How to Play 40 Thieves?

Forty Thieves Solitaire is a popular solitaire card game. It gives a player the utmost joy and the taste of winning. Even if a player has got only a 10% chance of winning, he can get through with the proper strategy. This is what makes the game even more interesting to all the players. If you haven’t played this game yet, then you are definitely losing the fun. Okay, now that you have come this far, you won’t have to worry about that. I am going to show you the exact rules of playing this game, so instead of getting overwhelmed, among others, ask me how to play 40 thieves.

How to Play 40 Thieves

What is Forty Thieves Solitaire Game?

Before we dive into deep, you need to first learn what this game actually is? You might have heard a little about it but not deeper ideas about that. Okay, let me clear the fact first. Forty thieves are one of the members of the solitaire card games family. This game is usually played with two decks of cards by removing all jokers. Forty cards are actually dealt with by keeping four cards in each column. Every card is kept by fac-up so that the numbers can be seen easily. Maybe you have got a little bit of an idea about the actual gameplay. If you wish, you can search online about the game and try it by on your table with two decks of cards. However, now let’s have a look at the rules of playing this game.

Rules of Forty Thieves Solitaire (How to Play 40 Thieves)

Obviously, the main motto of the game is to win; this game is not an exception to that. The goal of this game is to move every card to the foundation piles. There will be eight foundation piles, and each pile will start with an Ace of a particular suit. This means if there is an ace of hearts, it should be followed by the two of the next cards and end up by the king of the same suit.

The rules are easier than you can imagine. You have to move each of the cards one by one but a single card only. The movement of a card will put it in descending order on every pile. Let men clear the fact with an example. Ten clubs can only be transferred to a club jack. You can transfer a particular device to start a column while a column is zero. One card can be retrieved at a time and placed, as you know, or whenever you do not wish to take a pass. You can only move through the waste stack once, and only the top card of the waste stack may, of course, be included. Got it? Hopefully, you have got an idea of playing 40 thieves. But the game will lose its interest if it can’t win it. That’s why I am now going to show you some simple tactics to win forty thieves.

How to Win Forty Thieves

How to Win Forty Thieves

This game is all about emptying the columns. The sooner you can empty them, the faster you will win the game. You will be allowed to retrieve additional cards through the empty columns.

First of all, you should start moving the lower ranked cards. It is because the chain of higher-ranked cards becomes harder, and later on, you may not find a way to empty the piler. You can easily shift the higher ranked cards in an empty column, but when you put them in the middle of a column, it will be hard to move from there. The best place to put the higher ranked cards is onto the empty columns.

After starting the game, you have to first get to the aces and two other cards of the same suits, as I have said earlier. Make sure to do this as your first attempt. But be careful with cards of the same suits because sometimes you can have the columns of the cards of the same suits and allowed to choose only one column for the foundation. Honestly, that will be the annoying part of the game. If you stuck in this situation, pick the set that can be more beneficial for you.

I will recommend you start playing with the cards that have been dealt with first. You should avoid the cards from the waste pile. You can sort them out at the end of the game because the end is always tricky. Who knows you may get a better chance at the end?

 You should always move according to your plans. That’s the main rule of winning the game, and I also follow this technique. You should find out a better option that can free up the cards and take a step forward to your progress. Take your time and make the best move based on your plans. The trophy will be in your hand within no time.

How to Play 40 Thieves


There are several other tactics of playing and winning 40 thieves’ card game. This game has different variants, and the rules may vary with that. But I have covered the techniques of the common variant. You can play with this rule from anywhere. Hopefully, you have understood it. This guide may have helped you as much as needed, and from now on, you may not have to ask anyone how to play 40 thieves. If you feel any hesitation or have already found a better way, let us know through the comment section.

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