How to Make Horns Out Of Paper

Horns are always used for imitation purposes; the children like it because they still watch cartoon characters who possess such things. Sometimes you can easily make these horns using familiar elements that are available in the house. So when your kid would want to wear horns, you can appease by making it. For making horns out of paper, you will need some elements.

The list includes a foil paper, some ordinary newspaper, a pair of scissors, some adhesive, and some basic stationaries. After gathering all of these, you will start the process. You have to keep all of these on a table, and then you have to take a cutting mat. You have to take the foil paper. And you have to cut it into two small halves.

But before that, you have to determine the dimension of the foil paper. For our readers’ betterment, we suggest that you take a foil paper that measures at least one foot in length and breadth. Now you have to start folding the foil paper. There is a unique technique that you should follow while folding.

You have to start from the edge, and you have to keep some newspaper inside the fold. This will make the inner core rigid, and your horn will become stiff. Now you have to keep folding, and you have to use adhesive to keep them attached. You have to fold in such a manner that the tip of the horn becomes pointy, and you can also bend it. For the bottom portion of the horn, you have to keep it distended.

The amount of paper shall be increased gradually from top to bottom. After the shape of the horn is formed, you can easily attach it to a hairband. For this, you will need some adhesive, and then you can connect the swelled end to both ends of the hairband. You can also use some colors and glitters on the horn for decorating purposes. In this way, you can easily make a horn out of paper.

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