How Are Sour Punch Straws Made


Punch straws are a type of sour candy, usually made from sugar and corn syrup. They come in a variety of flavors, such as lemon, lime, grape, and cherry. The straws vary in consistency from thin to thick, and they generally contain 4-5 flavors per bag.

Bob Born, a Philadelphia confectioner, started producing the first sour punch straws around the late 1920s / early 1930s under his company name Bob Born Beverages Company. The business was later acquired by Farley & Sathers (a division of The Hershey Co.) in 2002,

where it is still produced today under their Willy Wonka umbrella. In this article, I will discuss how are sour punch straws made. So let us get started.

How Are Sour Punch Straws Made

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How Are Sour Punch Straws Made:

Sour punch straws are made with real fruit juices and come in various flavors, such as strawberry watermelon, blue raspberry, grape, and apple. The process of making sour punch straws is depicted in the six steps below.

Step 1 – Making the Ingredients Mixture:

The first step in making sour punch straws is mixing all solid ingredients to make an even mixture. Here, only sugar is mixed with citric acid and artificial flavors, and some sodium benzoate to maintain its freshness for an extended period of time. Next, it will be mixed in a large mixer to get an even mixture.

Step 2 – Forming Dough:

Next, the mixture is put in a hopper which presses it through a long tube, whose size ranges from 3/32 to 1/4 inches wide. The dough will be made out of this mixture. This process is called extrusion. Then, the dough is cut into pieces by rotating blades to form straws with small circles at both ends.

These circles are used to hold the straws either vertically or horizontally. Now, these prepared sour punch straws are ready for the next step, i.e., baking them at high temperatures in industrial ovens with large racks to ensure equal exposure to heat.

Step 3 – Baking the Straws:

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How Are Sour Punch Straws Made

Oven is set at 200 degrees Celsius, and the sour punch straws are baked in it for about 6-8 minutes. Once they get baked, they come out of the oven with a shiny look.

Step 4 – Flavoring & Coloring Process:

The straws are colored according to their flavors using food-grade or FD&C colors. Besides this, there is another step called flavoring, where dried fruit juices are added to enhance their taste even more.

For example, Strawberry flavored straws contain strawberry juice, whereas blue raspberry-flavored one contains the natural and artificial raspberry flavor and some sugar syrup. Other available flavors include grape, apple, and cherry.

Step 5 – Packaging the Straws:

After the sour punch straws are ready to eat, they are cut into smaller pieces using a circular cutter. This machine is programmable in that it can cut different-sized straws according to the requirement.

First, the sour punch straws are placed in polyethylene bags. Then, the bags are sealed with zip ties to protect them from moisture, dust, and heat. Finally, the packaged sour punch straws are ready to be shipped to different parts of the world.

Step 6 – Shipping & Distribution:

The prepared sour punch straws are finally transported to their respective destinations by reputed courier agencies like FedEx, UPS, or DHL, where they reach safely without causing any spoilage in their transit time.

And when you place an order to buy sour punch straws online, you will get them delivered within a certain time frame. That’s how Sour Punch Straws Made is!

Precautions While Making Sour Punch Straws:

Precautions While Making Sour Punch Straws

Sour Punch Straws make a great snack, but it is important to remember the safety and sanitary guidelines listed below:

-Always work with clean hands and utensils. If someone in your household has a cold or flu, postpone making Sour Punch Straws until after they have recovered.​

-Always wash your hands before beginning this project. This is referred to as “Hand Washing.” The science behind handwashing is that microorganisms are carried on our hands, including germs from food poisoning, leading to serious illness if deposited into the sugar mixture. It’s also just nice because you’ll feel fresh afterwards!​

-Make sure that no children are present during this time period. This is not a time to have visitors or children running around the kitchen. In addition, it will distract you from your job, which could potentially be dangerous if they are too close.

-Be careful when adding the sour powder to water. Remember that it is an acid, so eye protection should be worn during this process. If there are other children around, make sure they are wearing proper safety equipment as well​

-When boiling sugar mixture, please remember that it reaches very high temperatures quickly and extremely easily. Therefore, make sure to pay attention while gently stirring. This will prevent any burns or scalds that may occur through carelessness or distraction.

Make a Sour Punch Straws Made

Also, make sure there are no small children around who might accidentally hit themselves on the edge of the saucepan because their curiosity got the best of them.

-After adding powdered sugar, be sure to work quickly before the powder has dissolved completely in the liquid. Remember that if you work too slowly or are distracted by something else, it may result in patches of dry powdered sugar coating your straws instead of a smooth glaze.​

What Makes Sour Punch Straws Sour?

Sour Punch Straws are sour because they contain citric acid. When you put a Sour Punch Straw in your mouth, the citric acid reacts with your saliva to create an unpleasant sour sensation. The reaction between saliva and citric acid is exothermic (it creates heat). This reaction makes it difficult to eat more than one or two Sour Punch Straws at a time.

Frequently Asked Question

What Makes Sour Punch Straws Sour?

The sour punch straws are sour because of the lactic acid that is present in the sour mix. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring acid that is produced when the bacteria lactobacillus breaks down milk sugars. This process gives sour mix its characteristic sourness and flavor.

Do Sour Punch Straws Have Pork?

This is a difficult question to answer, as many of the ingredients in Sour Punch Straws may not be specifically labeled as pork-free. However, there is a good chance that they do not contain pork, as most of the ingredients are derived from food sources that are typically considered safe for human consumption. If you have any specific concerns about the ingredients in Sour Punch Straws, it is best to speak to the manufacturer directly.

Where Are Sour Punch Straws Manufactured?

There are a few places where Sour Punch Straws are manufactured, but the most popular locations are in China and Vietnam. Chinese manufacturers produce the straws using a machine that extrudes the plastic into the desired shape. On the other hand, Vietnamese manufacturers use a traditional method that involves hand-forming the straws by pressing them against a hard surface.

Are Sour Punch Halal?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the specific ingredients used in Sour Punch. However, most sour punch recipes contain alcohol, which is not permissible in halal food. If you are unsure whether or not Sour Punch is halal, you can contact the manufacturer to inquire.

Most Sour Punch Recipes  Contain Alcohol

How Many Straws Are in Sour Punch Straws?

There are many different types of straws out there, but the Sour Punch Straws are the perfect choice for a fun party or event! Each straw is designed to look like a sour pickle and comes in a pack of 12. Not only are they fun to drink from, but they are also practical – perfect for sipping on a cold sour punch.


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