How to Repair Broken Bamboo Furniture


Bamboo is a type of wood that’s strong, lightweight, and durable. It also can resist rot and insect damage because it contains silica, which acts as a natural preservative.   Bamboo furniture is one of the best choices for eco-friendly living spaces due to its sustainability properties.

However, bamboo furniture can be damaged by improper care or use over time. In this article, I will discuss how to repair broken bamboo furniture. So let us get started.

How to Repair Broken Bamboo Furniture

Stepwise Guide on How to Repair Broken Bamboo Furniture:

Bamboo furniture is strong and beautiful, but it can be delicate too. If the bamboo you put together for your home décor has developed a crack or split, follow these steps to repair and strengthen it back to its original condition:

Step 1 : Identifying the Cause of Damage

The first thing you need to do to fix broken bamboo furniture is to identify the actual cause of damage. The cracks and splits will appear only on the pieces of wood that were glued together so carefully at the time of assembly.

Take apart all such fittings carefully and inspect them thoroughly. Look at the joints where they were joined together; this is where they are most likely to have developed hairline fractures or develop into a full-blown split or crack.

Step 2 : Applying a Filler on the Cracks or Splits

Once you have identified the fractured joints, clean them properly as soon as possible. Now mix up some two-part epoxy filler and apply it to those fractures with a putty knife. To prevent further damage and for better clarity, cover surrounding areas, including any other wood that has not been damaged, using masking tape along its edges.

Step 3 : Joining and Clamping All Parts Together

Now join back together all such pieces of bamboo furniture after applying the epoxy filler and let it dry overnight. Once the joint is strong enough to hold itself securely, unclamp everything carefully and wipe off the excess filler from your wooden part. If you used too much epoxy or if it flowed out from the cracks, wipe that off as well. Let everything sit undisturbed for at least two days.

Step 4 : Sanding and Polishing Your Bamboo Furniture

Now comes the most important part of restoring broken bamboo furniture – sanding and polishing it back to its original beauty. This needs a lot of patience because using too much force can damage wood even more, so you need to be extremely careful while getting rid of all excess filler and epoxy from joints and surrounding areas.

Step 5: Re-staining Your Repaired Part of Bamboo Furniture

Re-staining Your Repaired Part of Bamboo Furniture

To make sure that the new parts look like they are coming together perfectly, use some dark stain on them (if your wooden part has been stained in the first place) and let them dry for a few days. This will be the final step in repairing bamboo furniture, which can now be reassembled into its original state.

Precautions While Repairing Broken Bamboo Furniture:

Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable material and one of the most popular furniture choices today. Bamboo furniture is a great choice, but it can break or be broken easily.

When a piece of bamboo furniture breaks, you’ll either want to throw it away or try to repair it. Repairing a broken piece of bamboo furniture will make it sturdy while also saving you money.

Before repairing your broken bamboo furniture, there are some precautions you should take, so you don’t get injured. First, always wear protective eyewear when handling broken pieces of wood if any stray splinters go flying off the wood when sanded or cut.

Your Broken Bamboo Furniture

Second, if possible, move your damaged bamboo table outside since sawdust may cause problems inside your house. Finally, use gloves when handling the pieces of bamboo since they may be rough and irritate your skin.

How Do You Keep Bamboo Furniture From Cracking?

When you purchase a piece of furniture made from bamboo, whether it’s chairs, tables, or porch swings, you are buying an outdoor piece. If the furniture comes into contact with water, you have to dry it out, or your piece will crack.

This is not an easy task when the furniture is big and bulky. Drying the furniture can take weeks, if not months, depending on where you live. Some people choose to keep their bamboo pieces indoors to prevent them from cracking due to moisture in the air.

However, experts say that prolonged exposure to high humidity levels indoors will cause damage, too, so they recommend bringing outdoor items inside when possible for convenience’s sake.

How Do You Keep Bamboo Furniture From Cracking

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Furniture:

Bamboo can be used for making a variety of furniture like shelves, chairs, and tables. It is durable and looks very attractive. It also has natural properties that make it resistant to termites and other insects. In addition, it does not rust or corrode over time as well as holds paint very well.


There are many advantages of using bamboo as your material of choice when you want to build furniture outdoors. TheFirst, thee of bamboo will prevent chemicals from contaminating groundwater near those outdoor areas where that furniture would be kept and exposed to rain and snow throughout winter and summer.

In addition, bamboo is grown organically without any fertilizers or pesticides, which is a good option for eco-products.

Most importantly, bamboo has a natural resistance to insects and water damage. Insects don’t like the taste of bamboo, so they stay away from it. Also, the physical properties of bamboo keep moisture out, so water can’t get inside.


Bamboo is less durable than wood or other manufactured materials because it tends to splinter when hit with hard objects (i.e., golf balls). Bamboo also scratches very easily; you can ruin the finish by lightly dragging an object across its surface.

And since it’s not as dense as wood, you’ll need to replace bamboo furniture more often if you live in a humid climate where mold is likely to develop on its surface (which would require sanding down and refinishing the furniture, a process that will eventually damage it).

Bamboo is hard to find in large pieces because it’s usually only cut into thin boards. And although some manufacturers try to compensate for this by gluing different woods together in layers (which creates an undesirable grain pattern), their furniture still looks less solid than wood furniture with three or more thick layers of veneer.

Bamboo Furniture Be Repaired

Bamboo has even been known to crack at the joints when forced when trying to attach legs or handles during assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Treat Bamboo Furniture With?

Bamboo furniture is made from a plant that grows rapidly and can be harvested quickly. Bamboo is a natural material that is environmentally friendly, but it needs special care when it is being treated.

To protect bamboo furniture from moisture, you should apply a sealant every six months or as needed. You can also treat bamboo furniture with a water repellent if you want to keep it dry.

Can Bamboo Be Repaired?

Bamboo can be repaired, but it will require a lot of work. The best way to repair bamboo is to use a process called steam bending. This involves heating the bamboo until it softens and then bending it into the desired shape.

It is important to note that bamboo is not always repairable and may need to be replaced if it becomes damaged or diseased.

Is Rattan and Bamboo the Same?

Rattan and bamboo are two different types of wood. Rattan is a type of wood that comes from the palm tree family, while bamboo is a type of grass that comes from the bamboo family.

The main difference between rattan and bamboo is that rattan is much stronger and can be used for furniture, flooring, and other products, while bamboo is not as strong and can only be used for products like baskets, toys, and clothing.

Can You Paint Bamboo Furniture?

It is possible to paint bamboo furniture, but it will require some special care and preparation. First, you will need to sand the surface of the furniture with fine sandpaper to remove any roughness. Then, you will need to apply a coat of primer to the wood. After that, you will need to apply a coat of paint using a brush or roller. You can choose any color that you want for your furniture, but be sure to test the paint on a small section first in order to make sure that it is compatible with the bamboo material.


I hope this article has provided you all the pertinent information regarding how to repair broken bamboo furniture. Ensure all the precautions while performing the process. Thank you and have a nice day!

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