How to Make Cookies on the Stove


Making cookies without an oven is quite challenging. For this reason, today, we will show you a unique technique on how to make cookies on the stove. This will help you to make cookies when you are not around any oven. The procedure s simplified below.

How to Make Cookies on the Stove


Step One

For this method, at first, we will need some essential ingredients. This includes flour, granulated sugar, vanilla essence, softened butter, brown sugar, baking soda, salt, cornflour, and eggs. It would be best to use the measurement according to the number of persons who will eat the cookies. For flavoring, you can also use some chocolate chips. Now you have to take the bowl and add the softened butter to the bowl. Then you have to add the brown sugar and the granulated sugar in it.

Step Two

Now you have to mix the ingredients using an ordinary spatula, and you have to keep churning them until they are appropriately combined. Once they get a brownish color, you should add a full egg. Make sure that the egg is not beaten. Now you have to add some vanilla essence and mix them again using a spatula. You have to keep mixing until they form a slurry, and then add flour, baking soda, and salt.

Step Three

Then you have to mix them and lastly add some chocolate chips for flavoring. After mixing all these, you have to keep them in the freezer for thirty minutes and then take a cooking bowl and preheat some salt for five minutes on high flame. Then keep the biscuit dough on a steel plate and place it over the salt layer. Then bake it for twenty to twenty-five minutes on low flame, and your cookies will be ready to eat.

Precautions While Making Cookies on the Stove

The cookie dough must be chilled before it’s put in the pan.

Making Cookies on the Stove

Preheat the stove to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and shorten the cooking time by a few minutes.

Cookie sheets should not have any grease or oil on them because this will prevent the cookies from spreading out while they cook, which will result in thicker edges and bottoms of your cookies.

Before you start baking, ensure all burners are turned off for safety reasons!

Cookies baked with butter may brown more quickly than those made without it, so watch carefully during the last few minutes of cooking time if making these types of cookies. Sugarless cookies can be cooked at lower heat settings, but still keep an eye on them as sugarless cookies may still be dry.

Safety Measures For Beginners While Operating a Stove:

  • Ensure the stove is turned off before adding ingredients or taking out the cookie sheet.
  • Wear oven mitts to avoid burning fingers when touching hot objects, such as the cooking surface or an item on a baking tray near the heat source.
  • Keep toddlers and pets away from the area where food is prepared because they may come in contact with dangerous items like knives and hot liquids.
  • Use pot holders to hold hot pans and baking sheets.

Check it out to learn to use brownie pan.

Which Sugar is Best for Making Cookies on the Stove?

When making cookies on the stove, not all sugars are created equal. Some types of sugar result in a heavy, dense cookie that’s more like shortbread than your typical chocolate chip cookie.

Which Sugar Is Best for Making Cookies on the Stove

Some recipes call for superfine or baker’s sugar because it dissolves easier and doesn’t leave any granules behind instead of regular white table sugar. Baked goods made with this type of sugar can be excellent and delicate in texture without being too dry or crumbly, so they’re perfect when you don’t want them overly sweet – think gingerbread!

If a recipe calls for brown rice syrup, it is a different type of sugar than what is usually used. This sugar is a thick, sticky liquid that will keep cookies from spreading too much.

Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar is what you’ll typically find at the grocery store. How much of it you use will depend on your desired sweetness and texture; more granules mean a less sweet, crunchy cookie, while adding less makes for a soft, chewy one.

Brown Rice Syrup

This type of liquid sweetener has been praised as healthier than white sugar because it contains vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium.

It also doesn’t crystallize or burn but does prevent cookies from spreading too much, so they’re perfect when you want them to be thicker in shape – think brownie or oatmeal raisin! Brown rice syrup might not always be sold next to other sugars, leading to an additional trip to the store.


In conclusion, we hope that the technique we have stated here has helped us make cookies without an oven. The beginners can try this process, which will improve their DIY skills. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day. 

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