How to Remove Tire Marks From Pavers

There are many reasons why people may need to remove tire marks from pavers. Sometimes, the owner of a property will want to make repairs and get rid of any evidence that there was ever an accident on their property.

Other times, it is due to vandalism or theft. There are some ways to remove these marks by yourself, but if you’re not sure, read this blog post to get a guideline on how to remove tire marks from pavers.

You might also be wondering how often this happens and what kind of damage can be done when someone leaves tire tracks across your pavement; well, let me tell you about one recent example.

But sometimes pesky tire marks can be left behind from too many family gatherings and get-togethers. This blog post will discuss how to remove these streaks so that you can enjoy your back patio again!

How to Remove Tire Marks From Pavers

6 Ways to Remove Tire Marks From Pavers:

1. Use a Grinder:

Using a grinding disk on your angle grinder, you can remove the tire marks by hand. This is best for flagstone or brick pavers. You will need to use some water with the pressurized air to cool the surface as you grind it.

2. Use a Concrete Cleaning Solution:

Mix a solution of water and cleaning chemicals. Then, use the pressure washer to apply the solution to the tire impressions. This should remove them from flagstones, bricks, or other types of concrete pavers.

3. Use a Power Washer:

A pressure washer can remove tire marks from pavers. The key is to use the right nozzle settings and enough strength to clean the surface without damaging it. You will need to experiment with this method, starting at low pressure and working up until you get the correct solution for your paver brick or other types of pavers.

4. Use a Chisel:

Use a cold chisel and a hammer to break the tire scarring loose from the paver brick surface. Then use the appropriate-sized grinder bit on an angle grinder to clean up the marks without gouging or digging into your paving stones. Work slowly with this method, as it requires a steady hand.

Use Cold Chisel and Hammer

5. Use a Straight Razor:

Try using a safety razor to scrape off the tire marks from paving stones or other types of pavers. Set the blade at an angle and use gentle pressure so as not to damage your surface.

6. Use a Car Wax:

Use car wax to cover the tire marks on your pavers. The sun will bake the wax down, and it will help protect against further marks as well as clean up existing ones.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Residential or industrial power scrubber
  • Wood stain stripper/remover.
  • Acetone-based pre-soaked wipes.
  • Paint thinner, if acetone is not available.
  • Rubber gloves for safety.

Directions: How to Remove Tire Marks From Pavers 

Step 1:

Remove Tire Marks From Pavers by car wash soap

Remove the tire marks from the pavers with car wash soap. Wash off excess dirt, oil and grime with water, then dry the pavers with a towel.

Step 2:

Apply rubbing alcohol to a sponge and wipe away any leftover tire residue.

Step 3:

Scrub grayish-white calcium deposits from paver surfaces with a pumice stone. Wipe the surface clean with a damp sponge and allow it to dry out completely.

Step 4:

Wash the paver surface with a garden hose and scrub brush.

Step 5:

Mix one part of oxygen bleach and two parts of water in a bucket. Scrub the stained area of the pavers with the solution, then rinse off with clean water. Allow drying completely before walking on them again.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

1. If you are cleaning an entire driveway or yard, the safest way to remove tire marks is with a pressure washer. Consider renting one if you’re unsure how to use it safely.

2. Although paint removers may seem like a good idea unless they are labeled as safe for pavers, they can cause damage.

3. Try using dish soap and water first. If this doesn’t fix the tire marks, increase the concentration of soap or try a different solution altogether.

4. Be careful not to scratch or damage your pavers when trying to remove tire marks.

Be Careful About Pavers

5. Wear protective gloves and eyewear while you work with these harsh chemicals for safety reasons.

Precautions and Warnings:

1. Be sure to wear protective gloves and non-absorbent clothing.

2. Do not use the cleaner on or near wood or painted surfaces.

3. Let the cleaner sit on the marks for a few moments before scrubbing with a broom or scrub brush.

4. Spray the cleaner on a towel or cloth or directly onto a paver surface, or hold it several inches from the paver’s surface and spray with a sweeping motion to avoid overspray.

5. Rinse thoroughly with water after scrubbing to remove any cleaner residue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is the Best Way to Remove Tire Marks From Pavers?

 What Is the Best Way to Remove Tire Marks From Pavers

A: The best way to remove tire marks from pavers is by using a pumice stone. This will scrub off the calcium deposits and any leftover dirt, after which you can rinse it with water and allow it to dry. After that, you can use rubbing alcohol or car wash soap.

A power washer will be the most efficient method of removing tire marks from pavers or any other type of driveway.

Q: How Do I Remove Tire Marks From My Driveway?

A: If you want to remove tire marks from your driveway, it is best if you are somewhat gentle when using cleaning products. Cleaning chemicals can damage the material used to make your driveway.

Instead, scrub the tire marks using a scrub brush and pumice stone, rinse with water, and dry. You can also use a power washer, but be careful that the pressure is not too high, or you risk damage to your driveway.


One of the most important things you can do to ensure your pavers look new is to get rid of tire marks. To remove these pesky stains, use a commercial-grade cleaner and scrub with a stiff brush or broom bristles until they’re gone.

A lotion soap will also work for this purpose, but be sure not to let it dry on the surface as it may leave behind streaks that are difficult to clean off later.

Be careful when using pressure washing equipment because even high-powered water at low psi speeds can damage your paver’s surface if used improperly. We hope this blog post on how to remove tire marks from pavers has been helpful. Let us know if you have any questions on this topic.

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