Are Stainless Steel Straws Safe

Stainless steel straws are the latest trend in sustainable dining. They have replaced plastic straws as a more environmentally friendly option, but are stainless steel straws safe? Let’s look at the facts and find out if they offer any health benefits! 

The majority of disposable straws that we use today are made with polypropylene, which is recyclable. The downside to this material is that it can be difficult to recycle because there needs to be a recycling facility near polypropylene. Read this full blog post to know more about stainless steel straws.

Are Stainless Steel Straws Safe

10 Facts About Stainless Steel Straw:

1. Stainless steel straws are just as safe for hot drinks as for cold drinks.

2. Many kids enjoy drinking their milk through a straw, so stainless steel straws can be useful in avoiding unwanted contact with teeth at nighttime. When children may be more likely to not rinse their mouth after drinking milk, using a straw can help keep their teeth clean.

3. People with braces should not use stainless steel straws as they can be harder to clean and damage braces or get caught between the wire and teeth of the mouth.

4. Many people prefer stainless steel straws for their durability and ease of washing compared to glass or plastic straws with harmful chemicals.

5. Some stainless steel straws have a weighted end that helps them stand straight on the table for ease of use and prevent people from accidentally stepping or tripping over them.

6. Using a stainless steel straw in place of plastic one can help reduce the risk of harm to the environment, animals, and people from the disposal of plastics in landfills or oceans.

7. Some straws have a removable cleaning brush that helps with removing grime inside the straw, so they are easier to clean than plastic straws, which can be harder to reach and clean.

8. The rounded “hobnail” design on many stainless steel straws is non-scratch and also makes for a softer feel on the lips.

9. Carbon steel straws are not dishwasher safe.

Carbon Steel Straws Are Not Dishwasher Safe

10. Glass or stainless steel straws with copper inside may be used for hot drinks but not for cold beverages as the copper could come into contact with teeth or mucus membranes (mouth) and cause damage.

So Are Stainless Steel Straws Safe?

The FDA has not banned or approved the use of stainless steel straws. Most of the studies claiming safety problems about using them are based on speculation and very limited testing as the straws do not leach chemicals into your drink.

Since they don’t leach chemicals, it means they also won’t leach in heavy metals as some stainless steel products can. In addition, they are free from BPA, phthalates, and lead and are durable, unlike glass straws.

In addition, they’re rust-resistant, a big plus for people in humid climates! Stainless steel straws will not leach chemicals into your drink as plastic straws can, so there is no need to worry about that! Stainless steel straws are durable and will last a lifetime, unlike glass straws. The FDA has not banned or approved the use of stainless steel straws, so there is no reason to worry about it not being safe at all!

8 Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Straws:

1. Stainless steel straws are made of food-safe, durable stainless steel.  They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. They can be used for years without growing mold or retaining odors, as some plastic straws do.

2. People who suffer from conditions that cause them to have tremors, such as Parkinson’s, can benefit from using these straws, as they do not bend and move as plastic straws do. Those who live with this condition find drinking difficult when using a traditional bent plastic straw because it is hard for them to keep it steady enough for the straw to reach their mouth.

3. Save money on drinks, especially if you are an avid user of straws. They are reusable, so you pay less over time and don’t have to worry about your children accidentally throwing them away as they do plastic straws.

 Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Straws

4. Stop putting harmful substances into the environment by using stainless steel straws instead of disposable plastic ones. Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose in our landfills. Therefore, the environment should use a stainless steel straws than a single-use plastic ones.

5. If you are worried about your children using reusable straws, consider getting them colorful or fun straws that make it more exciting and appealing to drink in this manner. For example, stainless steel straws come in various fun colors now, so you can find one that appeals to your child and encourages them to use a stainless steel straw.

6. Get rid of the bad taste left in your mouth with juices or food that has a metallic flavor after drinking or eating with disposable plastic straws. Stainless steel does not leave any kind of negative aftertaste, so you get clean, fresh-tasting drinks.

7. It feels good to be eco-friendly and use stainless steel straws, knowing that you are helping the environment by using them.  You can show off your environmentally friendly side with these reusable straws.

8. Use stainless steel straws for children’s parties if no one has allergies to any of the ingredients in the beverages. Disposable plastic straws can be a choking hazard for younger children, so this is safer than using them at a kids’ party and will keep your child safe while also looking festive.


There are a few things you should know about the safety of stainless steel straws. One is that they could be made by recycling other metals, so their composition may vary, not just on what alloy has been used in production. 

After reading this blog post, you should get the answer are stainless steel straws safe or not and have a better understanding of the health risks associated with stainless steel straws? If you’ve any questions about the article, shoot them in the comment box below.

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