How to Make Magic Fairy Dust

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to make your fairy costumes extra special? Look no further than this simple DIY post on how to make magic fairy dust! This whimsical project is perfect for all ages, and it’s sure to add some extra charm to your next dress-up party. Kids will adore the simple process, and adults will love watching them have so much fun with it.

How to Make Magic Fairy Dust

In this blog post, We’ll show you how to make your magic fairy dust. This is an enjoyable activity to do with kids, and it’s a great way to get them interested in science and chemistry. The ingredients are easy to find, and the process is simple. So let’s get started!

10 Ways on How to Make Magic Fairy Dust

1. Add Some Glitter

One of the simplest, cheapest ways to make fairy dust is also one of the most impactful. Add a little glitter! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive dollar store glitter works just fine. Just sprinkle it on top of your powder material before sealing it up in the container. The shine will last for ages!

2. Mix Glitter in

Using different combinations of glitter and powder material, you can make a variety of magical dust. Just mix it in, seal up the container, shake well to get all the particles mixed, and enjoy your new fairy dust!

3. Make it Shimmery

Try adding some shimmer if you’re going for a more subtle effect. You can use any shimmery powder, but iridescent powder gives the best effect. It’ll add just a little bit of magic to your dust.

4. Add Some Colors

If you’re looking to make your fairy dust stand out add some color! This is a great way to customize it for whatever power you’re trying to infuse it with. You can use any color you want; just make sure to add a little bit of extra glitter or shimmer powder, so the finished product is still bright enough.

5. Make an Elixir

Elixirs From Perfume

In addition to being a great way to customize your dust, elixirs are also a wonderful way to enchant your dust. You can make elixirs from almost anything, including any of your favorite beauty products like perfume, hairspray, lotion, lip gloss, etc. Don’t let the term “elixir” intimidate you; it’s just another word for a potion!

6. Add Power Stones

Mysterious power stones are one of the easiest ways to add power to your fairy dust. All you need is a few small stones that have been cleansed and consecrated for this specific purpose. Add them to your dust before sealing it up and you’re good to go!

7. Use Essential Oils

Another great way to add power to your fairy dust is by using essential oils. Since these vary so much depending on the individual and what kind of power you’re trying to infuse your dust with, we’ll leave it up to you to experiment and figure out which ones work best for you.

8. Add Organza Bags

Organza bags are a great way to add some versatility to fairy dust. They can be used as a protective amulet, a powerful charm to hang from your rear-view mirror, or even as a sachet for your drawers. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to infuse them with specific powers. You can make one bag for everything you need power over and use those powers whenever required.

9. Add a Charm

Add a Charm to Your Fairy Dust

Adding a charm to your fairy dust is a great way to personalize it and make it even more special. You can use any type of charm you want, but we think crystals work really well. If you’re looking for extra power, try using charms that have been cleansed and consecrated specifically for this purpose.

10. Add a Spell

The final way to add power to your fairy dust is by adding a spell. This can be anything from a simple chant to a more complicated ritual, but as long as it’s something that you believe in and feels will help empower your dust, it’ll work just fine.

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Some Tips and Suggestions

1. You will need to start with a base, such as cornstarch, flour, or baby powder.

2. You can add food coloring to make different colors of fairy dust.

3. If you want to make sparkly dust, add some glitter.

4. If you want the dust to glow, use neon food coloring.

5. Certain things should not be added as they could dissolve the powder and ruin the recipe: Salt, sugar, corn syrup, or anything oily.

6. You can use a coffee grinder or food processor to mix everything together.

7. When throwing fairy dust, be sure you are in a well-circulated area with limited airflow. If there isn’t anywhere you are, it would be best not to or you might get in trouble with the law if the dust goes into someone’s eye or mouth.

How Do You Make Fairy Pixie Dust?

The only way to make fairy pixie dust is by catching fairies then tickling them until they give you some. This is, of course, very hard and doesn’t come without consequences either. Fairies are very ticklish but very speedy, making it almost impossible to catch one. And even if you were able to trap one in a jar, it is doubtful that they would give you any dust.

Fairy Pixie Dust

You can buy it at shops though. Different kinds of pixie dust have different effects when used in spells and potions. The most common type is Pixie Dust VII which has no special effect other than being an ingredient for magic spells.

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How Long Does it Take to Make Magic Fairy Dust?

It generally takes about 5-15 minutes for the glistening fairy dust to dry. The shorter time frame is when you’re using baby powder and tape, while the more extended timeframe is when you’re using cornstarch and glue. However, if you use glitter that’s more coarse or large in particle size, it will take a lot longer to dry.

Before you start the process, be sure to set out newspaper or paper towels to spread your magic fairy dust on. Also, make sure that there are no fans, heaters, or open flames nearby because it’ll cause the particles to fly away in a cloud of smoke. To ensure this doesn’t happen, don’t start the making process until after everyone in the house is asleep.


If you want to make your fairy dust, follow these simple instructions on how to make magic fairy dust! The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to find. You may need a few tools that most people already have in their homes, like an old pot or pan, some aluminum foil, food coloring, water, dish soap, and measuring cups.

You don’t need a recipe or lots of time, just a few simple ingredients and patience for the mixture to dry. There are so many benefits from creating your own, including customizing colors and scents based on what you want in your home. We hope that these instructions have been helpful! Have fun creating your very own homemade magic fairy dust with these easy directions.

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