How to Put Mink Oil on Boots

Mink oil has been used to protect and waterproof boots for many years. It is a natural product that comes from the mink, and it has some great benefits for your shoes. It helps to protect the leather from water and other environmental elements while also restoring shine and keeping them looking new.

how to put mink oil on boots

Applying mink oil is a relatively easy process and can be done at home with just a few simple steps. In this article, we will tell you how to put mink oil on boots, and we will also discuss some of the benefits that this product can provide. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Mink Oil?

Mink oil is a trendy leather dressing, especially in boot making. It is a natural oil that comes from the mink’s musk glands and has nourished leather for centuries. However, it can darken many types of leather and give the material a waxy appearance over time. While mink oil has been refined and is sometimes used in conjunction with other ingredients, it is still a simple oil made at home.

Step by Step Guide: How to Put Mink Oil on Boots

Step 1: Preparation and Planning

The technique of applying mink oil to your boots is relatively simple. However, like anything worth doing right, it does take some preparation and planning. First, make sure the boots are clean and dry. This is important because you don’t want dirt or debris to interfere with the adhesion of the mink oil, and you don’t want moisture trapped under the boot ruining your work. Drying them out will also draw any internal moisture away from the leather.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Boot

Cleaning your boots before applying mink oil to them will increase the penetration of the oils into the leather, strengthening your boots from the inside out. Believe it or not, these oils are actually useful for cleaning and conditioning your boot in addition to waterproofing them! You can skip this step if you wish, but it is highly recommended that you do not.

 Use a Dry Cloth

Instead, use a dry cloth to remove excess dirt and dampen another cloth with warm water. After wiping your boots down, allow them to dry for around 20 minutes or so before proceeding.

Step 3: Rub off All the Dust

Before applying any oil to your boots, you need to ensure that the surface is free of all dirt and debris. If there is any dust or marks on the boot’s surface, use a dry cloth to wipe away the powdery residue. For stubborn stains, dampen a cloth with warm water and wipe it off gently. Make sure you thoroughly dry your boots before you begin.

Step 4: Wearing Boot Trees

When applying mink oil to your boots, wearing boot trees will ensure that the leather is stretched taut, preventing any accidental creasing or cracking. Try buying some cheap shoe trees from the drugstore; they work just as well as expensive cedar ones and will help preserve the shape of your boots.

Step 5: Dipping Your Cloth

Now that your boots are clean and dry, it’s time to put some mink oil on them. Mink oil comes in a glass container with a small opening at the top for two reasons. First, you will need to pour some drops out of the bottle at a time (don’t go crazy, 3-4 is enough).

Second, you will need to dip a cloth into the mink oil. This cloth should ideally be a sock or a square of cotton gauze, something that will allow you to distribute the oil without soaking it up too much efficiently.

Step 6: Apply Mink Oil Gently and Thoroughly

Now that you have a clean cloth full of mink oil, it’s time actually to put some on your boots. Don’t dump yourself a whole pile, as too much oil can saturate the leather and cause any creases to crack or open up later down the line.

Instead, gently rub the boot in small circles with one hand while holding the mink oil in the other to prevent the cloth from soaking up too much of the oil.

use brash to Clean your boots

Step 7: Wipe Off Any Excess Oil with Another Clean Cloth

You don’t want to leave any excess oil on your boot, as it will collect dust and dirt over time and start to smell pretty bad. Instead, take a clean cloth and wipe off any excess oil, leaving only a thin film of the stuff behind. If you’re not sure if there’s enough mink oil on your boots, add more; better too much than not enough!

Step 8: Let Dry for an Hour or Two

After applying mink oil to your boots, let them sit there untouched for about an hour or two. Then, make sure they are cool, dry with no sunlight. This will allow the oil to diffuse into the leather without any interference from moisture. As well, setting them out in the open will prevent dust from sticking to them and ruining your work.

How Long Will Mink Oil Last?

Mink oil is a wonderful finish for boots and leather. However, it will not dry in the can to be stored almost indefinitely. If you buy a brand of mink oil that has metallic in it to give it gloss, do not store it in sunlight as this will cause oxidation and speedy drying.

If your brand does not have metallic in it, any sunlight it comes into contact with will only seal the leather and cause no damage. It can be applied to boots daily for an average-sized pair of 8-inch cowboy boots. Less frequently to boots such as roper, engineer, and safari styles.

Will Using Mink Oil on Boots Cause Discoloration?

No, using mink oil on boots will not cause discoloration. Mink oil is designed to be absorbed into the leather (and wood) fibers, and oils are not lightfast, which means they do not remain stable in sunlight.

use brash to Polish

If left out in the sun for extended periods, mink oil used on boots could potentially turn rancid, but wearing them indoors or under normal conditions will not cause this to happen. In addition, mink oil, if properly applied, will assist in maintaining the color of your boots because it is designed to darken leathers and act as a protective barrier.


As you can see, there are many reasons to put mink oil on your boots. It helps waterproof and soften leather, lengthens the life of a pair of shoes, and creates a protective barrier against salt stains and water damage. However, mink oil is best applied when dry and clean boots for maximum penetration into leather or suede material. It’s also important not to over-apply it because it can make boots too slippery.

One way to apply the oil is by using a cotton cloth dipped in mink oil and then wiping down each boot with this mixture until they’re fully coated. We hope that this article on how to put mink oil on boots has helped teach you how to care for your footwear correctly! If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!

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