What To Do With Old Baby Shoes

Do you have a pair of old baby shoes that you’re not sure what to do with? Whether they are too small for your child now, or if it’s just something that you don’t want to pass on, there is always a way to get rid of them properly. This article will discuss what to do with old baby shoes in order to give them new life. The first option is to donate them. There are many places that accept donations of baby shoes, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

What To Do With Old Baby Shoes

Instructions: What to Do With Old Baby Shoes

You don’t want to misplace them, but you also can’t keep handing down the same pair of shoes. So what do with old baby shoes? Here are a few ideas for what to do with your child’s outgrown footwear:

  1. Sell or donate them to make some money back from all those purchases made.
  2. Try to have the shoes repaired if they’re in good enough condition and then give them to someone who might need them.
  3. What about giving your child a homemade gift? Handmade baby gifts can be made from any leftover materials on hand – old fabric, scrapbook paper, buttons are all great items for crafting!
  4. If you are unable to find anyone, you could donate them to a local charity or shelter for families that may not be able to afford new ones on their own.
  5. Another idea is to use them as decorations! Place a single shoe on your mantel, desk, or dresser in the shoe on a shelf or windowsill for the perfect touch.
  6. You could also make them into crafts by gluing, nailing, and painting them to look like little flowers.
  7. Hang one in your child’s bedroom so it can be their first treasure! This would work well with items such as baby rattles that are no longer being used.
  8. A fun way to display them is by attaching them with string around a baby mobile and hanging it in their room! This would be perfect for the nursery or newborn photoshoot, too!

10 Creative Things To Do With Old Baby Shoes

If you’re looking for creative ways to reuse old baby shoes, here are some ideas.

Use Them as Little Planters in Your Garden
  1. Use them as little planters in your garden (potting up plants or flowers).
  2. Attach magnets to the bottom of a shoe and use it as a memo board/dry erase board on your fridge or desk. They also make great, affordable gifts for teachers and friends.
  3. Find a place to hang them up as artwork/wall decor in your home or office space! They would be perfect on either side of an open doorway.
  4. Take old baby shoes that are still too small but don’t want to toss them out yet? Use paint pens to draw and color on them for a different look.
  5. Put together an old shoebox full of odds and ends to make into a pretend grocery store filled with fake produce (carrots cut out from orange slices, squash made from green grapes), cans, jars, and packages that you can label or decorate as needed. Great activity for playing store or for pretend cooking.
  6. Collect old laces and shoelaces from different pairs of shoes, then tie the ends together to make a big knot. Then use it as an anchor for stringing up your favorite necklaces on top of your dresser!
  7. Cut the toes off old baby socks, use them as finger puppets, or cut out a face from an old sock to make your own fuzzy animal toy.
  8. Make a puzzle out of an old shoebox, cut the front open and decorate it with paint or crayons to spell out your child’s name.
  9. Find a shoebox with lids and use it to make your own pretend store.
  10. Make a pretend car by using an old shoebox and some cardboard to build the front. Add details with markers or stickers for windows, headlights, and even seat belts!

Bonus: Tips & Tricks To Reuse Old Baby Shoes

Wash Baby Shoe to Make Sure They Don't Smell Too Old or Dirty
  • Wash them with soap and water to make sure they don’t smell too old or dirty.
  • Put an old sock on the inside so that your baby’s foot doesn’t slip around.
  • Use a shoebox lid as a makeshift shoebox if you’re trying to conserve space in your closet or for storage later on.
  • If you have more than one baby with similar shoe sizes, cut one side down the middle of each shoebox and stack them on top of each other to save space.
  • Toss a pair of shoes in with the next load of laundry, and they’ll come out smelling fresh!
  • Use the old shoes as a paint palette, or store small toys in them for playtime!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Preserve Baby Shoes?

Applying a coat of polyurethane or clear acrylic varnish can preserve baby shoes. However, this may make the shoes look new again, which can be a problem if the shoes are being donated. It is therefore recommended that gently used shoes be soaked in water and vinegar or bleach before packing.

What Is The Best Way To Store Old Shoes?

The best way to store old shoes is in an airtight container with mothballs or cedar chips. However, it’s important that they’re stored somewhere cool and dark so as not to attract insects like moths who feast on animal hair and dyes found in natural materials such as leathers and woolens. Be sure not to seal off your shoe container tightly, though, because stale air can be just as dangerous to your shoes.

What Can I Clean Old Shoes?

For the best way to clean old shoes, you should mix warm water with a little dishwashing detergent and scrub at any dirt or stains gently using a toothbrush, sponge, cotton ball, or soft-bristled brush. Rinse the shoes with clean water and let them air dry.
After cleaning them in this manner, sprinkle cornstarch over them and let it sit for five minutes before wiping away excess powder from the surface of the shoe with a dry towel. If there are still stubborn spots that won’t come off after repeated attempts, then use an appropriate spot remover and rub until they’re gone. After the carpeting has been cleaned and the floor dried, place a few drops of lanolin in your shoes before putting them on to help keep them clean for an extended period of time. Reapply lanolin every two weeks.


We’ve all been there: you have so many shoes for your child that it becomes difficult to find a place to store them, and you know they will be outgrown soon anyways. So why not do something creative with those old baby shoes?

Whether you give them away or sell them in person or online, the value of these items is sure to grow as time goes by. Check out this article on what to do with old baby shoes that can help you to turn your children’s old baby shoes into something useful!

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