How To Use Wonder Tape


Wonder tape is actually a double-sided tape that is used for fabric items. These are transparent and sewable, and that’s why if you put them on your fabric items, you won’t have to face any types of obstacles. You can easily accomplish your stitching process without gumming up the needle of your sewing machine. Isn’t that great? The wonderful thing about wonder tape is that it can be used for a variety of fabric items. If you want to hem a skirt or dress, you can use wonder tape to make the process easier.

How To Use Wonder Tape
How To Use Wonder Tape

To get the accurate usability of a wonder tape, you have first to learn how to use wonder tape because things can be challenging if you are unknown to the actual process. But, don’t worry; I will show you the exact ways of using wonder tape on your fabric items. So, without any delay, let’s dive in! The best way to use wonder tape is by first measuring the items you need to fix, then cutting it accordingly.

Processes on How To Use Wonder Tape

Processes On How To Use Wonder Tape
  • Method One

Wonder tape is the best friend of a seamstress. When you apply the tape along the edge, you have to pull the garment by pulling it back to extract the outer shell. You will then see it leaving a clear film along the edges. This way, you will be able to sew straight without losing the edges.

It will allow you to fold up and create a temporary helm until you take it to the sewing machine and can actually topstitch it together. Wonder tape is great for circle skirts circle and can give you that clean finished. Just apply it along the edges, then pull out the upper part by pulling it backward and give it a little press with your finger and fold over while you go all the way to the hem.

That’s it; it is pretty simple. When you are using wonder tape, you can eliminate pens and other folding complications. Hopefully, you have understood the process.

Method Two

  • Step One:

Peel off a piece of tape from the roll and cut it with scissors to make a small enough size so that you can place it on your nail without covering up too much of your nail bed. Then place the piece of tape over the nail in the desired position.

  • Step Two:

To remove your old nail polish, first put a piece of tape over one side of your thumbnail. Then, slowly peel back the other end of the tape until the two sides meet. Press down on the tape for 30 seconds or more, if needed. Repeat this process for all of your nails. Next, use a clean cotton pad soaked in acetone polish remover to remove any remaining traces of old polish.

Precautions While Using a Wonder Tape:

  • Don’t use on areas with hair.
  • Do not apply to sensitive skin or around the eyes.
  • Be sure to avoid breathing in the vapors from the adhesive while removing tape from a surface before it is scorched and does not touch adhesive residue until it has dried on hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Use Wonder Tape to Prevent My Gift Wrap From Curling?

Use wonder tape to seal the wrapping paper on all four sides. This will prevent it from curling up and coming off your present’s corners.

Use Wonder Tape in a zigzag pattern with both pieces of tape overlapping each other along the edge then folds over one side so that the non-adhesive side is facing outward and use scissors or an X-acto knife to cut through both layers of adhesive tape at once.

How Can I Use Wonder Tape to Prevent My Gift Wrap From Curling

You should now have two long strips of protective cardboard sticking out about ½ inch (13 mm) beyond either end of your gift wrap. Pull them away from you gently until they are perpendicular to the unfinished edges of your wrapper.

  • Where Can I Buy Wonder Tape?

If you’re looking to purchase Wonder Tape, it is most easily found at the following online retailers:



– (online auction site)

The product usually retails for around $12-$18 but can sometimes be purchased on sale for less than this price range ($11). It should also be noted that there are other brands of double-sided tape available such as Scotch and Duck brand, that offer a similar type of adhesive and would work just as well with your project needs.

These tapes retail in stores or online anywhere from $14-$25+. Regardless, these tapes will do the job if they’re what’s readily available.

  • What Is the Adhesive Strength of Wonder Tape?

Wonder Tape is a product that comes in clear and black varieties. It is usually used to seal up packages, but it can also be used for other purposes. The adhesive strength of this tape measure from 15 to 25 pounds per inch width when you use the wonder tape on cardboard surfaces.

For example, if Wonder has an adhesive hold of 20 lbs/in., then you would need about 100 strips at one-inch widths (200 inches) to provide a secure grip across two square feet or four panels, with each panel being 16″x150′.


Lastly, you cacanasily find the best ways of using wonder tape in an aforementioned manner. We hope that it has been helpful for your work. Thank you, and have a good day.

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