How to Make Charcoal Powder for Teeth


Charcoal powder is a substance made by finely grinding up charcoal. It has strong adsorption power, and when it comes into contact with starch, protein, or other large molecules in the mouth, they adhere to the surface of particles of Charcoal Powder. With this adhesion, food stains are easily washed off the teeth after rinsing thoroughly. In this article, I will discuss making charcoal powder for teeth. So let us get into the main discussion.

how to make charcoal powder for teeth

Stepwise Guide on How to Make Charcoal Powder for Teeth:

Step 1 :

Start by choosing the type of wood you want to use for the charcoal powder:

Step 2 :

Clean the wood using water and detergents. Ensure there is no residue left on it because later, this may get into your body or even reduce the quality of charcoal powder that you will be making since it has organic components.

Step 3 :

Dry soil is essential for curing or drying wood. Place the wood on top of the dry soil and leave it for 3-4 months to ensure that all moisture is eliminated from the wood. This will produce a hard piece of black charcoal which can be used in other processes very easily and generate a great result. If your materials are not dried completely, they will get burnt when making charcoal.

Step 4 :

Now, you have to crush the wood and ensure that it is in powder form. Do not remove the bark or outer layer since this will eliminate some compounds from getting into your body which may cause harm. Remember, lots of essential oils are hidden in the inner layers of bark. If you want to make a natural kind of toothpaste by mixing a few ingredients with activated charcoal powder- oil pulling therapy!

Step 5 :

Then, add other substances such as bentonite clay, which will help bind together all the particles and form a toothpaste-like substance where you can mix a few drops of peppermint oil to keep your teeth fresh and free from any bacteria or germs while brushing them with this toothpaste.

Add Other Substances Such

Step 6 :

Take some water in a cup and mix a tiny amount of the toothpaste-like powder with it to create a paste, and then start brushing your teeth properly, making sure that you don’t swallow any portion of charcoal powder since this can cause stomach irritation, vomiting as well as diarrhea in some cases.

Step 7 :

Remember! Charcoal powder is not for eating! It is meant to be thrown away after use so that it doesn’t get mixed up with other foodstuff in the kitchen area or anywhere else in your house accidentally.

Step 8 :

Suppose any leftover particles have not been consumed while making the toothpaste. In that case, you should throw them off properly into a bin where they will be disposed of safely without causing any damage or harm to the children or older adults staying in your house.

Benefits of Charcoal Powder:

Charcoal powder is a great product that can be consumed at home to remove any harmful germs from the body that may cause fatal diseases such as cancer of reproductive organs, colorectal or anus cancers, and others.

It is known to remove toxins efficiently out of the human body along with all nicotine products like cigarettes, cigars, etc. because it can attract them on its surface quite easy to get rid of them completely without causing much damage, which may lead to an organ failure since charcoal powder has some essential minerals and micronutrients which are very important for the human body to work healthily.

Therefore, it is known to be one of the best ways out for an individual who likes smoking since it can attract any harmful substance to get rid of them caused by their consumption. It works very quickly without causing much damage, which may result from radiation or losing blood cells.

There are many charcoal powders available on sale. Still, they have some chemicals added inside mixed with the powder to preserve them, so you should always choose only natural products without harmful ingredients for your safety because many individuals just think about money instead of health. That’s why they sell those items with some extra ingredients that might not suit your body according to its metabolic rate.

Few start getting sick from such products too. So, if you want to know how to make charcoal powder at home, keep reading the post till the end to learn a few useful tips and tricks for making a natural product with many health benefits.

Charcoal Powder  Is Not a Toothpaste

Otherwise, there are some other ways of using this powder as well to cure acne or rash on your face since it has an absorbing power that comes out of its pores due to which it is quickly absorbed by human skin and thus providing relief from germs and bacteria causing these infections on your body without causing any side effects.

Precautions While Performing How to Make Charcoal Powder for Teeth:

1. Charcoal powder is not an all-purpose cleaning agent, so it must be used according to the instructions!

2. You should wear a mask when making charcoal powder for teeth and skin cleansing purposes!

3. Do not use any plastic containers/containers with thinner wire handles to make charcoal powder for teeth or other purposes (such as cosmetics).

4. While making charcoal powder for teeth, you must ensure that the temperature is kept below 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) to prevent the risk of an explosion!

5. The area where your charcoal powder is made should not have combustible materials such as paper or rags in it because burning these materials could start a fire if there were an explosion!

6. When making a charcoal powder for teeth, use a fan to ensure ventilation to avoid the risk of an accumulation of toxic fumes / high concentration levels at one point!

7. Charcoal powder for daily and occasional use might be best if stored in glass jars that can be reused repeatedly. Remember that when storing any type of chemicals, you must leave enough space between the chemical and the top of the container.

8. When making a charcoal powder for teeth, please remember that this is not an all-purpose cleaning agent! It must be used according to instructions!

9. Please read these safety precautions carefully before attempting to make a charcoal powder for teeth or other purposes (such as cosmetics)!

10. Even when making a charcoal powder for teeth, it should only be stored in glass or stainless steel containers, which can withstand high temperatures without any damage/leakage occurring over time!  

Difference Between Charcoal Powder and Toothpaste:

Charcoal Powder is not Toothpaste. The main difference between Charcoal Powder and the Toothpaste you are using now is that it does NOT contain SLS or any other chemicals. It’s 100% natural. Just add water to have the charcoal powder you need directly from this bag!

Chemical-Free: This Natural Charcoal Powder has no chemical additives like detergents, foaming agents, emulsifiers, or preservatives. There is no taste and smell of chemicals when using this product.

Fresher Breath & Whiter Teeth: In fact, dry (or wet) powdered Activated Charcoal as toothpaste can help with bad breath due to its adsorption property which removes odor-causing molecules from the mouth.

Charcoal Powder is Not Toothpaste


Making Charcoal Powder for Teeth can be tricky. There are a few precautions that you must take to avoid any harmful side effects due to the use of this powder. However, following these steps will reduce the effort and time required to successfully learn how to make charcoal powder for teeth at home!

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