How to Remove a Bannister Attached to the Wall

Staircases are one of the highly decorative items that enhance the overall room décor. Even if you have only four or five steps in your house, you need to install a wood stair railing. Maybe you know the importance of wooden staircases and may have installed one year ago. But now, as you have upgraded your interior design, the old one is not coping with it. And that’s why it has become crucial to refinish or repaint your old banister. Then you must learn how to remove a bannister attached to the wall.

If you have got year-old banister, then probably its surface has got numerous scratches. It is a common problem with every wooden material. But it is really a headache that can risk the modern design of your room. You will get abundant reasons for changing your old banister. So, instead of finding another reason, you should start to remove your old banister. Don’t worry; it is not that much hard as you are thinking right now. I have prepared some simple steps with which you can remove your old banister and replace it with a new one. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

How to Remove a Bannister Attached to the Wall

How to Remove a Bannister Attached to the Wall

Step 1

First of all, you need to cut the Neil post off. In this case, you have to follow the measurement of your newer post. You can take the newer post and hold it along your banister to ensure the accurate measurement. Once you get the measurement mark, a line just below, and then we will use a set square among all the way around. As a guide, you can use some clamps. The clamps and wood on it will help to get a smoother cut.

How to Remove a Bannister Attached to the Wall

Step 2

Now, you have to remove the piece of fill. For this, you are going to need a mallet and a chisel. It is actually a strip wood that connects the. The fill is a strip of wood that fills the gap between the balusters and the banister that tie the balusters to the banister. Anyway, place one end of the chisel in the central point of the fill, then take the mallet and hit the other end carefully. If the glued portion is holding the attachment securely, you will need to be a bit more aggressive and put much force in it. Continue this process until you become able to detach the baluster from the banister completely.

Step 3

In order to detach the handrail, you have to unscrew the brackets that are holding it securely with the wall. After that, you have to focus on removing the balusters. Remember the numbers and the way you are moving them from top to bottom. You have to follow this process when you are going to reinstall them again. You can also use a putty knife if you face any complications while removing the handrails. Keep in mind when you use the putty knife, it can ruin the painting on your wall, and you will have to paint the place again.

Step 4

Steps to Remove a Bannister Attached to the Wall

Now inspect the posts; if they are screwed with the ground, then you will need to unscrew them. You can use a drill to boost this process and unscrew all of them within a short time. If they aren’t screwed with the ground, you will be able to take them out easily. On the contrary, if the only way is to cut them out, then use a flat saw and apply it as close as possible with the floor.

Step 5

If you have followed the above process, your stairs and banister will completely free now. Now you have to focus on the painting on the wall. Make sure to use professional paintings and maintain accuracy. If you are going to install a new handrail, you also have to repaint the place along with the rail. By doing that, you will be able to acquire a seamless look and make your interior design look more beautiful.


Hopefully, the above process will be going to help you to remove your bannister from the wall. There are several other processes but have discussed the easiest one, only for your convenience. If you got any questions, you could ask me through the comment section.

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