How to Make Miniature Flapper Dress


The women in the 1920’s mostly wore flappers, but recently the vibe has again grasped the fashion folk. Women have started to wear flappers to get a vintage look in their attire. Besides, the dolls with which children play can also be decorated with a miniature flapper dress. For this reason, today, we will show you a technique on how to make a tiny flapper dress, which will be beneficial to adorn your baby dolls and make it more playful.


There many ways that you can apply for making a miniature flapper dress, but all of them might not be suitable for the beginners. Thus, we have shortlisted some steps that will help you make your miniature flapper whiteout many difficulties. These steps are simplified below.

  • Step One

At first, you need some accessories which will help you to make the flapper. The flappers are prepared from the same color or contrasting color cloths. But for the miniature version, you can use any used cloth or new cloth of your house as it will be for dolls, so the amount will not be much required for the preparation. You will need some sewing equipment, and for design purposes, you can use glitters and different color cloths.

  • Step Two

Once you have managed the cloth and the sewing tools, you have to measure the doll’s length up to the knees. It is so because the flappers are worn slightly above the knees. After the measurement, you have to measure the waist. Then using a scissor, you have to cut the cloth according to the measured length and waist. After the fabric is cut, wrap the fabric around the doll to check whether the measurement is correct. This will provide much assurance to the process.

  • Step Three

Now you have to place the cloth on the sewing machine and mark the equal distance from the end to the top. These markings will be needed to sew the extra materials, which are the core feature of flappers. Once the markings are done, you have to take some contrasting color cloths and cut them. These strips will be sewn to the fabric long the marking. In this manner, the full-dress will have a linear attachment to colorful linings.

  • Step Four

Lastly, you have to sew the flapper’s border, and then you have to detach the upper portion because you will add the shoulder joint on this portion. Then you have to cut two small strips of equal length and breadth. You have to measure the shoulder’s distance for the doll and then attach the strips to the upper end for making the flapper complete. You can also add some glitters on the cloth to make it glow and sparkle. In this manner, you can easily create a miniature flapper dress.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to state that the process we have mentioned here will help make a miniature flapper dress. You can easily make your doll wear it. Your children will also love to play with them. This technique will highly excel in the DIY skills of the beginners. Thank you for your precious time. Happy crafting! Have a nice day!!

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