How to Secure Heavy Items in a Shadow Box

When we visit our grandparents, we often come across a box containing medals and other honors hanging inside. These are boxes to showcase their live long achievement. These boxes are termed shadow boxes. Shadow boxes are specifically designed to showcase the essential aspects that a person values in his life. There are pipes, medals, booties, scout badges, coronets, and many more. These are hanged inside of the box, and the full package is glass plated. This arrangement makes the box strong and protects the inside elements.

How to Secure Heavy Items in a Shadow Box

But preparing a shadow box and then installing these items inside the shadow box is quite different. You can easily prepare them using wooded materials, but you need to be very sensitive and sure about the items’ weight while hanging these items. When the importance of the things you want to secure inside the shadow box is comparatively high, you must follow some specific instructions. For this reason, today, we will discuss a chronological process that will help you secure heavy items in a shadow box quickly. The process is explained below.


Step One

For this process, you will need some necessary elements. At first, you will need a shadow box, which is already prepared, and then you will need a drill machine and some metal fasteners. The metal fasteners should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the items. It would be best if you chose the shadow box’s dimension, which will easily accommodate all of your belongings. And the backing wood of the shadow box must be thick because heavy objects tend to transmit the load through the fasteners to the backing wood. Thus thick wood will be suitable for this purpose.

Step Two

You will have to manage a glass plate, which will be used to seal the box, and there should be enough adhesive for the joints. You will need to choose a suitable background fabric for the package. We highly suggest that you look at the items you want to hang and then select the background color for the background fabric. You will also need some hooks, and you can use some wire, which will make you hung the items to the hooks. Once you manage all of these listed elements, you can secure the heavy objects inside the shadow box.

Collect Item for Shadow Box

Step Three

Now you have to start with cleaning the shadow box. For this, you can use wood cleaners. This is very important because if the box’s background is not free of debris, then the fabric will not get appropriately attached. There will be small air bubbles in the background, which is aesthetically ambiguous. So you have to take a soft cloth and then spray some wood cleaner along the background of the wood and then wipe it with the fabric. You also have to use glass cleaner for cleaning the glass plate because it will allow you to get a good view from outside of the box.

Step Four

In this step, you have to attach the background cloth to the box. But before that, you need to make holes in the fabric. Sometimes drilling after attaching the material to the back of the box might rupture the backdrop’s integrity. So we will provide you an easy technique that will allow you to use the backdrop without hampering the structure of the backdrop. For this, you have to tale the backdrop and then place it on the wood. Then you have to take a marker and mark the places that you want to hang the items. This will allow you to get access to all the points. Once you have marked the place, you have to take it off from the wooden board. Now you have to place carbon paper on the wood, which will allow you to get the dots on the wood. Thus you have equidistant points which are superimposed on each other. Now you can start the drilling process.

Step Five

Now you have to take the cloth and then place it on a cutting mat. You have to take the hooks, and with the pointy end of the hooks, you have to make small holes on the marker marked places. Then you have to take the drill machine and start drilling the wooden board. You can take metal fasteners to drill the holes in the wood. Once the wooden board is drilled, you have to take the backdrop and attach glue to it. You have to place it on the wooded board and gently push the ends and then move along the center of the fabric. In this manner, the material will get attached.

Place Cloth on a Cutting Mat

Step Six

Once you have drilled the holes in the wooden board and the entire backdrop is placed correctly, you must start attaching the hooks. For this, you will take the drill machine, and you have to change the tip of the drill machine and place the ring holder one. You have to gently go through the holes that are already made on the backdrop and start putting the hooks. In this manner, you will attach all the clips to the backdrop and the wooden board. After this process, you have to take some hot glue and pour in the drilling holes to seal all the gaps and make the connection firm.

Step Seven

This is the last step of this process. Once you have attached all the hangers in the box, you have to start suspending the items. For this, you need to use a tapa and some wires. The wires will be taped at the back of the bulky items. And then they will be hung on the hooks. So you have to take the tape and then place it on the back of the items and then connect the wire. You have to attach the tape at the center of the thing to maintain the balance. Then you have to take all the items and hang them. Thus the load will be evenly distributed.

 Attached All the Hangers

An Air Force Honor Guard member carries a shadow box to be placed in front of a memorial for one of the 21 victims killed in a March 3rd C-23 Sherpa plane crash in Unadilla, Georgia. Friends and family members of the 18 Virginia Air National Guard and three Florida Army National Guard members paid tribute to the men at a memorial service in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The memorial, which took place at Rock Church, was attended by Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul D. Wolfowitz (not shown) and various other civilian and military dignitaries and over 4000 members of the community. The 18 airmen were assigned to the 203rd Red Horse Flight at Camp Pendleton State Military Reservation in Virginia Beach, Virginia and were returning from temporary duty at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The three soldiers were assigned to the 171st Aviation Battalion at Lakeland, Florida.


Lastly, we hope that the process we have mentioned here will be highly advantageous for securing heavy items inside the shadow box. You must maintain proper safety while drilling the wooden board and using the hot glue gun. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day!

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