How to Make Cerulean Blue


Blue is the color of the sky and color to add when you are feeling the atmosphere. There are many poetic things you can tell about the color blue, and you will never get tired. Like there are so many beautiful shades of blue available. Each of the shade has its unique characteristics to add to the visible spectrum. One of the most favorites of many people is cerulean blue. And here we will teach you how to make cerulean blue if you do not have it in your hand.

What is Cerulean Blue?

It is quite possible that you may not be familiar with the color cerulean blue. But before you can even start on how to make cerulean blue, you need to have the basic idea about the color.

The term cerulean blue was coined 1590, so it is not that old yet. To describe the color cerulean blue, well, of course, it is a shade of blue. And the tone stays between the shade azure and sky blue. So, it is somewhat between the dark and light spectrum of blue shades.

The cerulean blue has a greenish hue to it, and for this reason, it is a great color to use when someone is painting the sky. The light touch of the cerulean brings out the perfect shade for the sky.

DIY: How to Make Cerulean Blue

There are several ways on how to make cerulean blue. Before we start with the process, one thing that you need to remember is that cerulean blue is a very tough shade of blue to achieve by mixing other colors.

Therefore, whatever you mix, the chances are that you will not be able to find the right shade of cerulean blue until you have it as its own. Now that you know that let’s begin with the process.

Phthalos Blue+ Titanium White

The best result you can get of cerulean blue is mixing the color phthalos blue with the titanium white color. The phthalos blue is very dark and strong blue. At the same time, the titanium white is a grayish-white shade. But mixing them, you will turn the dark blue of the phthalos a little down and eventually achieve the cerulean blue color.

Prussian Blue+ White

The next combination that works the best is by using Prussian blue color. The Prussian blue is another deep blue shade. By mixing the white with the Prussian blue, you will tone down the Prussian blue’s deepness and get close to the cerulean blue color.

Prussian Blue

Cobalt Blue + White

The last mixture is by using cobalt blue with white color. This will not give you the best result of cerulean blue. But if you have no choice left, you can add this to your palette.

And, these are the ways to how to make cerulean blue.

Final Thoughts

Even though achieving the cerulean blue color is a little tight, but if you follow our steps on how to make cerulean blue, you will be able to get a closer result.

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