How to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor

It can be really uncomfortable sleeping on the cold, hard ground – especially if you’re camping in the great outdoors. So what’s a camper’s best option for sleeping comfort? An air mattress! But when it comes to setting up an air mattress in your tent, there’s one important thing to note: avoid placing it directly on the ground.

How to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why that is and provide some easy tips about how to raise an air mattress off the floor so you don’t have to sleep uncomfortably through your next camping adventure.

9 Best Methods on How to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor

1. Use Wooden Planks

All you need are a few wooden planks, some rope, and something to tie your rope off on (like a tree). Place the wooden planks next to each other, lengthwise, so they’re long enough for your air mattress to rest on top of them. Then secure the planks together with rope, and tie the other end of the rope to a nearby tree.

2. Use Cinder Blocks

If you have access to cinder blocks (you may find them at your local construction store), these can be great for propping up an air mattress off the ground. Simply place two or three cinder blocks side by side and place your air mattress on top of them. Using cinder blocks is a great option if you don’t want to use wooden planks for your air mattress.

You Have Access to Cinder Blocks

3. Use a Sleeping Platform

If you’re looking for an elevated sleeping experience, consider building a platform that elevates the air mattress off the ground. Constructed using wood planks and stakes, this is a great way to keep your air mattress up and off the ground. A sleeping platform can give your air mattress additional support and help protect it from any rocks, tree roots, or other sharp objects that may be in the ground.

4. Use an Elevated Air Mattress

Certain air mattress models come with built-in elevation features that make them perfect for camping. These types of mattresses are designed to be raised up, so you don’t have to worry about propping them up on something else. Elevated air mattress models are perfect for camping because they provide a more comfortable sleeping experience and keep you from touching the ground.

5. Use an Air Mattress Caddy:

An air mattress caddy is another great way to raise your air mattress off the ground. It works by suspending your air mattress between two poles that are placed into the ground at either side of the mattress. This caddy is perfect for camping because it keeps your air mattress off the cold, hard ground and makes it easier to move around.

6. Use an Inflatable Bed Frame

Inflatable bed frames are designed specifically for air mattresses and provide the perfect way to keep your mattress off the ground. Simply inflate it, place your mattress on top, and you’re good to go!  Inflatable is also a great option for those who don’t want to spend time constructing something.

7. Use an Air Mattress Stand

If you’re looking for a convenient way to rise off the ground, then an air mattress stand is your best bet. There are several different types of stands on the market, but they all work by supporting your air mattress and providing a place for you to sleep.

Camping Cots Are
Support an Air Mattress

8. Use a Camping Cot

A camping cot is a way to go for those who want an even more elevated sleeping experience. Camping cots are designed to support an air mattress while being easy to pack and transport from one place to another. They may cost a bit more than other methods but are worth the investment for those who want an even better experience when setting up their air mattress.

9. Use a Tent Cot

Tent cots provide all the benefits of camping cots while also being designed specifically to fit in tents. They come with adjustable legs so you can adjust the height of your air mattress and provide extra space underneath for storage. 

Tent cots are perfect for those who want to get the most out of their camping experience, as they offer comfort, convenience, and portability.

These nine methods for raising an air mattress off the ground make camping much more comfortable and enjoyable. Using one of the above methods, you can ensure that your air mattress is off the ground and provide a more comfortable sleeping surface. Whether camping in a tent, beach, or backyard, these tips can help ensure your air mattress is raised off the ground for optimal comfort.

Some Tips and Tricks to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor

1. Use a Bed Frame, Box Spring, and Mattress Topper

If you don’t want to invest in a dedicated air mattress base or stand for your air mattress, use an existing bed frame, box spring, and mattress topper instead. This will raise the air mattress off of the floor and provide additional support for the sleeper.

2. Create a Platform

Create an elevated platform for the air mattress to rest on. The platform should be at least 4-6 inches off of the floor to ensure proper support and airflow to the mattress. Use wood planks, old pallets, or cinder blocks to create your own unique platform.

3. Utilize Furniture

If you have existing furniture, such as dressers, couches, or armoires, use these to your advantage. Place the air mattress on top of the furniture and create a makeshift bed frame that will give your mattress additional height off of the floor.

4. Buy a Dedicated Air Mattress Stand

You can purchase a dedicated air mattress stand or base, providing your bed with additional height and support and adding to the room’s overall look. Many stands come in various sizes and styles to fit any design aesthetic or budget.

Dedicated Air Mattress Stand

5. Invest in an Air Mattress With Built-in Support

If you are in the market for a new air mattress, invest in one that is designed with an integrated base or frame for extra support. These mattresses provide convenience and practicality — no need to search for separate stands or platforms! Many of these mattresses come with built-in pumps, so purchasing a separate pump is unnecessary.

Following these simple tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your air mattress and set it up for ultimate comfort and support. Whether you go with an existing bed frame or furniture or buy a dedicated stand, plenty of options are available to raise your air mattress off the ground. With the right setup, you can create a comfortable and stable sleeping experience that will last.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor? 

You can instantly add comfort and convenience to an air mattress by raising it off the ground. To do this, furniture risers, wood blocks, or cinder blocks are all great options. Furniture risers are ideal for use with air mattresses, providing four to six adjustable levels of elevation. 

Wood blocks and cinder blocks can also be used as a DIY solution for raising an air mattress off the ground. Make sure that you use two to three wood blocks or cinder blocks (depending on the size of your mattress) evenly spaced across the length and width of your mattress.

Can I Put an Air Mattress on a Bed Frame? 

Yes! A bed frame is a great solution for elevating your air mattress off the floor. Unlike furniture risers, wood blocks, or cinder blocks, you won’t have to worry about stacking and unstacking items each time you set up or take down your air mattress. Bed frames also provide ample storage space underneath the mattress, making keeping your bedroom tidy and organized easy.

Do I Need a Box Spring for an Air Mattress? 

No, you don’t need a box spring for an air mattress. While adding a box spring may add some extra support and cushioning, it is not necessary for air mattresses. If you opt to use a box spring with your air mattress, make sure that it’s the right size and height for your bed frame. Otherwise, furniture risers, wood blocks, or cinder blocks can all be used to lift your mattress off the ground without the need for a box spring.

Box Spring for an Air Mattress


Raising an air mattress off the floor is a multifaceted task that requires attention to detail. With the proper knowledge, you can easily understand how to raise an air mattress off the floor. Whether you use bed risers, PVC piping, or broken-down furniture pedals, there will likely be a solution for your space.

Additionally, it’s important to keep airflow and ventilation in mind when seeking out these solutions. Keeping an air mattress raised off the ground will help with temperature regulation, cleanliness, and dust mites. These simple steps can provide better sleep conditions and a happier sleeping experience overall. Ultimately, taking new measures to raise an air mattress off the floor is worth the effort — elevating your living space has never been easier!

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