How to Make Dog Ears for Costume


Artificial dog ears are quite common among children for a costume party. There many ways that can be implemented to prepare them. For our readers’ betterment, we provide some easy steps that will help you make the best dog ears for the costume. The process is simplified below.

Processes on How to Make Dog Ears for Costume

Process One:

  1. Materials needed to make dog ears for costumes are foam or felt sheets, scissors, and tape. You can also use craft glue if you want permanent ones but be careful as it may bleed through the fabric.
  2. Fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise, then cut along one edge so that it forms an ear shape with straight edges on either side when unfolded. Cut out two pieces like this from your chosen material  (one is enough for most adults)
  3. Glue the long edge together, overlapping one over the other by about 50mm (about 20 inches). Tape down until dry and allow another 30 minutes to set fully before removing the tape
  4. Trim off excess where they overlap at each end – these will be the dog’s ‘ear flaps.’
  5. Cut out a small hole in the center of both ears so that you can insert your head and leave enough overhanging at each side to make them wiggle when worn. Glue or tape down if desired
  6. Pinch off one end of the material where it overlaps on its short edge – this will become the back ‘stabilizer’ for your ear once worn. Repeat with another piece, gluing together and taping into place, then trimming any excess
  7. Decorate as desired by adding fabric scraps, buttons, or felt pieces cut into shapes such as hearts or stars; these could represent something about what type of pet is being portrayed (for example, a red heart would represent a loveable puppy)
  8. Take the back stabilizer, place it where you want to wear your ears, and then hold in place by attaching it with glue or tape.
  9. You could also sew each piece around its edge if desired.

Procedure Two

The process requires some essential elements like some fur sheets, which you can get from a departmental store. You will need a scissor, a pencil, and a trimmer. You will also need some craEnsurefting paper, a glue gun, cut, some small diameter wires, and a 14 gauge wire to hold the ears. Once you have gathered them, you can start the process.

First, you need to take the craft paper, and then you have to outline the dog ear. For the outline, you can use any suitable picture from the internet. After the system is drawn, you can cut the piece out from the paper using a cutter. This will act as the base of the ear. Now you have to take the ground, place it on the fur sheet, carve the ear shape on the sheet, and cut it. We have to cut two fur earpieces.

Now you have to take one for sheet and then place then part in it. Using a glue gun, you will glue the paper to the fur sheet, and you will give a border of wire surrounding the form. This will provide rigidity to the ears. Next, you have to take the other pair and glue it to the paper. In this way, you have to make two ears, and then is Ng the wires, and the glue gun attaches them to the elastic wore gauge. Thus artificial dog ears can be made.


  • Be sure to use a non-allergenic material.
  • No pins or glue should be used when making the ears as this can irritate some people and animals.

Which Fabric Will Suit My Dog?

You will need a few yards of fabric, which depends on your dog’s size and breed. You want to pick something that matches their fur type – dogs with short hair can get away without having any coverage at all! Dogs with long, thick fur usually require padding or lining to keep it from sticking out too far.

For five-pound Yorkies, you’ll only need one yard for each ear plus two more inches for seams and overlap (you don’t want them getting tangled). A 100-lb German Shepherd would be around seven yards per side. The thickness of fabric varies by weight as well—the heavier the dog, the thicker they will need it.


Lastly, we would hope that the technique which we have stated here has been much helpful for the beginners to make their dog ears for a costume. The process should be followed chronologically, and this will surely enhance their have a nice day!! IllsThank you for your day!!

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