How to RVSC in Crochet

Their many patterns used while knitting crochet, among them reverse single crochet pattern, are mostly used for giving strong integrity around the border. Today we are going to discuss the procedure on how to RVSC in crochet. This is the process that will allow you to perform reverse single crochet quickly with minimum effort. We will provide a complete solution to this process. So without exaggerating, let us go through the entire process.

How to RVSC in Crochet


Knitting a reverse single crochet with your yarn is quite complicated, but we are to ease it for you. We will be providing a step whose solution for this process, and we hope that this will be helpful for you. The steps are stated below in brief.

Step One

In this step, you have started the knitting and then give proper shape to your yarn. The threads used in the knitting process are much thick, which makes the user get a separate type of needle for this. So when you have obtained all the accessories for sewing, you can quickly start the next step.

Which makes the user get a separate type of needle for this

Step Two

In this step, you have to make sure that the total knitting except for the part you want to use then reverse single crochet is finished. For this, you have to knot the entire region of the crochet, and the swatch should be completed. The unique reverse crochet is used for border knitting. So make sure that all the portions are adequately done before you go for the next part.

Step Three

In this step, you have to make a simple chain. This is the first step in the reverse single crochet process. You have to take the needle and put a piece of yarn on it. The yarn should come from the spare thread that is left over after the swatch is finished. Then you have to take the cloth and put it through the loop. This will make a chain. This is how the foundation of the reverse crochet is done.

Step Four

In this step, you have to take the needle and insert it into the crochet loop. Then, yarn over the needle and pull the yarn through the loop. Next, yarn over the needle again and pull it through both loops on the needle. This will create a single reverse crochet stitch.

Then you have to take the yarn out of the loop and bring the needle front and then make another yarning.

Step Five

This is the final step in the process: continue the double looping and then knit the yarn. At first glance it may look a bit precarious, and the cluster may not be that attractive, but if you keep going the work will look much beautiful.


Lastly, we hope that the process that we have mentioned here has helped beginners learn the technique of reverse single crochet. The DIY skills of the users will be much imp0rved by this. Happy knitting! Have a beautiful day!!

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