How to Make Die Cuts Without a Machine

Many useful techniques will not require any die-cutting machines, and you can smoothly perform the task with local elements. Today we will be introducing you to some processes on how to make die cuts without a machine. This will be much efficient for the learners because there might be a scarcity of mechanical tools, and in times of emergency, these techniques can be much helpful. Some of these techniques are stated below with a detailed explanation.

How to Make Die Cuts Without a Machine


Bone Folder Method

In this method, you have to use an element which is termed as a bone folder. This is a small knife-shaped tool, but its specialty is that the material used for the manufacturing of this product is substantial. It is an unbendable and most rigid form of a knife, but there is no sharp edge, and it will not harm the hand of the user. This can easily be obtained from any crafty shop.

For this process, at first, you have to take the piece of soft paper or art paper on which you want the shape to cut. Then place the dice on the paper, and you must use washing tape to attach the dice with the paper firmly. Next, you have to turn over the paper, and you will observe that due to the dice’s attachment, there is a string outgrowth of the dice that can be felt by your hands. Now you have to sue the bone folder.

Bone Folder Method

You have to hold the bone folder in your steady hand and then press against the dice attached part of the paper. Make sure that the pressure is exerted outward, the paper inside the dice will get hammered. The exercising of the weight should be done in a to and fro style. By this equal amount of force will be placed, and the paper will easily get cut according to your requirement.

Stone Rubbing Method

For some reason, when you will be unable to get hold of a bone folder, then you can easily use a rock for the process. The steps are quite similar while you use a tone for rubbing, but there are some differences. For this process, you will have to attach the die with the paper and then again sue tape for the firmness.

Stone Rubbing Method

The tape is used because when you continuously rub the edges of the dice, an enormous amount of force is created, and there is a possibility of the dice to get misplaced. Now once you have attached the dice, you will rub the paper turning the other side. In this manner, by continuous rubbing, the dice will easily cut the paper in the desired shape, and the process will be completed without using any automated machinery.

Metal Rubbing Method

This is another interesting technique to cut the paper. This includes any metal object on which you can easily exert the right amount of pressure. At first, you have to take the paper and then stick it with the dice using removable tape. This is the standard step for all the techniques. Then you have to be much careful about the kind of metal that you are using. We prefer that you take a look for the metal glass, which is blunt in the edges.

This will allow your hands to remain safe from any harm that might be caused by the metal. Then again, you have to rub the metal, and the sharp edges of the dice will easily carve out the paper. In this manner, the procedure is completed. But when there are minute designs in the dice, which is so small that you cannot easily cut them using such prominent elements like stone and metal, you have to take some other steps.

After you have cut the paper’s border using the dice and the metal or the bone folder, you should not detach the tape from the paper. Instead, you have to take a toothpick and then apply them to the small part that you want to disconnect. The toothpick application would be much more comfortable and precise, and in this manner, you can easily carve out the smallest detailing of the dices.

How to Make Die Cuts Without a Machine2


In conclusion, we hope the techniques we have mentioned here will be useful for beginners to learn an easy way of cutting the die without using any significant automated machinery. The users will be glad to perform these techniques because this will require much less labor, and the preciseness is much close to that of the machines. Happy crafting! Have a good day!!

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