How to Make Lawn Mower Easier to Pull Start


A lawnmower, or mower, is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. Typically, the cutting mechanism is between two and five meters wide,

and the “cut” is achieved either by a rear roller that flattens the grass as it is drawn over it in a “combing” action or by a cylinder/rotor which uses centrifugal force to throw the cut blades of grass outwards – away from the uncut lawn. In this article, I will discuss how to make lawn mower easier to pull start. So let us get started.

How to Make Lawn Mower Easier to Pull Start

Stepwise Guide on How to Make Lawn Mower Easier to Pull Start:

Is your lawnmower having a tough time while you pull the start cord? Does it seem to take more pull than usual to get it going? Don’t worry. Lawnmowers are designed to become difficult to start when there is some obstruction inside the carburetor or when the engine oil is old and contaminated. Here we tell how you can make your lawnmower easier to pull start: –

Step 1:

The first step is to remove the air filter cover. Most lawn mowers come with this cover, so you can either take off the entire assembly or just the lid, depending on your model.

Step 2:

This is a guide on how to change your car’s oil. First, you need to remove the cover. Then, you need to grasp it firmly and start pulling its contents out. If there are any particles in the way, you need to remove them carefully because they could harm your engine. Once you’re done, you need to put all the parts back together.

Ensure none of these parts fell into the carburetor during the cleaning process. If that happens, then assemble everything back together before continuing with the next steps.

Step 3:

The primer bulb needs to be checked if it is getting any prime from the fuel tank. If it isn’t applying pressure, you can apply some by pressing the bulb and letting go a few times. If the bulb does not provide any resistance after several tries, replace it with a new primer bulb.

Step 4:

Check your fuel mixture for air and gasoline leakage. This is done by pulling out your starter cord until it reaches its maximum length and then folding it back on itself to ensure no air pockets are formed.

You may use an air hose or pipe since these two devices provide more resistance than the starter cord when pulled back on itself.

Step 5:

Remove spark plug wire from the plug and examine for irregularity such as oil or dirt accumulation on the cap or any buildup on the electrode. Clean off all dirt and oil if found.

Step 6:

After checking the plug, reassemble it back together with the cap securely tightened. Connect wire back to its place after cleaning it off thoroughly. If you examine your lawnmower for these steps and still don’t find anything wrong, check if something is obstructing the carburetor’s air filter cover by installing everything back together in reverse order.

This could be a straightforward problem; however, if nothing gets resolved after following the stepwise guide carefully, contact your service center or make an online inquiry through the manufacturer’s website for further guidance.

Precautions While Performing How to Make Lawn Mower Easier to Pull Start:

 While cutting off both the blades/handles, keep them aside

1) The Lawnmower engine can be damaged otherwise if the height of the piston is not appropriately set while adjusting the compression ratio. Be very careful with this step, and you might lose your valuable tool or get injured.

2) You should know about the proper length of the handle according to your height for more comfort while pulling. If it is too short, you will increase your effort to remove it, and if it is too long, you will get more tired sometimes. So make sure that it’s neither too short nor too long. (Approximately 4-6 inches of wood should be cut.)

3) While cutting off both the blades/handles, keep them aside so that they can be used while starting your lawnmower to avoid the mistake of not being able to create it.

4) There should be no gap between the blades/handles and handle-hole so that there is no possibility of coming out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does Lawn Mower Stop Working?  

The lawnmower is essential gardening equipment that makes grass trimming easy for everyone at home. It saves the time of many people if not all. The petrol-driven machines are famous all over India since they give better results than manual weed cutters or trimmers.

But one problem with these machines is their pull starts which need forceful pulls to start them. As a result, they do not always work efficiently and can irritate many people who have to use them regularly throughout the year.

The primary cause behind this issue is improper maintenance of the machine. If you don’t clean up the machine regularly, dust particles accumulate in it, reducing its efficiency. In addition, when it comes to lubrication,

you should ensure that oil is not leaking from the lawnmower. Also, check whether there are any cracks in the cover of it due to which some dirt particles may have entered the machine.

When you are dealing with a gasoline engine, gasoline leftovers also lead to malfunctioning. Therefore, ensure that when you store it for a more extended period, you empty all the gas tanks because, during storage, these gas tanks may get rusted, ultimately affecting the machine’s functionalities.

How Does Smoking or Alcohol Affect Lawn Mower?  

Drinking and smoking affect your judgment to maintain self-control over handling something like lawnmowers, thus creating an accident environment. You should immediately turn it off if you notice any trouble while operating it, like starting or using the machine.

Is Lawn Mower Good for Your Grass?

Is Lawn Mower Good for Your Grass

This is a question open to debate. Some people relate that lawnmower is suitable for grass growth, but some believe that the very sound of running a lawnmower scares away animals, preventing them from eating on grass. However, this doesn’t mean there are no benefits of having one in your home.

It can help you have an easier time cutting grass by just pulling some levers or buttons and even do edging without calling for professional assistance or observing more safety measures given the ease of use. Here are some lawn mower facts to enlighten you about its benefits: A well-maintained lawn looks more attractive.

Homeowners with the property having unkempt lawns look less appealing. When you maintain it, you add value to the property and take good care of it. The latter means a better dwelling environment and healthy people. You can save money for your next purchase by just doing some repairs on your present one.

If you ask a professional to do something that you can do yourself, there’s no question about spending more cash on fixing things up. This fact is actual, especially if we’re talking about simple fixes or minor adjustments that don’t require expensive equipment and software to repair or adjust.

All these tasks should be done regularly so they won’t become huge problems in the future, such as needing replacement parts due to rusting or breaking down caused by non-maintenance.

You can have a healthier lawn Grass cutting is one of the essential parts of having a lawn since it prevents grass from growing too fast, making weeds easier to sprout. If you want healthy, thick green grass, you must mow them regularly.

What Makes a Lawn Mower Pull Hard to Start?

What Makes a Lawn Mower Pull Hard to Start

Hard-to-start mowers are often the result of one or several factors. Over time, minor problems can develop into bigger ones, requiring more time and energy to start the machine. Over-choking is an easy mistake to make when creating a lawnmower for the first time in months.

If you have not used your device for a while, it is best to let it idle for around five minutes before starting it up again, just as you would with any car engine. That way, the cold-start will be more accessible overall. Also, check that your fuel tank does not need refueling; gasoline may evaporate over time if left unused. The fuel tank may also be partially clogged.

This is often the result of ethanol in gas, which causes buildup over time and causes the engine to misfire. Clean any residue from your lawn mower’s carburetor and fuel lines, and ensure the air filter is not clogged by debris or dirty grass. It could also be a problem with your spark plug or ignition coil. Over time, these parts can weaken and malfunction;

clean them or replace them if necessary. These components are located under the hood of your machine on some models, while others have separate motors for the blade and engine. These motors are difficult to access for regular maintenance, so it will require taking off more panels on your model to gain access.

How Many Pulls Should It Take to Start a Lawn Mower?

The number of pulls it takes to start a lawnmower can vary from a few pulls too many, depending on the conditions. In most cases, one or two yanks should be sufficient to get your motor going, but this isn’t always the case. When starting a lawnmower, you’ll have to consider several things.

First, the age and condition of your machine will play a significant role in how well it starts when you pull that cord. Second, gasoline also affects how hard it is to pull start a push mower because the newer gasoline doesn’t have as much lubricating material. This means that you might need more starter fluid than usual if you use high-octane gas.


I hope this article has been efficient for learning how to make lawn mower easier to pull start. Ensure all the precautions of the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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