How to Paint an Old Suitcase

Are you quite excited to learn about the perfect process of how paint an old suitcase? If your answer is ultimately optimistic, we want to assure you that this entire article will be a useful resource for you. Believe us, as we are not lying.

We must follow some steps to learn an effective process of painting an old suitcase. There is a possible chance that if we fail to maintain those recommended steps accordingly, we might not achieve our most desired outcome.

How to Paint an Old Suitcase

Again, if we want to perform any task without creating any mess or disasters, we must be aware of the precautionary measurements. But unfortunately, most of us are not entirely familiar with these facts, and thus we end up creating trouble for ourselves. The great news is considering all the factors; finally, we have found a suitable method for you. And we believe after reading this whole article, you will quickly understand the entire process and will be able to apply it in your practical work.

So if you are interested in studying the topic in more depth, we request you to read the entire context to know all the less-known facts restricting you from achieving your goal.

An Overall Overview of the Topic

A bag is a tool used for carrying clothes and other small items during trips. It is usually made of vinyl, leather, or fabric and has a metal frame. It has a carrying handle and is often square or rectangular in shape.

The Process of How to Paint an Old Suitcase

1. Go chasing in your carport or storage room, go on an outing to the second-hand shop, and make a few inquiries in the area. Old bags are anything but difficult to track down, from antique baggage created from calfskin to hard shell plastic baggage from later years.

Created From Calfskin to Hard Shell Plastic

All bags function admirably. It is merely up to you which style you like. Dings and imprints are not excessively significant nor harmed in the completion. We would avoid the ones with such many stickers because those can be a torment to eliminate.

2. The preliminary step with whatever is old and antique is carefully cleaning. Cast off any stickers. Particularly on the off chance that you have hard case acrylic baggage, you should mess the surface up a piece. Yet, this should be a speedy advance, with no requirement for profound sanding. Settle on some solution.
You could decide to tape them and keep them of their particular country, but we generally want to surely cowl up them. A lot simpler, and it conceals rust. If you need to make a stripy example, this is an ideal opportunity to apply painting tape.

3. Use shower paint if you are searching for all the more even and smooth inclusion. In any case, if you need to utilize canned paint on a soft surface like vinyl or waxed furnishings, we suggest utilizing an oil-based groundwork container of color for the topcoat.
We utilized the shower introduction on the principal bag we painted. It took several coats to get the first-rate layer of opening at the bag. Nowadays, we favor a standard preliminary.
It is miles simpler to get into all the nooks and corners in that manner. Make use of one of these modest discard brushes, but. Your brush will probably get harmed, particularly while getting around the old pivots and handles. Try not to squander a quality brush on an undertaking this way. Any basis will work, do not stress over that.

Utilize Canned Paint on a Soft Surface

4. While portraying the bag in our decision coloration, we start painting the bottom half. It includes an additional progression, yet painting a vintage suitcase is a snappy activity that does not take much time. You could do it while doing specific obligations and portraying occupations.
Let your bag dry altogether earlier than stacking it. Paint wishes any further to repair than you could suspect, and also, you do not need your newly painted baggage to adhere to one another within the event you stack them. Mess up all the paintwork to include man or woman and hold the antique experience of the bag.
5. While your bag is drying, squirm and pass the pivots and top occasionally –, particularly on the off threat that you have covered up them. On the off danger, you retain, shifting them the paint will modify and are less inclined to break.

Yet, irrespective of whether or not that happens, this is something, however, a critical deal; we speak vintage magnificence right here and develop flawlessness while portraying something vintage like that is stupid any fee.

We are now almost at the end. At this stage, we think you have acquired all the necessary information on how to paint an old suitcase. And as an outcome of that, you may apply the knowledge in practice to have your work done correctly.

As a bonus tip, we would like to mention that you must try to follow the steps that we mentioned in the earlier segment of this article accordingly. If you manage to do so, nobody can create any obstacles in your way.

Apart from this point, you should also maintain the precautionary measures to complete the whole work flawlessly without even requiring additional help or guides. So, keep practicing the steps and focus on your work.

Apply the Knowledge to Paint


Try to have faith in your own self because it is you who can do it. Then why are you still waiting to get started with the steps? It is the perfect time to give it a try and attain your goal. Let’s get started then to obtain the best out of it! 

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