How to Weave a Basket with Yarn


The best way to pass your free time is doing something that will make your day productive. One of the best productive activity is making something and making it more specific, creating something with yarn. The art of making different things with yarn has been going around forever. If you have seen your grandmother or mother make a sweater, gloves, socks, etc. with yarn, you can also shock them by making a basket with yarn. To do that, we will teach you the way of how to weave a basket with yarn.

Baskets are a useful thing that you can keep many elements of your household. You can even use them as an accessory to decoration your house around. So, if you can make your basket, that will allow you to create something that will go well with your home aesthetic. What else could be better than spending your time on? So, let us get starting with how to weave a basket with yarn.

DIY: How to Weave a Basket with Yarn

Before you can start learning the process, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary things. The thing about making a basket out of yarn is that you do not need something hard to find. You can easily buy the stuff from your local shops.

Materials You Need

These are the items you need to start your process of how to weave a basket with yarn.

How to Weave a Basket with Yarn

Steps to Follow

  • The first thing you have to make is the coil of the center
  • Cut a ten inches long yarn and get the cotton clothesline ready
  • Attach the needle on one side of the yarn
  • Hold the other side of the thread in your left hand and put the yarn and the cord parallelly
  • Now start to wrap the yarn around the cord with a few inches yarn on the left. You will have to cover the additional yarn as well
  • After doing ten wraps, fold the cold in a round coil with a little access
  • Now start wrapping again with the access coil and do ten wraps
  • After you that, you need to take the needle end and push it through the center and create a loop from the middle to around the cord and back to the middle and that is how you secure the coil
  • You can add as many loops as you want
  • Make sure everything is tight, and no cord is showing
  • Start doing the same process until you get the right length of the base
  • You can even add different colors of yarn
  • After creating the base, you need to do the next circle on top of the last cord of the base
  • And that is how you are going to create the wall of the basket

And you will be done!

Final Thoughts

Once you start making a basket, you will find it very addicting, and by the time you notice, you may end up forming different colors and patterns of baskets. Hopefully, our tutorial on how to weave a basket with yarn will help you.

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