How to Make Baggy Pants Skinny Without Sewing

Baggy pants are a popular trend in fashion these days, but if you don’t like how they make your butt look, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make them fit better! This blog post will cover how to make baggy pants skinny without sewing. It’s not as hard as it sounds.


How to Make Baggy Pants Skinny Without Sewing

  • Set the old pants on a flat surface with the side you want to make skinny facing up, and then fold in half lengthwise so that they are folded from waistband to hemline.
  • Now, starting at one of the cuffs (the leg openings), roll them up tightly until you reach just below your hip bone.
  • Tie off into a tight knot by pulling through both legs an inch or two away from where they were tied together–don’t worry about how long this is for now!
  • Then start rolling back down towards the cuff again, but instead of going all the way, only go halfway so that there is still space between each rolled section; tie another tight knot around these two sections.
  • Cut off any excess fabric to make the whole thing even. Trim away as much of each side seam as possible without cutting into the inseam. You can always shorten it later by folding it up or down.
  • Now you’re ready to hem! Starting at one cuff, fold over the hemline, so there is a narrow allowance for how long you want your pants (usually about an inch), then stitch with a sewing machine.
  • Repeat on another leg. If they are still too baggy, don’t worry because this next part will show you how to get rid of those pesky extra inches.

The key has enough length left after rolling back down from the cuffs onto the waistband before tying a final knot around.

Other Method:

Method of Making Baggy Pants Skinny Without Sewing
  • Use a seam ripper to undo stitching from the cuff and waistband.
  • Remove the top section of fabric, starting at one end
  • Open up elastic on another side so you can pull it out a little—this will give your plants more room later when they’re back on!
  • Fold the fabric’s edge over half where there is still enough left for how long you want your pant legs (usually about an inch), then stitch with a sewing machine or by hand.
  • This time, don’t remove any stitches but tie a knot around both cuffs and waistbands before rolling them into place again–you’ll see why shortly. Since these are now knee-length pants, hemming should take all that time to do.
  • Use a seam ripper and scissors to cut off any excess fabric from the leg. Then, turn it inside out (because of how the elastic is now positioned) and stitch a hem around the edge.
  • Turn cuffs back over so they’re right side out again and tie the knot before rolling them up again.
    It will keep your pants in place while you move about! “

The finished product should look like this: when on someone’s legs, the cuff sections are folded neatly into each other with no need for folding or knots at all. It looks nice enough that most people wouldn’t even know these were baggy jeans without being told–they’ll just think you have cute skinny jeans.”

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

  • Choose your favorite skinny jeans and put on a shirt that’s easy to layer with. You can wear the shirt tucked in or leave it out, whichever you’re more comfortable with–your look will be just as great!
  • Put on a belt for definition if desired; this will help make your waist appear narrower than it actually is (belts are also helpful when wearing baggy clothes).
  • You can also dress up your top with a scarf or necklace.


A simple change in clothing can go a long way towards making an outfit more comfortable and attractive. Now, if only clothes shopping were this easy! For those not wanting to sew their own garments, there are many online stores where one can buy ready-made items that automatically provide these changes – except for the higher price tags.

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