Can You Put a Candle in a Glass Vase

For centuries, people have been putting candles in glass vases. These are typically candle holders that sit on the top of a table or shelf to create an ambient glow.

Can You Put a Candle in a Glass Vase

However, there is some debate about whether this is safe for both the candle and your home. To help you make an informed decision about where to place your candles, we’ve compiled the question: Can you put a candle in a glass vase?

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put a Candle in a Glass Vase:

  • The candle’s heat can cause the glass to crack, whether made out of real or fake glass. This would cause razor-sharp shards to go flying everywhere, potentially causing cuts and injuries if you are nearby.
  • You should never do anything that could give off a spark, and candles definitely have that ability. Therefore, you should never put a candle in a glass vase.
  • A candle can cause the temperature of the vase to soar well above room temperature, which also could cause it to crack and break.
  • The heat from a candle can give off toxic fumes known to be carcinogenic or at least dangerous for your health. You should never put a candle in a glass vase because of this.
  • If the vase isn’t real, it could cause a fire or at least cause the chemicals that make up the fake glass to burn off in your home and fill it with smoke.
  • Candle wax has extra-sticky properties. If it leaks from a candle in a glass vase, it could stick to the floor and cause a slip and fall accident when someone comes into your home.
  • Candle wax can also get on furniture, books, or other items that would be difficult to remove. This could stain or ruin them.
  • You should never put a candle in a glass vase because it’s a safety hazard.
  • A glass vase could shatter and break if it falls over because of the heat from a candle. If this happens, you could end up in an extremely dangerous situation that requires medical treatment.
  • While some fake glass looks like real glass, even fake glass will not be safe around a hot candle. It can melt or get very hot enough to cause burns.
Fake Glass Not Be Safe Around Hot Candle

Note: You should never put a candle in a glass vase for all these reasons. By following this advice, you can keep yourself safe and be sure that your home will remain undamaged as well.

Can a Candle in a Glass Jar Explode?

The purpose of the glass is to protect the flame from wind and drafts and prevent drops of wax from getting on everything else that might be around (or inside) them in your home or room. Glass has been used for these purposes for a very long time.

A candle in glass can not explode because the flame has no oxygen to burn air, so it will quickly go out. There have been cases where candles in glass containers were used as “flamethrowers,” but they caused burns and destruction because the liquid wax was set alight by a match and then sprayed through the air. This is a dangerous practice and should not be attempted by anyone.

8 Things You Can Do Instead Putting Candle in Glass Vase

  • You can put more candles in the room to get a similar ambiance without having to worry about all of the risks involved with doing so. This is a great way to save money and still provide your home or business with a soothing atmosphere.
  • You can get a candle diffuser, and they’ll provide the same ambiance while avoiding the risk of having a candle in glass containers.
  • You can hang up joss sticks, which is an affordable alternative that’ll still give off great scents and might make your home or business feel even more serene.
  • You can invest in an oil diffuser, which will be less expensive and have the same effect as a candle without worrying about any risks.
  • You can light multiple tea-light candles instead of going with just one big candle in a glass container.
  • You can get a plug-in diffuser and use it in your home or business, making it less likely for you to knock over and break any glass accidentally.
  • You can use scented oils in a bowl or dish instead, which is a great way for you to pull off this style without having to worry about any of the risks involved with candles.
  • You can invest in a nighttime light bulb or night light instead, which will be as effective as lighting candles and won’t pose any of the risks associated with a candle.
Use Scented Oils in a Bowl

Things To Consider When Putting Candle in a Glass Vase:

1) Regular Candle vs. Tealight:

If you are going to use a candle in the vase, which one is better?  Generally speaking, tealights can be placed directly into a vase without any concern of them sticking or burning down (although we would all like that!).  The tealight will emit the same amount of fragrance as a regular candle.  

2) Reed Diffuser vs. Tea Light:

This is less likely to be asked than the previous question, but some people use reed diffusers in their glass containers.  In general, they are not meant to be used with heat and could potentially catch on fire if left in a heated container. On the other hand, tea lights are meant for heat and have been tested to be safe in glass vases.

3) Sticks vs. Glass Holders:

If you use sticks, should they be placed bottom down or side end up?  We recommend placing them upside down so the wax will not adhere to the holder, making it easier to remove.

4) Position:  

Which placement style looks more pleasing: bottom down or sideways?  This is a more subjective question and depends on personal preference.  We prefer the bottom-down method because it looks more natural, but we have successfully placed all sides up.

5) Size vs. Color:

Does the size and color of your glass container matter?  We don’t think so, but if you have a specific color idea in mind, it might be best to use a specific candle or reed diffuser.  

Use Specific Candle or Reed Diffuser

6) Fragrance:

You want the smell to come out, but you also want it to last a long time!  Tea lights might be best for your glass vase for scents that are light and faint.  For stronger scents, you might want to utilize reed diffusers.  Some people combine the two and have successful results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put a Candle in a Glass Vase?

Yes, you can put a candle in a glass vase but make sure that the candle is the right size for the vase. If it is too big, then it will take up too much space and cause other items to be pushed out of place.

A good way to determine whether or not a candle will fit in your vase is by looking at the diameter of the glass. If it is 5 inches or less, your candle should fit without problems.

What Happens if You Put a Candle in a Glass?

Putting a candle in a glass is usually done to create a beautiful decoration. It’s not advisable to do this with an open flame. If you do, the liquid will catch fire, and there will be a risk of burning down your house or other property.

Can Candles in Glass Jars Explode?

Candles in glass jars can explode, but it is rare. If you are unsure if your jar will explode, try this test:

1. Place a candle on the bottom of the jar.

2. Put a lid on top of the jar and turn it upside down so that the flame is touching the bottom of the jar.

3. Turn off all heat sources and wait for at least 10 minutes before turning it over again.

Are Candles in Glass Jars Safe?

Candles in glass jars are not safe to use because of their heat. The high temperature can cause the jar to break, and then a fire could start.

Can You Put Candle in Any Glass?

Candles are designed to be lit in specific vessels, so you can’t really put a candle in any glass. However, you can still enjoy the fragrance of a candle with your favorite drink by adding a few drops of essential oil to your beverage.

Candles in Glass Jars Are Not Safe


So can you put a candle in a glass vase? Our recommendation is not to, as there are inherent risks associated with heating and being too close to a candle.  Glass vases are generally made of thin glass which would not be able to hold the weight of a candle without it breaking and putting a flame near an open container could have disastrous consequences for your home.

If you want to enjoy the warm glow of candles in your home but don’t want them sitting on surfaces where they can ignite anything around them, consider using votive holders or other safe alternatives that can safely contain the heat from burning candles while also providing protection against wicks catching things on fire.

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