new one and put it through the line hole that you just created. The popsicle stick should go through under the other one that you set earlier inside the cup.

Step 8

Make another circle right below the newly placed popsicle stick. This circle should be on the outer side of the cup. Cut a hole according to the circle.

Step 9

Take the cardboard and trace the opening of the cup onto it. Cut the circular opening of the cardboard. Place it inside the first cup in a 45-degree angle from the hole at the side and stick it tightly with glue.

Step 10

Take the cup and trace a circle of the opening on the foam and attach it to the cup using glue. Now, you have successfully sealed the entrance.

Step 11

You can now paint the cup and everything else with your paint to make it look good.

Step 12

Now, take the jar and put your gumballs on it. Stick the jar’s opening on the cup.

You are done learning how to make a working gumball machine! To check the machine, you need to pull the popsicle stick, and you will see that one gumball will come through the hole.

You can now use it as a praising technique for your child or student. When they do something right, you can allow them to take on gumball from the machine. You can even present this DIY gumball machine as a gift to someone. This is a great thing you can also keep as a decoration at your home. Sometimes, you can use to have a gumball, or you can offer your guest to have some.

Final Thoughts

There you have the tutorial on how to make a working gumball machine. You can use it for various purposes when you are playing around kids, or you can even decorate your house with it. It is also great accessories to keep all your gumballs together. We hope that our tutorial will help all of you who are excited to make their DIY gumball machine and surprise everyone around.

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