How to Plant Pothos in Aquarium

The pothos plant is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for houseplant that can also be grown in an aquarium. In this blog post, we will go over the basics of how to plant Pothos in aquarium and care for your pothos plants, whether they are planted in soil or water. Pothos plants thrive on neglect and do not need much attention from their owners to stay healthy.

how to plant pothos in aquarium

They prefer indirect sunlight but will handle any kind except direct midday sun, which can scorch them, so it’s best to keep them out of south-facing rooms during the day if you have no other options. Pothos plants grow well in containers with a wide variety of soils as long as they’re kept evenly moist all the time; just make sure never to let the roots dry out if you’re growing it in soil.

8 Benefits of Using Pothos in Aquarium:

  1. Pothos is very easy to grow and will adapt without problems in an aquarium.
  2. It requires only moderate lighting, but it will quickly grow out of the shade if exposed to sufficient light.
  3. The plant has an unusual tolerance for living submerged underwater for extended periods (months or longer).
  4. It grows equally well in water and soil but is more often used as a water plant because it looks better that way.
  5. The Pothos has no special needs for fertilizer or CO2 injection; the aquarium’s ecosystem will provide all their nutritional needs.
  6. This plant can be created by dividing it into smaller pieces that can be transplanted into the aquarium substrate.
  7. Pothos is one of the most effective plants for filtering water, absorbing ammonium and nitrogenous waste produced by living organisms in an aquarium.
  8. The plant looks nice planted both in the soil and directly on stones or driftwood. It also perfectly tolerates “loose” planting, sinking some roots into the soil but hanging freely in the aquarium.

5 Methods on How to Plant Pothos in Aquarium:

Pothos is a popular plant in aquariums. It is one of the most versatile plants for both salt and fresh water aquariums. There are different ways to plant Pothos in your tank. Here’s a list of 5 Ways to Plant Pothos in Aquarium:

 Popular Plant in Aquariums.

1) Floating Method:

One method of planting Pothos in the aquarium is to let it float. This method doesn’t require any substrate and you don’t need to worry about making holes on rocks and driftwood for root development. Pothos doesn’t have many leaves, making it a good plant to try this floating method.

Ensure that the submerged portion of the plant has no damage before planting. Additionally, make sure that the floating portion is large enough to cover one-third of your tank; Pothos can grow up to 3 feet long if given enough space.

2) Vertical Method:

Another method is to anchor it on driftwood or rocks vertically. Since Pothos has long stems with no leaves, you can simply tie the plant to a rock using a fishing line or cotton thread. In two weeks, you will see new buds growing from the upper portion of the stem

Your Pothos will eventually outgrow the aquarium if you don’t tie it up. By keeping it upright, you can prevent it from drooping over. This method is great for those who want their Pothos to grow tall.

3) Muddy Method:

Anchoring Pothos in a muddy substrate is a popular method for those who have a betta fish tank. The roots of Pothos are sensitive, so you need to anchor them before placing the substrate on top. Mud will provide enough anchorage for your Pothos. You must be careful, though, because the ground will make your tank dirty easily.

To prevent this from happening, you can paint a piece of driftwood with concrete and stick it vertically to cover most of the mud. Then put a bag filled with the substrate on top of the driftwood to expose only a small portion. This way, you will have a cleaner pothos-planted aquarium.

4) String Method:

Pothos plants can be attached to driftwood or rocks using fishing line or cotton thread. By tying the strings around existing plants or placing them on the substrate, you can create a bushier plant base. Just be sure not to leave any cotton string on the substrate, as it may tangle with your filter.

You can also use a fishing line to tie Pothos to driftwood or rocks if you don’t like cotton strings sticking out of your tank. Just make sure that your Pothos doesn’t get pulled to one side because the roots are not flexible enough for this type of stress.

5) Root Method:

 The Most Challenging Way to Plant Pothos in Aquariums

The root method is the most challenging way to plant Pothos in aquariums. However, this method will give your Pothos a solid foundation that can’t be achieved by planting it via any of the other methods. First, you need to anchor your Pothos on driftwood or rocks for two weeks. Then

you need to cut the top portion and plant it in a mud substrate. Next, wait for about two weeks before planting your Pothos on top of the substrate via any of the other methods (vertical or string form). This root method is more suitable if you want to grow your Pothos very tall. Planting on a string or trellis: This is the best way to grow your Pothos in a terrarium. All you need to do is, tie the end of the vine to a support structure (it can be anything like a tree, log, stick, branch etc.) and then cut the plant about 1-2 inches above the vine. Once you’ve done that, lay the vine across the substrate and gently pat it down to make sure there is good contact between the roots and the substrate.

Why Should You Plant Pothos in Aquarium?

Pothos or pothos ivy plant is an excellent plant for aquarium. It has a mass of roots that will not bother the other plants in the tank but should be anchored to rocks or driftwood to keep it from getting sucked into the filter intake (and potentially causing damage).

Pothos is also great for beginners because there is practically no maintenance required it will tolerate low light and low nutrient levels, making it a great option for beginners or those without a lot of time. You can also bury the roots underneath the substrate (so long as they aren’t sharp), and the plant will grow downward toward the bottom.


In this blog post, we’ve looked at a few different ways how to plant Pothos in aquarium. The key is that you want the roots of your plants to be able to reach down into the substrate and grow outwards from there.

You can also try planting them as they would outside by burying their root system with soil or peat moss before adding water for better drainage. Finally, always keep in mind how much light your plants will need when deciding which type of container to use! If you keep these tips in mind when growing your aquatic plants, success will surely follow!

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