How to Make Lightweight Concrete Mix


Concrete is the basic need for any construction, whether it is an indoor project or a mega project; concrete is manifold. Sometimes, we tend to prepare ourselves for the regular use of concrete in the indoors or small scale projects. In this case, some unique processes must be followed. Today we are going to show you some techniques on how to make a lightweight concrete mix. This will be much beneficial for the people who work indoors as well as are beginners.

How to Make Lightweight Concrete Mix


There are many ways to prepare lightweight concrete, but most of them have a tedious procedure. However, there are some easier techniques that can be used by beginners. These are explained below in chronological order.

Method One

  • Step One

For this method, you will need some buckets and a mixer. It is better to mix the materials in a big bowl or a cart. We suggest that you use a cart because this will be much helpful for the carrying of your concrete to the desired place. You will need a significant sized spatula or shovel to mix the concrete. Then you will need some lava rocks, some sand, and Portland cement for this process. And to increase the strength of the concrete, you should use glass chips.

  • Step Two

You need to take a big bowl and pour the aggregate in it. You have to follow a specified rule for mixing the aggregates. The ratio and the amount should always be maintained for the better result of the concrete. At first, you have to pour the Portland cement. This should be run one part for the mix. Next, you have to pour the lava rock. The lava rock should be mixed three times the amount of the Portland cement.

  • Step Three

The Portland cement and lava rock are mixed together, and then sand is added. The amount of sand should be double the amount of Portland cement. Lastly, the glass fiber is added. There is no specific amount guided for the glass fiber, but it is preferred that you use the least amount of glass fiber than all the other aggregates. Once all of them are set in the bowl, you should start mixing the aggregates. You should add water chronologically and continue stirring the mix.

Cement and Lava Rock Are Mixed Together
  • Step Four

The mixture will form a lump and exhibit concrete properties. The concrete prepared in this method has good compressive strength, and the weight of such concrete is ten times lighter than the standard weight concrete. This concrete should be used within twenty minutes of preparation.

Method Two

  • Step One

In this process, you will need a different aggregate. We are going to use vermiculite. This is a special kind of mineral that is expanded by heating in a furnace. You will also need Portland cement. This will act as a binding material. Then you will need sand and glass fiber. Lastly, you have to manage water and all the other mixing and holding instrument

  • Step Two

Now you have to pour the Portland cement in the bowl. You have to measure the amount of cement and consider it as one part. Then you have to pour the fine vermiculite. The amount of this aggregated will be twice the volume of Portland cement. Next, you need to add sand to the mix. The amount of sand will be similar to the amount of Portland cement, and lastly, you have to sue some glass fiber, which will be used in significantly less amount.

  • Step Three

After you have poured all the aggregates in a bowl or cart, you have to start mixing them. At first, you have to add some water and then stir the mix. Then you have to keep adding water slowly and continuously until the mixture takes a slurry form. The lumping will be much less in this concrete, and the weight of this concrete will be fifteen times less than the value of standard concrete. The strength of this concrete will be relatively high.

Add Some Water

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to refer that the processes we have stated here will make your homemade lightweight concrete effective. There are some issues and drawbacks of all the techniques. So you must assess the requirement of your concrete and then choose the process which will be best for you. Thank you for your precious time. We hope that the DIY skills of beginners can be easily improved through these techniques. Have a nice day!

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