How to Pour a Footing under an Existing Foundation


It is quite evident that the house’s foundation will carry all the load of the house, and for some reason, if this shield gets ruptured, then it is our sole duty to fix it. For strengthening the foundation, we have to pour concrete in ti. Today we will enlighten you with a technique on how to pour a footing under an existing foundation, which will be much helpful for the persons who want to apply the method but lack knowledge.


Many processes can be undertaken to pour concrete under an existing foundation. Still, we are going to state as an easy process that can be performed by anyone interested, and the process will surely be useful for strengthening the construction of your house. The steps affiliated with this method are stated below with simplification.

  • Step One

At first, you have to measure the total dimension of the footing and the dimension of your house. It is much needed because you have to dig holes in the ground, which requires a proper knowledge about the surrounding dimensions. You can quickly obtain it form the plan of your house. Once you have received the plan, you should start digging the hole for the house’s side. The digging should be done using available equipment.

  • Step Two

You have to divide the total dimension into two parts, and then you have to start digging the hole, keeping a similar gap between each hole. This is done because once you have poured concrete on half of the foundation, you will again dig the other half and pour concrete in them. In this way, the house’s total load distribution will not get affected, and the work will also be done quickly without any significant incident.

  • Step Three

Once you have taken out the soil, you have to undermine the foundation. This can be risky because undermining will affect the health of the foundation. Thus, you must be careful and not undermine excess amount; rather, you have to undermine a small amount from the foundation. Then you have to place some reinforcement around the foundation. This will give the foundation stability as well. After that, you have to make the formwork.

  • Step Four

The formwork is much necessary before pouring the concrete. It would help if you used wooden formwork because they will be much rigid, and you can easily dismantle them. After that, you have to wet the formwork, and then with the help of concrete pouring apparatus, you can quickly pour the concrete in the foundation covering the reinforcement. Once the concrete gets hardened, you can go for the rest of the potion in the same manner.

how to pour a footing under an existing foundation


Lastly, we hope that the steps that we have mentioned here will be useful for making the construction of your house much more stable. This will be beneficial for the persons who are willing to do these jobs on their own, and their DIY skills will be improved. But you should always maintain personal safety while performing the tasks. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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