How to Make Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are a great alternative to plastic straws! They are sustainable and eco-friendly. In addition, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants globally and can grow up to 90cm. In comparison, it takes an average of 5 years for a tree to grow that size.

Not only does bamboo grow quickly, but it also has many other benefits, namely bamboo’s low water requirements, resistance to fire, durability against insect infestation, and its ability to filter particulates from air pollution naturally. This blog post will discuss how to make bamboo straws at home using readily available materials.

How to Make Bamboo Straws

What is Bamboo Straws?

Typically, bamboo straws are a type of disposable drinking straw that is made from bamboo. They can be used for one or two drinks before being discarded. Bamboo Straws were created to reduce plastic waste to save our environment.

The average person uses over 1,500 straws each year, not including consumers in other countries. Using 1,500 straws over one year is not a huge amount, but considering that most of these straws end up in landfills or as litter, it seems like the environmental impact could be significant.

8 Benefits of Using Bamboo Straws:

1. Save the Environment:

With over 500 million straws being used in America every day, and most of them are not recyclable, using bamboo straws is a good way to ensure you are helping out the environment by reducing your own plastic consumption.

2. Cheap Costing:

Making Bamboo Straws is much cheaper than buying plastic ones!

3. Taste Good:

If you drink mostly tasting drinks, such as juice or iced coffee, bamboo straws will not affect the taste of your drink whatsoever. They are clean enough to be used with even the finest drinks and still taste great.

4. 100% Natural:

Since these are made from harvested bamboo, you can be assured the straws are completely natural despite not being certified organic.

5. Super Durable:

Bamboo straws are much more durable than plastic ones and can be used repeatedly for years.

6. Dishwasher Safe:

Cleaning bamboo straws can be quite easy if you use a dishwasher, as well as your own hands, but even not using a dishwasher, it will take you less than 5 minutes of your time to clean them.

 Benefits of Using Bamboo Straws

7. Don’t Add Smell:

Since these straws are made from natural materials, they do not absorb any smells or odor from the drinks that were previously placed in them.

8. Ergonomic:

The design of a bamboo straw makes them much easier to use than most plastic straws, which are very difficult to drink out of and can be painful for people with even minor arthritis to use.

Instructions: How to Make Bamboo Straws

Step 1:

First, get some bamboo that is at least 8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide, or use a bamboo plant that is mature enough to have the right width.

Step 2:

Then, cut the bamboo about 4 inches from the top to create a drinking straw. Make sure you use a saw so that it is cut straight.

Step 3:

Next, take off any sharp tips on each end of your bamboo. You can do this by holding the bamboo in one hand and tapping it with something else.

Step 4:

After that, get a glass of water and place the top you cut (the part you didn’t cut) inside the glass. The piece should be standing straight up on its own. If it isn’t, go ahead and add that little piece of bamboo at the bottom to make it stand better.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to let your bamboo straw soak for a couple of hours so that the top starts to absorb the water.

Step 6:

After about an hour, take one out and bend it. If it does not feel pliable enough, put them back in the glass and let them soak longer.

Step 7:

After you are done with the bending, go ahead and take them out of the glass. You will now have bendable and reusable bamboo straws!

Step 8:

If you need to wash off your straws, just run them under water and rub them down with a brush (A paintbrush works great for this). After that is all set, just lay them flat on a cloth and let them dry.

They should now be ready to use! If you want an extra tip about cleaning straws, try using a bottle brush and some soap. That will help get out any stuck-on food items, and it works great with the straws.

Try Using a Bottle 
Brush and Some Soap

What Type of Bamboo Is Used for Straws?

Most bamboo straws are made from Moso Bamboo, native to China and grown throughout the world. There are no environmental concerns involved with the production or usage of Moso bamboo.

It is a very sturdy grass, strong enough to make quality drinking straws without breaking apart easily. In addition to being sturdy, bamboo is also one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. This means that it can be harvested in a matter of only 3 years.

Is It Safe to Drink From Bamboo Straws?

Yes, it is safe to drink from a bamboo straw. It is completely natural and non-toxic. However, plastic straws contain BPA, which can seep into any food or beverage product stored in the container that the BPA was made of.

The same can be said for anything microwaved in plastic containers. This chemical has been found to cause many adverse side effects, including infertility, cancer, and congenital disabilities.

How Long Does a Bamboo Straw Last?

Bamboo straws can last for a few hours or several months, depending on how you take care of them. The biggest factor is the type of liquid you drink and how fast your drink it. Drinking alcohol can cause the bamboo straw to split (especially staining darker liquors, such as red wine).

As long as you follow good tip-care procedures and don’t make a habit of using the straw with alcohol, it would help if you got several months of use out of your straw. In addition, regularly oiling your bamboo straws with coconut oil can greatly increase their lifespan, as it helps keep them from drying out.


Bamboo straws are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and they’re surprisingly easy to make. With a few simple supplies, you can create your own bamboo straw in minutes! We hope this article has been informative for you on how to make bamboo straws at home. If so, please share it with others who may be interested as well!

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