Can You Put a Glass Candle on a Candle Warmer


A candle warmer is a device used to keep the flame of candles burning longer than usual. These are placed nearby so that people can enjoy its light without having to worry about it blowing itself off. Candle warmers are used for various occasions like weddings, Christmas, New Year celebrations, and important birthdays.

Can You Put a Glass Candle on a Candle Warmer

But what if you want to use a glass candle on a candle warmer? Yes, it is possible that you can place an ordinary glass candle on a candle warmer provided that the one using it has some tips regarding its safe operation. In this article, I will discuss can you put a glass candle on a candle warmer.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Them? 

There are several benefits associated with these devices. Some of which include:

  • They are very convenient to use.
  • They are much safer than using standard candles thath can drip and cause a fire hazard in the home.
  • Even though they may be made of glass, they are considerably cheaper than standard candles because there is no need to keep buying them every time they get burned out. 
  • With these devices, you do not have to worry about constantly burning your candle down to nothing just so that you can enjoy its scent throughout the day or night anymore either! Often when this happens with traditional candles, you tend to find yourself spending more money than necessary on the replacements rather than enjoying their scents as much as possible without having an odor-filled room for many hours at a time.

What Are Some of the Different Candle Warmers That I Can Choose From?

There are many different types of candle warmers available on the market today, and some of them include:

1. Candelabra

These candle warmers often come in either glass or ceramic, and they usually stand around two feet tall. They can add quite a bit of elegance to your bedroom, living room, or dining room area, and they have a shiny metallic finish.  You will often find that most people use these devices at night because they provide very subtle lighting when you are using candles with them, so if this is something that you prefer, then these items may be right for you!

2. Pillar Candle

This type comes in metal and glass, with the latter being made from a solid type of glass known as borosilicate. When you choose this kind of candle warmer, it’s important to know that it will work effectively in extreme temperatures, so if you have any questions about whether or not it’s going to work properly, you can easily contact your seller!

3. Tealight Candle Warmer

This device is often used by individuals looking for something simple but effective. Not only does it have a small base to sit nicely on tables, dressers, counters, and more, but it also has a lid on top of the device itself so that the tealights won’t fall out during use.

4. Candle Bowl

This warmer comes in a wide variety of different colors, so it can match almost any décor that you have going on in your home! It is designed to hold taller candles, especially those tealights and votive candles.  These warmers will usually sit flat on the table or surface that they are placed upon, and they come with an accompanying lid as well.

Warmers Will Usually Sit Flat on the Table

5. Ceramic Candle Warmer

You may find this candle warmer sitting outside somewhere like a restaurant, but if you want one for yourself, then you can buy one from any of the many sellers who sell them online today! However, if you plan on using these indoors, be sure that you dry them thoroughly before leaving them out because otherwise, they may get moldy!

What is A Glass Candle?

A glass candle is an electric candle-like light with a bulb inside it to simulate the glow of a real candle. The advantage of using glass candles over regular candles is that you can use them in any room without worrying about leaving hot wax spills behind on your tables and countertops.

Glass candles come in several styles – some are unscented, while others have fragrance inserts that add extra scent to your home when they’re turned on. These scented candles come in many different smells – from holiday scents like cinnamon and pine needles to fruitier ones like mango or citrus grove. If you don’t want the scent, buy an unlit one instead (unlit ones often cost a bit less than the scented ones, too).

Advantages of Glass Candle:

Glass candles also come with some great safety features. Most glass candle accessories have a built-in timer that turns them off after several hours, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn them off. You can also buy “burnproof” glass candles – these are made of special material that catches all the wax as it melts, leaving your tables and countertops clean at all times. There’s no smoke or melted wax to clean up when you use one of these candles.

Can You Put a Glass Candle on a Candle Warmer?

This is a question we get asked often, and essentially it boils down to “can I place an all-glass candle directly on my warmer?”

First of all, you cannot use a light bulb or any heat-emitting device with a glass candle. Would you please pay close attention to the label, which clearly spells out these warnings against placing your candle on a heat source and/or within reach of children? 

The vast majority of our candles are filled with paraffin wax, and if you look closely at the filler, you may see small bubbles in the wax (this is normal). There should never be any soda ash or other debris visible floating inside your candle.

If you notice anything other than clear liquid, do not burn that candle as it will cause your candle to crack, and it will void the warranty. If you burn a candle with debris in it and it cracks, your warranty is still good for a replacement, but you will be required to return the lid separately with the lid tab if applicable. 

You should always have your wick trimmed to approx 1/4″ before lighting. We understand that when people aren’t home, they cannot do this, so please take precautions by using an appropriate candle holder or snuffer & never leave burning candles unattended.

Wick Is Trimmed to Approx 14 Before Lighting.

All our candles are also pre-tested before leaving our facility, plus we carry stock of every color and scent item year-round for us to send out replacements quickly should anything go wrong. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Put a Mason Jar on a Candle Warmer?

A mason jar is a great vessel for many different things, but you may want to rethink putting it on your candle warmer. This can give off toxic fumes and lead to the creation of some pretty gnarly stuff if you throw them on there without considering the cord situation.

Some people have tried placing candles into mason jars on top of their warmers, which can increase the risk that you will be breathing in toxins since they are melting directly onto the surface below. Mason jars themselves can crack or even break, posing more risk than benefit when using these as vessels for a candle warmer (or anything else).

Can I Put Votive Candles on Candle Warmers?

While we love to use candles in our home, we also love candle warmers. We especially like that the scent of the candle can last longer with a candle warmer. For those who prefer to have some light while they’re relaxing, there are even candle warmers that come with a small nightlight behind the glass jar.

If you find yourself wanting both lights and aromas from your candles, then it might be time to look into using votive candles on your candle warmer. But what if you don’t know whether or not votive candles will work? Luckily, there are several options available for you!

How Long Can I Leave a Candle Warmer On?

Most candle warmers have built-in thermal cutoffs that will shut the unit off after a certain amount of time has elapsed. The length of time before this occurs depending on the type and model of the warmer. Some candle warmers, such as infrared models, never turn off automatically because they radiate heat instead of using electricity to provide it.

Other styles may remain on for up to 16 hours at a time when left unattended. For safety concerns, we strongly recommend choosing an automatic candle warmer with an automatic shutoff timer. If you forget about your candles and leave them unattended for too long in a nonautomatic candle warmer, your house could catch fire!

Choose an Automatic Candle Warmer

Can Candle Warmers Catch on Fire?

No, most candle warmers are even flame-resistant, as can be seen in the image above. This means that they cannot catch on fire. However, always remember to keep the candle warmer at a safe distance away from your home. Glass candles alone are not flammable, but glass melts at high temperatures and may fall off of the candle warmer if it is too close to the hot bulb.

most candle warmers are even flame-resistant


I think this article has been beneficial for learning can you put a glass candle on a candle warmer. Ensure proper precautions while using a glass candle on a candle warmer. Thank you and have a nice day!

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