How to Use Nail Set Tool


Many people around us are into wood artistry, and these tasks related to wood are complicated and require much importance and preciseness. Punching a nail in the wood panel is the most common part of such works, and to maintain the boards’ safety, we use the nail sets. For this reason, today, we will provide you with a detailed description of how to apply nail sets, which will be beneficial while working with woods. But for the whole process, you must maintain the proper safety, a prerequisite.

How to Use Nail Set Tool


Using a nail set is quite easy. You have to be very much careful while performing the process. We use nail sets so that the punching of the pin does not affect the panels or woods. In this case, you will need a hammer, and you have to make sure that the hammer does not slip off your hand. So you have to keep a tight grip on the hammer in this case. These aspects should be appropriately maintained for having an accident-free procedure.

You can easily use the nail before and after driving the nail; we will explain the techniques that should be maintained for both cases. Let us start with the punching of the pin. There is much need for a punching pin in your household furniture for various reasons. But you have to ensure that the nail punching is done accordingly and there is no damage to the furniture or the wood panel.

Be Very Much Careful While Performing the Process

In this case, you can use the nail set. Nail sets are elongated metal rods with pointed ends like the screws, and the other is much wider and blunt. Thus, the nail set’s innovative structure makes them less prone to damage by using the hammer on them, and the material’s sturdiness is much increased. Three are many sizes that can be obtained for these nail sets. These nail sets come in a package of three or four sizes of instruments.

When you intend to punch a nail in the wooden panel, you might think that the nail diameter is much smaller, and striking it with a hammer might harm your hand if there is any slipping of the hammer. In this case, we suggest that you use a nail set to mark a point at which you want to punch the pin. Using a nail set, you can easily mark the place by striking it with a hammer, and you will see that a groove is created in the panel.

Then you can easily place the nail on the groove ad use the hammer to punch it inside the panel. This will require much less effort because the challenging part of knocking the pin is to make the groove, and without the nail set, the making of the groove might get moved from the desired position. And sometimes, the nail may also get damaged, making you use a new pin and a complete wastage.

Now, after we have punched the nail in the wooden panel, there will be a slight outgrowth left from the pin, and this cannot be driven further downwards because the hammerhead is too blunt for this technique. You can use the hammer and strike the nail, but it will be useless. So you have to sure something sharp that can hold the head of the pin and drive it more inwards of the panel and make the punching proper.

This should be done using a nail set because the extended growth of the nail will hurt the people’s fingers, and all the rusting can be formed on this part. Besides the hammer’s blunt head while continuously striking, the wood panel may create a crack on them because, at this time, the stick will come in direct contact with the wood, which is quite risky. We can place a nail set on the pin’s head to save the wood from damage.

 Wood Panel May Create a Crack

We must ensure that the nail set is correctly attached to the nail and that the grip is substantial. Next, we will use the hammer and strike the nail set. This strike will directly exert the force on the nail set, and the power will be thus transmitted to the nail that is already punched, and in this manner, the nails will be more driven inside the wood panel. Therefore, without significant damage or even any contact with the wood panel, the pin can be driven appropriately inside. This way, you can use nail set tools while working with woods.


  • Hammering

The use of a hammer is an essential part of this process. For this reason, the necessary precautions must be taken to make the whole process work appropriately without harming the performer’s fingers, a massive amount of force created while striking with the hammer, which might hurt when it slips off. So we suggest you use a proper grip while using the hammer and wear hand gloves while driving the nails.

Hammer is an Essential Part of This Process
  • Nail Driving

Nails are many tiny objects with sharp ends, which makes them quite vulnerable to users. If necessary steps are not maintained, it will be quite severe for the user to create a safe practice from the nails. In this case, we suggest that you use goggles to cover your eyes and use gloves to ensure that the nails do not harm your fingers. These safe practices should be maintained appropriately to have a proper work environment.


Lastly, we would like to infer that the process that we have mentioned using the nail set will be beneficial for the person who is new at woodwork; these instruments will ease the pressure from the maker and the craftsmanship much more precisely. You can quickly learn the technique, and the beginner’s skills can also be improved by maintaining this process. Make sure to keep your safety while performing the work. Have a good day.

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