How to Make Instant Light Powder

If you’re not into makeup and need a quick fix, then this post is for you. It’s super simple to make your own light powder with ingredients that are already in your home! To start, the first thing we’ll need is cornstarch. You can find it at any grocery store or pharmacy.

Next, we’ll use baking soda, which is also something that most people have on hand in their kitchen cabinets.

And finally, we’ll add some water and mix until you get a nice paste-like consistency. These ingredients are super affordable, too, so no worries if money was an issue before now! To know more about how to make instant light powder continue reading this full blog post.

How to Make Instant Light Powder

Things You’ll Need:

  • Cornstarch (Two cups)
  • Baking soda (One cup)
  • Water (One tablespoon)

Instructions: How to Make Instant Light Powder 

Step 1:

First, gather the supplies you will need. You will need a scale, 1/4 tsp measuring spoon, spray bottle with water in it, clear hair gel, cornstarch (cornflour), white face powder with sunscreen, makeup brush, and dark-colored towel or t-shirt to drape over your body at night so that no powder gets on your clothes.

Step 2:

Tie back your hair, so it is out of the way and put on your dark-colored towel or t-shirt to avoid getting powder anywhere but on yourself. Put on some old clothes you won’t mind getting stained by the cornstarch (cornflour). If you are wearing light colors without sunscreen in your powder, you might end up looking like a ghost.

Step 3:

Measure out 1/4 of a teaspoon and pour it into the spray bottle with water and shake well. This mixture is also known as glue and will hold the light powder on your skin. If you want to make more or less light powder, adjust the measurements accordingly.

Step 4:

Pour some of the glue into the palm of your hand. Next, tap some cornstarch (cornflour) onto your skin using the backside of your makeup brush to avoid clumping. Add more cornstarch (cornflour) until you are satisfied with how light and powdery you look, but don’t add too much, or else your face will look caked on.

Step 5:

Take the makeup brush and spread the glue onto your neck, arms, legs, stomach, or where ever you want to have light powder. You can be as creative as you would like with this process. Just remember that you are trying to achieve a ghostly effect, so blend away!

Step 6:

Take your makeup brush and dip it into the white face powder with sunscreen. Next, brush onto all of the areas that you used the cornstarch (cornflour) on. Don’t forget about your neck! You can repeat these steps if you want to make your light powder more intense.

Step 7:

Dip the end of your makeup brush into the white face powder with sunscreen and paint on a ‘light’ smile for that classic ghost look.

White Face Powder and Makeup Brush

Step 8:

Dip your makeup brush in the dark-colored face powder (the one without sunscreen) and place dots around each eye to give it that spooky yet cute effect.

Step 9:

Spray your ghostly, light powder body with the bottle you used to mix the glue and water.

Step 10:

Congratulations! You have just made a light powder that will last all night long without wearing off! Your friends will be so jealous of you. To maintain your light powder, use baby wipes to remove it when necessary.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

Apply Some Loose Powder on a Large Makeup Brush

1) Apply some loose powder on a large makeup brush or kabuki makeup sponge.

2) Sweep the brush or sponge in circular motions, starting from the center and working your way outwards. Remember to keep applying more pressure at the end of the motion, giving you a fluffier brush.

3) Once your face is fully covered with powder, use a clean makeup brush to remove any excess powder on your cheeks and around the sides of your nose.

4) Use circular motions with another dry large or kabuki brush to spread the powder around the forehead, around your hairline, and through the top of your hair.

5) If you are using this powder on oily skin, always make sure to wash it off at night; don’t forget!

6) To create a matte look with this powder, apply moisturizer before applying the powder. The moisturizer will act as your liquid base (foundation), making your powder matte instead of luminous.

7) This powder is great for all skin types but not recommended for people with dry or susceptible skin. 

8) If you are wearing the powder during the day, make sure to reapply once (or more) throughout the day.

What Is in Instant Light Powder?

The instant light powder is made up of three ingredients. The first ingredient is talcum powder, which makes it dry. Next, the second ingredient is cornstarch, which keeps it from sticking to your skin.

Finally, the third ingredient in instant light powder is magnesium carbonate. This makes it white, along with some other things that are not in the powder.

Magnesium carbonate is a white chemical that is used in different medicines and cosmetics. It can also be found in certain foods like breakfast cereal, cake mixes, and more. For example, magnesium carbonate is used to reduce upset stomach and acid indigestion. But it has caused constipation when used too much (in high doses).

Five Benefits of Instant Light Powder:

1. Can be used in a variety of powders for different effects. For example, red eyeshadow needs green powdered on top to cancel out the red color and make it appear correctly.

2. Provides extra stability, so the powder does not break apart during use or application.

3. Helps mix colors together better, resulting in more vibrant colors.

4. Can be used to take away shine from a product without dulling the color.

5. Provides a slip to products, making it easier to buff out the powder on your skin and face afterward.


You can save money and make your own instant light powder with these simple steps. With the right ingredients, you’ll be able to create an all-natural version of a classic Hollywood makeup trick that is loved by many celebrities! Here are three easy ways to do it. So It’s time to go off the grid and make your own light powder.

Get creative with additional ingredients like cornstarch, arrowroot, or oatmeal for a personal touch in creating your DIY instant face powder. You can also add essential oils for fragrance if desired. Try out our easy-to-follow instructions mentioned on how to make instant light powder today!

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