How to Secure Kitchen Island to Hardwood Floor


Kitchen islands are often used as a supplement to help us in the kitchen. Whenever we rub out of spaces in the kitchen, these kitchen islands become much helpful, and this is also an excellent way to store the utensils. For this reason today, we are going to suggest a technique of how to secure kitchen island to the hardwood floor. This will be much beneficial for DIY specialists to increase their knowledge.

how to secure kitchen island to hardwood floor


There are many ways to install a kitchen island to a floor that is made of hardwood, but all these techniques might create confusion and complexity in the minds of the person who is willing to secure it. For this reason, we have shortlisted some simple steps to help you get hold of this thing properly. These steps are stated below.

  • Step One

At first, you have to measure the dimension of the island, and then you have to cut two pieces of wood. These pieces of wood will be measured according to the kitchen island’s hollow inner space. This is done because the wood pieces will be put on the island, and then they will be screwed for perfect attachment.

  • Step Two

As you have obtained the wood piece you have to align them to the place where you want to install the kitchen island and then dig two holes on both of the woods, these holes will be used for the attachment of the wood to the ground. Now you have to drive the same number of holes in the hardwood ground.

  • Step Three

For this purpose, you have to take a pencil and mark the two points of the wood and then drill holes in the floor using the drill machine. You will get a total of four holes, and these will be aligned with the holes of the woods. Now you have to take a dowel and insert the dowel in the predrilled holes of the ground. This is done because the dowel’s material feature will match with the hardwood, and thus, the attachment will be firm.

  • Step Four

Now you have to take the wooden planks and place them above the dowel, and then you have to attach the wooden planks with the dowel using the screws. This can be done with a drill machine. This is much easier because the hardwood floor will now remain firmly attached to the wood under the dowels.

  • Step Five

Once you have attached the wooden planks with the floor, you have to take the kitchen island and place it over the wood. The woods are cut so that the lower part of the island can easily cover the wooden planks. Once the setup is done, you have to take the screw to attach them with the wooden planks with a drill machine.

  • Step Six

At last, you have to take the countertop and apply adhesive on the back of the board. Then you have to place the board above the table and press it against the island. In this manner, the whole kitchen island will become firmly attached to the ground, and the installation will be completed.

how to secure kitchen island to hardwood floor


Lastly, we would like to address that the steps that we have mentioned here will be much helpful for securing your kitchen island to the ground. Have a happy time making the process work. Have a beautiful day!

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