How to Make Goofer Dust

Most people think goofer dust is just a story for scary movies, but it’s real, and you can make it at home. With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make your goofer dust to help you with any curse or hex. You’ll need some dirt from the grave of someone who was murdered, spilled devil’s shoestring, sulfur powder, and a bit of graveyard dirt.

How to Make Goofer Dust

You can find the sulfur powder at an occult shop, or you can order it online. For the rest of the ingredients, make your way to a cemetery on Friday night around midnight. You’ll need to carry an empty jar with you. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to make goofer dust with just one simple trick!

7 Steps to Follow on How to Make Goofer Dust

Step One: Determine

First, you must determine what kind of spirits you will be working with, either good or evil. For example, if you want to bring peace into your life, then use Good Goofer Dust. However, if you wish for something terrible to happen to another person or people, use Evil Goofer Dust.

Be very careful when working with evil spirits, for they are tricky and will try to trick you into something terrible happening to you or someone you love. It is also advised that you do not work with contracted spirits, for they can possess your body and therefore cause harm to yourself and possibly others.

Step Two: Fill a Container With Dirt From a Graveyard

Preferably, it would help if you used graveyard dirt. If you do not have access to a graveyard, go outside and dig up some dirt from your yard, preferably under a tree. Sprinkle the dirt into the container that you will be using to hold your Goofer Dust.

Fill a Container With Dirt From a Graveyard

If you do not have a container, take a small plastic bag and fill it halfway with the dirt from the graveyard. Seal the bag tightly and make sure to hide it somewhere where nobody will find it, for you do not want somebody to come across your Goofer Dust accidentally.

Step Three: Add to the Container.

In this step, you will take a few other items and mix them with your graveyard dirt. Again, you may choose whatever ingredients you wish; however, be warned that some combinations are dangerous and could cause harm to yourself or others.

The white candle should be used for good spells only; if the spell is against somebody, then use the black candle. Also, if you are using graveyard dirt from a cemetery, be warned that it could have grave dirt and many other ingredients used to take care of the cemetery, such as fertilizer.

Step Four: Add Ashes From the Stove

Put the ashes into your container. You can make a small fire on your stove and put a pan of water on top of it. Let the water boil over onto the hot burner, but make sure that there is no flame. The ashes will collect on the water’s surface, spoon them out and place them into the container.

It is suggested that you use ashes from a wood or charcoal stove because they will not contain any other flammable substances such as oil or gasoline. However, if you do not have access to ashes from a stove, take them from matches and place them into your container.

Step Five: Add One Tablespoon of Asafoetida

Asafoetida is a powdery substance that assists in keeping spirits away when mixed with spells. Take the powder in your hands and spread it around the outside of your container. If you are having difficulty finding Asafoetida, a simple substitute is a small amount of Sulfur powder.

Do not add any water to your Goofer Dust. It might seem appealing at first to add a lovely scented oil or some other type of fragrant oil, but the olfactory sense is used very often when dealing with spirits and spells. Also, now that you know how to make goofer dust, you should save a lot of money by doing it yourself. 

Step Six: Let it Sit for Three Days

After putting everything into the container and letting it sit for three days, you may begin using your Goofer Dust. Sprinkle some of the dust around the outside of the area where you wish to work on your spell, be that a person or an object. You can also carry Goofer Dust with you in small bags.

Let It Sit for Three Days Before Using

The dust will become an excellent tracking powder to use if you are trying to locate something that you have lost or somebody that has wronged you. Also, if this is your first time working with Goofer Dust, it is strongly suggested that you test the effects of the dust on yourself before actually using it to cast a spell on somebody else.

Step Seven: Clean Up

If you are finished using your Goofer Dust, you will want to clean up all of the materials involved in making it. The garlic needs to be disposed of outside, preferably at a crossroads, so the spirits do not come back for reprisal.

Throw out your graveyard dirt; do not use it again for making Goofer Dust. If you wish to reuse the container you used, then clean it out completely with soap and water. Do not let anybody else use this container for any other purpose, for the ingredients you have used will only harm them.

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Conclusion Paragraph

Goofer dust is a folk remedy used to ward off evil spirits. It can be made with ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or garden. When the moon is waning, save some of this mixture for use later on during the waxing cycle, which will be more powerful against negative influences.

The recipe below should provide enough goofer dust for many uses. However, if more is needed, it can be made as often as necessary with no changes to the recipe. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to make goofer dust.

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