How to Remove Super Glue From Metal Without Removing Paint

Many people use super glue to create quick fixes or repairs around the house. While this is an excellent product for home use, it can cause problems accidentally spilled on metal surfaces. If you have run into this problem, don’t panic! There are some easy options for removing the adhesive without damaging your paint job. 

Super glue is an adhesive that has a strong hold and can bond to many surfaces. Unfortunately, it’s also quite challenging to remove if you don’t know the right way. This post will show you how to remove super glue from metal without removing paint or damaging the surface it is attached to and what not to do when attempting this process! 

How to Remove Super Glue From Metal Without Removing Paint

11 Ways on How to Remove Super Glue From Metal Without Removing Paint:

1. Use A Nail Polish Remover:

This is effective if you use an acetone-based nail polish remover. Dip a cotton swab in the solvent and apply it to the area where it has dried. With enough rubbing, hitting, or scraping, the super glue will begin to soften and dissolve so that you can remove the shards of dried adhesive under them.

2. Use A Mineral Oil Cleansing:

This strategy is best employed not long after the glue has dried, as it does not work well with cement that has been allowed to harden for a while. Then, you can use a solution of mineral oil or baby oil and rubbing alcohol over the glue, which has become completely hard.

Do not use a mineral oil cleanser if you are worried about super glue residue left on the surface of the metal, as it is challenging to remove. However, this process can be less messy than acetone nail polish remover because mineral oil will not dry out your skin or clean up after itself with evaporating residue.

3. Use Petroleum Jelly:

As it is similar to mineral oil because it stays on the surface area and does not evaporate, petroleum jelly can be applied after an acetone solution has been allowed to soak into the dried glue. However, you will need a good deal of scrubbing with a toothbrush or something similar, so be prepared to get dirty!

4. Use Wd-40:

WD-40 is a product that most people have in their homes and works well on removing dried super glue. At its simplest, you can spray WD-40 onto the area where the glue has been used and let it soak for as long as needed (overnight if necessary) to break down the adhesive. You can also mix WD-40 and acetone and let it soak. But be careful; this mixture could damage the surrounding surface area of your metal if not removed within twenty-four hours.

5. Use Mineral Spirits:

This solution works well for removing dried super glue from glasses, windows, and other surfaces where you do not want to use something that smells as strong as acetone. First, soak a paper towel in mineral spirits and press it to the adhesive for several seconds. Then, gently wipe or scrape the mineral spirits and glue away from your metal surface.

Gently Wipe the Mineral Spirits and Glue Away

6. Use Denture Cleaning Tablets:

Denture cleaning tablets, such as Efferdent, are designed not to damage the metal. You can fill a shallow container with warm water and several of the tablets, then let your metal object sit inside it for as long as necessary to loosen the glue. Once you take out the item from the solution, rinse it with water and wipe off any remaining adhesive with a toothbrush or similar tool.

7. Use A Hair Dryer:

If you have accidentally glued your fingers together, this is an effective way to break down the adhesive. Hold the metal object in one hand and use a hairdryer on high heat with the other to heat the glue’s surface before using another tool to scrape it off.

8. Use Acetone And A Toothbrush:

Acetone is a powerful solvent, so it can be dangerous if you do not use proper protection when using it. However, acetone will dissolve dried super glue in a matter of minutes with the help of a toothbrush or other tool to scrape off the remaining adhesive that has been loosened from your metal surface.  

9. Use An Automotive Repair Adhesive Remover:

These are usually like putty that can be molded over your metal’s surface and dissolve the glue when left for several minutes or overnight, depending on how thick it is. Just make sure you use an automotive repair adhesive remover without any harmful chemicals, as some of them may cause damage to the metal.

10. Use A Plastic Scraper:

A plastic scraper can get into crevices and tight spaces, making it a helpful tool for removing the super-dried glue from your metal surface. The downside is that you have to be very careful while using a plastic scraper or a credit card, as they can scratch the surface of your metal if not used properly.

11. Use A Chemical Resistant Paint Brush:

If you want to be thorough with removing dried super glue, this is a helpful tool for sweeping away the remnants of adhesive from every crevice on your metal’s surface. Just make sure you use it carefully!

Some Tips and Suggestions:

Super Glues and Paints Never Go Together

1. Super glues and paints never go together! So there is nothing less than an annoying experience when super glue accidentally gets on your favorite metal paint job.

2. These solutions will also take the gloss off of the metal. Although that may not be a bad thing, it’s always something to keep in mind if you’re trying to polish or buff out metal.

3. You can fix the tooth issue, but it will require your favorite method of polishing or buffing (i.e., steel wool, sandpaper, polisher/buffer, etc.). Just make sure you’re not creating any other damage.

4. It may take multiple attempts before you can remove the super glue. Just remember, don’t give up!

5. Always test the methods we’ve outlined here on a small area before moving on to your entire project.


You can remove super glue from metal surfaces without removing the paint. This is possible with some help from some household items commonly found in your home or garage. The process may take up to an hour, but it will work wonders on any surface you have trouble getting rid of adhesive residue for good!

If you’re finally ready to get out of sticky situations, then read about how this trick works. We hope this blog post on how to remove super glue from metal without removing paint has been helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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